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Video Card Facts | Graphics Card Facts

Your most important upgrade is a graphics card. The problem is that the average novice has to confront many myths and misconceptions before he or she makes his first purchase. Explore amazing Video Card Facts here!

In another issue, we’ll discuss what to buy and at what price, but let’s start by introducing you to the basics of a modern Graphics Processing Unit.

Graphics Memory (VRAM):

It does matter, but it is not enough. Each graphics card has a memory that stores data and allows it to be accessed on-screen. A larger memory does not necessarily translate into faster output. This is a huge misconception among newbies. Many people mistakenly believe that a 2GB graphics card will last them a lifetime.

However, the actual amount of video memory required to run an application is directly proportional to the resolution at which it is being run. Today’s games barely use 1GB of memory when fully loaded. Yes, there are exceptions. However, if you have a tight budget, you can get 1GB of video memory.

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AMD is currently the most famous company in the world. Mantle, a low-level Graphics API, can only be reached via AMD Graphics Core Architecture (7xxx Series and above). AMD holds the console market and, as AMD stated, “Mantle” is intended to make use of the optimization work done by gamers on the next-generation console.” This shows great promise, to be honest.

If this is possible, the line between console gaming (PC gaming) will be blurred. Developers will not need to optimize for specific platforms. However, one shouldn’t choose an AMD card just for Mantle. Mantle has yet to make any significant progress despite all the promises. We will have to wait and see.

G Sync

Vertical Sync is Nvidia’s exclusive tech. This allows the monitor refresh rate (frames per second) to be automatically synchronized following FPS (frames/second). This eliminates screen tearing and provides a smoother gaming experience.

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Most monitors run at 60hz, so 60 FPS is the best spot. You would experience lag-free gaming if the refresh rate of your monitor was to match the FPS. This feature is only available to those with a G Sync-enabled monitor. It’s not necessarily affordable, but I would rather spend my money on a better graphics card.


NVidia’s most successful marketing gimmick is PhysX. The truth is, the eye-candy NVidia boasts about can be easily rendered by any AMD graphic card. AMD cannot touch PhysX features because of its native coding. There are not many PhysX-compatible games and those that do have problems with it. It is sad to say that most Bangladeshis purchase NVidia GPUs purely because they believe PhysX can be used in all games. It’s not an essential feature, contrary to popular belief. PhysX does not make a difference. Period.


Multi-display technology allows a GPU to simultaneously produce six displays. Eyefinity is a must-have for surround gaming. While surround windows can be achieved with almost any AMD card (or more), surround gaming requires a powerful GPU.

Two 720p monitors can achieve a resolution of over 1080p, so they require a lot of raw power. Although I prefer a larger monitor, a surround display system lets you boast about your superiority. It is rare to find a surround display system that costs less than the full price.

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Technical Specifications: The numbers that prime the GPU are Texel rate, Pixel Rate, and Core clock. Many people believe that the card’s gaming performance depends on its Texel rate, Pixel Rate, etc. This is false. Gamers should not worry about technical specifications unless they want to overclock their GPUs. All they should care about is the gaming performance and generation of the unit. So my advice would be to avoid sites like For game benchmarks, refer to

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