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Waiver of Liability: When Is It Relevant?

Business involves a huge capital investment. And it is no secret that every business owner wants to avoid additional costs. In particular, we are talking about those segments that involve a risk to the health of clients. One example is the organization of outdoor tours in the mountains and other areas of activity.

The point is that if an injury occurs, each client can file a lawsuit against the business owner for reimbursement of medical expenses. Such costs are an additional item that reduces the efficiency of the business. To exclude financial losses, business owners add a separate clause to the agreement, i.e. waiver of liability.

Advantages of Online Waiver Software

Process automation is an important element of contemporary business. If you use reliable software, you can draw up, approve, and sign a document much faster. Of course, no one prohibits the use of paper versions. Just imagine that in the past a manager had to draft a document manually. Then – print it out and send it for approval to the legal department and the manager. If there were discrepancies, they had to make changes and start all over again.

With the advent of online waiver software, the process has become many times easier. Now all you have to do is select a template, insert the actual information about the company and the counterparty, and then certify it with an electronic signature. At the same time, you can specify in the document a list of those persons who will have access to it. They will be able to view the information and make changes concurrently in order to complete the approval process faster.

As soon as the document is completed and signed, a link to it is sent to the counterparty or counterparties. In other words, the customer doesn’t have to visit your office or come to another location. Everything is quite simple, and the signing is possible in a remote format. There is no need to print the document and create storage space for all the forms. They are sent to the server and it is easy to find the necessary information there.

Free Online Waiver: What Business Segments is the Software Relevant?

The free online waiver is ideal for any field of activity. The software is especially relevant for those areas where there is a direct risk to the client’s health. However, in view of the unstable situation in the regions due to coronavirus infection and other disease outbreaks, it is highly recommended to take extra precautions.

Waiver software is actively used by:

  • providers of services related to event management and outdoor activities;
  • medical clinics providing services to the public;
  • coaching staff who manage sports activities.

The list may continue indefinitely. When it comes to outbreaks of disease, even the owners of catering establishments and beauty salons need extra precautions during such periods. For example, a client has come to have dinner or to get some beauty services. And even if the establishment strictly observes sanitary and hygienic requirements, the risk of infection still exists.

Now let’s imagine a situation: a visitor spent time in a restaurant, a bar, or a beauty salon, and then became ill. He spent some money on treatment and has every right to recover the amount from the business owner. On the other hand, the business owner did everything he could to prevent contagion. He carefully monitored and adhered to the cleaning schedule of the room, ventilated it regularly, and purchased antiseptic and other materials. And now it turns out that he has to pay extra for the treatment of the client.

By the way, a visitor could have been infected anywhere, even during another trip to the store to buy groceries. However, he decided to put the blame on the restaurant owner. Such cases are not rare, and mostly the court issues a decision in favor of the plaintiff. To protect yourself from such misunderstandings, a digital liability waiver is recommended.

Waiver Tool: Most Popular Software

Developers regularly create software that makes business processes much easier. Each software product has its own advantages and disadvantages, which enables users to choose the most convenient option. You can choose a waiver tool from the following options:

Jotform offers many templates that can be used to create different types of waivers, for example, in the case of bodily injuries, insurance, travel, etc. All documents are stored in a single database, making it easy to organize and track them. This information can be shared with other parties of the transaction with a click of the mouse.

Wherewolf is handy software for computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can use it to create documents using templates and customize the number of users who will have access to the information. You can do analysis and create graphs if you buy a plan with advanced features.

Pandadoc is the simplest software for automating business processes. It is adapted for computers and smartphones. It enables users to work at any convenient place, generate documents by means of templates and certify them with an electronic signature. The software is free, which is a great advantage for small companies. Nevertheless, larger businesses will also appreciate the benefits that come from the variety of options.


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