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Yo Gotti Facts

Yo Gotti Facts: Mario Mims is an American hip-hop artist known by his stage name Yo Gotti. He is among numerous hard-core rappers that originate directly from the Southern hip-hop scene in the 90s. YoYo Gotti’s rapping style is inspired by Southern and Southern hip-hop music schools, but he has a preference and prefers his Gangsta style.

He is well-known and respected for his ability to rap worldwide. At the moment, he is Memphis town’s underground rap leader and the most prominent hip-hop artist. He was born into an era of hustlers and, as a result, began to follow their path. But, he decided to switch to becoming a rapper since the saying goes, ‘either you hustle until you are in jail or you leave’.

Inspiring himself by the rap icons such as Three Six Mafia, 8 Ball & MJG, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Al Kapone, Gangsta Black, and Lil Yo and Gangsta Black, he decided to take the path of music and released numerous popular albums such as “From da Dope Game 2 da Rap Game, ‘Self Explanatory”, ‘Life “I Am and ‘I Am, etc. The lyrics in his songs typically speak about the dangers of living in the hoods and contain explicit sexual references.

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Yo Gotti Facts

Childhood and Early Life

Mario Mims was born on 19th May 19th May, 1981 Memphis, Tennese, United States and was raised in the notoriously criminally populated neighborhoods of Ridge Crest housing projects. His parents as well as his uncles and aunts had been hustlers. Consequently, he was exposed to Memphis criminal wing of society from the time of his birth. Mims in an interview once said that ‘Being from the hood, issues like hustling are going to happen to you’.

Yo Gotti was born in an upper-middle-class family. The father of Yo Gotti was an instructor in gyms the Zimbabwe origin. His mother was from South African origin. There is no information about his education background. He was raised in a strict family and followed Christianity as his primary religion.

In the year Mario had just started 2nd grade the police searched their home and his parents and family members were detained. He was then forced to take care of the family, leading him to thugging around in the streets.

In the following years, he rediscovered music and began zwrapping around the age 14 alongside his group in Memphis in the 1990s. He released his debut Gangsta style Underground cassette titled “Youngsta on A Bring Up’ under the name “Lil Yo” on the “Crime Lordz Records'” label in the year 1996.

The cassette was put for sale at local independent, small and operated record stores, and began selling by hand and using a marijuana snuffer. The cassette was popular in the community, making him a popular performer in the local area.

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Initial Career

Yo Gotti next released the albums of Trap Gangsta hip-hop genres, titled “Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game’ Self-Explanatory’ and ‘Block Burning, Vol. 1′(2000 2001 and 2002) under the Inevitable Entertainment label.

After signing with the TVT record label, he released four studio albums, titled “Life” in 2003. It came with the album’s first single “Dirty South Soldiers” (a collaboration with Lil John). The next single, entitled ‘FullTime’ appeared in the popular drama film Hustle & flow’s soundtrack in 2005. Then the artist released his fifth album called ‘Back 2 Da The Basics’ under the same label. The album was ranked 3rd in the US Rap charts.

In the month of July, Yo Gotti released 22 mixtapes from March 2006, and his Cocaine Muzik mixtapes received a huge fan base with his “Cocaine Muzik 2” (2009) in particular, securing the 11th place on the US Rap charts.

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Later Years

Following a string of mixtapes Yo Gotti released his next album entitled “Live from the Kitchen’ in 2012 under the Polo Grounds and RCA Record Label. it was able to secure 4th place at the top of the US Rap charts and 12th spot at the Billboard 200. The album was commercially successful selling more than 16000 copies within the first week. It has sold more than 36 thousand copies in 2017 across the US.

The album’s singles entitled “We Can Get It On’ Single’ 5 Star’ and Women Lie, Men Lie (featuring Lil Wayne) were charted on the Billboards charts. The track ‘Harder’ with Rick Ross debuted at 6th spot at the top of the US Bubbling Under R&Bchart. Hip-Hop Songs. The music video for the single titled “5 Star’ features the appearance of Rick Ross and the single itself was sold out to 500 thousand copies and earned Gold certificates from RIAA.

Yo Gotti released his seventh album, titled “I Am,” in 2013. It reached 7th and 2nd positions in the daily US Billboard 200 and US Top R&Band Hip Hop Albums charts. The album has sold more than 212 thousand copies across the United States as of 2015. The album’s opening single “Act Right” featuring Jezzy and YG and the 4th single “I Know” with Rich Homie Quan received Gold certifications from RIAA. The second single , ‘King Shit was ranked 5th on the Billboard’s US Bubbling Under R&Band Hip-Hop Singles chart.

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Compatible in conjunction with CMG label

Collective Music Group formerly known as Cocaine Muzik Group is a record label company founded in the year 2000 by Yo Gotti. At present, Yo Gotti is president and CEO of the business.

Yo Gotti released mixtapes between 2014 until 2017 under the CMG record label, with some of them are “The Return,” “2 Federal’ and ‘Chapter One’ White Friday (CM 9)’ etc.

The album he released was entitled ‘The Art Of Hustle in the year 2016 in collaboration with Epic Records and CMG and it debuted in 4th position on the Billboard 200 charts and 1st place at the top of the US Top R&B/ Hip-Hop Albums in 2016. The album was sold more than 45 thousand copies within the first week following its release in the US. The debut single titled “Down in the DM’ reached 13th on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Then, he was featured in three tracks from Meghan Trainor’s album, titled “Thank You’. The track ‘No’ climbed to 5th on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the track “Me Too” climbed to 20th on the US charts for Billboards. In 2017, he’s released two mixtapes, ‘Gotti Made It (with Mike Will Made-It) and ‘Heartless Yo’.

Through his entire career, he has worked with various hip-hop artists such as Niki Minaj Slim Thug, DJ Drama, Nelly, Birdman, Jim Jones to create an uplifting hip-hop sound.

Personal Life & Legacy

Mario got married to Lakeisha Mims. They has two sons and two daughters together with her. But, they later separated their lives. According to sources, it is believed that their children are the moment living with their father.

After that, he began an affair with Jammie Moses. They were blessed with three kids however, they are also said to have split up however their present status is unclear.

Net Worth

As of July 2017 Yo Gotti’s net worth was $10 million.


YoYo Gotti has made a 14-minute documentary called “Born Hustler,” in which viewers can see what it was like to live in the North Memphis neighborhood where he was born, along with his aunties and mother discussing their work as hustlers and his early childhood.

He owns a vast collection of cars , and has Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jeep and Ferrari 458 Spider. Gotti also has a huge jewelry collection that is valued between the amount of 0.75 million and $ 1.25 million.

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