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What exactly is IT Staff Augmentation? A Team Expansion Model

The staff augmentation model is an excellent choice for IT firms looking to reduce operating expenses while increasing productivity and efficiency. Before you use this model, you must first understand what it entails, as well as its applications and advantages.

In this post, we deconstructed the notion of staff augmentation services and highlighted its implications for your company and technological operations.

What exactly is Staff Augmentation?

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Staff augmentation is a contractual outsourcing service that provides external skills to supplement the current in-house staff. The approach necessitates assessing the present staff’s competencies and identifying which skills are required. This organizational style enables you to employ workers fast and manage teams directly for short or extended periods of time.

Simply said, when there is a personnel shortage, the strategy of using IT staff augmentation services enables you to swiftly acquire workers for a certain project. This enables you to temporarily supplement your in-house team by hiring highly skilled employees. Outstaffers become a member of your team and work with your team for brief periods of time. The concept effectively blends the advantages of personnel outsourcing with the ease of in-house employment.

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Use cases for IT staff augmentation

The expense and effort involved in assembling an in-house staff might be considerable. You may engage highly qualified remote developers and devote them to a particular project in your firm via IT staff augmentation.

Here are three circumstances in which you may choose to invest in employee augmentation:

Specific abilities are required

You want to quickly increase your workforce by bringing in expert engineers or technicians (DevOps, data scientists, quality assurance engineers, or business analysts). If you want to find good ML specialists, you can do it at this link:

You must strengthen your internal team

While you may have in-house software developers, it is critical to supplement or strengthen your present knowledge when launching new products or initiatives. In this instance, you may wish to consider expanding your IT crew.

You have a tight deadline

From job posting at the best talent management software to onboarding, the recruitment process is lengthy. You most likely do not have the luxury of time and patience, which might take up to two months on average. IT staff augmentation may help you achieve your requirements regardless of whether you signed a short-term or long-term contract. You may also quickly access a vast pool of software engineers from anywhere around the globe.

Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation

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IT staff augmentation is quickly becoming popular among businesses that seek to create high-quality software. Here are some advantages that this model might provide your company:


When you add a new team member, you must pay a regular salary, and handle taxes, vacations, sick leaves, and so on. If you choose an augmented team, you only pay for the task that the employee completes. You do not need to be concerned about the remaining parts since your outstaffing partner will handle everything on their own.

Reduces the time required for recruiting

Planning and organizing the recruiting process involves significant time and resources. You must write a job description and post it on many employment boards. You will also spend time shortlisting and interviewing individuals. If you happen to strike a rock during this procedure, you will need to abort and redo it again.

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You may scale up or down the project if you need extra workers. When it comes to conventional hiring, this is not that simple. For obvious reasons, you cannot recruit and dismiss individuals whenever you want. In staff augmentation, you are not in charge of human resources. As a result, you may replace developers, expand your team, and scale down as needed.

Less red tape

You are accountable for your staff and understand how much work must be done each day to guarantee the successful completion of any project. If you opt to outsource, your IT partner assumes accountability for an employee. The outstaffing organization handles everything from office space upkeep to supplying IT professionals with gear to giving some social amenities.


Staff augmentation is a good alternative for assisting your company in optimizing its operations, lowering tax and human expenses, and addressing the issue of recruiting skilled professionals. It is particularly important during a crisis when businesses must decrease workers to save money.


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