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Veggie Straw Nutrition Facts

Veggie Straws are a popular but controversial snack that is packaged. Read some amazing Veggie Straw Nutrition Facts here!

They’re promoted as a nutritious snack, an enjoyable way to eat vegetables, and are a healthier substitute for potato chips.

Although “veggie” is in its name, this food item may not be the thing it’s portrayed to be.

This article will explain if veggie straws are healthy and how they compare to other chips, as well as fun ways to get the daily requirement for vegetables.

How do you know if veggie straws are healthy?

Straws of Veggie are a snack packaged in the form of a packet that is salty, crunchy and frequently in comparison as potato chips.

There are many brands, the best one is Garden Vegetable Straws, Sea Salt produced by Sensible Portions in 2005.

They’re a gluten-free, certified Kosher product boasting of not containing any ingredients that are genetically modified and no preservatives or artificial flavors.

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What is the process of making them?

According to the ingredients list on the packaging of the product These chips are made of:

  • potato starch
  • potato flour
  • expeller press canola oil sunflower oil or safflower oil
  • spinach powder
  • tomato paste
  • salt
  • cane sugar
  • corn starch
  • potassium chloride
  • turmeric
  • Powder made of beetroot
  • sea salt

The ingredients are listed according to their quantity. Thus the first ingredient listed is the one that is used in the greatest quantity.

Thus, potato starch, potato flouras well as a mix of vegetable oils as the primary three ingredients make up the majority the ingredients in this food.

Chips are deep-fried, resulting in an airy, crispy, and delicious snack.

The straws of Veggie are a snack that is deep-fried and that is made up of the potato starch and a mix of vegetable oil.

What are their differences with other chips?

The straws are promoted as a healthier option to potato chips, boasting to contain 30 percent less fat than potato chips.

The straws made of veg is the only snack that contained no fiber grams with less than 1g of protein in each serving.

Dietary fiber, which is the indigestible component of plant foods is a key factor in helping to reduce the risk of adulthood and childhood obesity, as well as a variety of chronic diseases (1Trusted source).

The straws from Veggie are similar in sugars and total fats to tortilla chips, potato chips chips or sweet potato chips and are the most sodium-rich.

Are they good for you?

In the end, straws made of vegetables aren’t the best snack for health. As with many other foods that aren’t rich in nutrients, you should eat them in moderate amounts.

Despite the word “veggie” in their name the straws of veggie are mostly processed vegetable powders and potato. Do not use them to replace the daily consumption of vegetables in their whole form.

Drinking veggie straws often could be an issue because of their high sodium content. The excess sodium content is associated with hypertension and is a major risk cause of cardiovascular disease (2Trusted source).

In reality straws made of vegetable can be considered to be a deceivingly unhealthy food item, one that is promoted as nutritious, but has low nutrition and is packed with fat, sugar and sodium (3).

The marketing options on the packaging’s front for example, using the term “veggie,” may cause consumers to develop positive feelings about the product and become more inclined to buy it, even though its absence of actual positive health effects (4Trusted Source).

The snack is popular, but is not that unlike other snacks, which are frequently criticized for their lack of nutritional value.

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But, your diet and other aspects of your lifestyle play an important part in determining your likelihood of developing noncommunicable ailments such as coronary heart diseases (5Trusted Source).

So, it’s crucial to keep track of your nutrition intake, and also enjoy delicious snacks, such as straws made of vegetables but in moderation.

Straws of veg are a snack made from processed food that has a high sodium content, and should be consumed with caution. The high sodium content in these straws indicates that consuming too much of them can increase the chance for developing heart diseases.

Fun ways to increase your daily vegetable consumption

Foods that are packaged, like straws made of vegetables, aren’t the best way to get your daily intake of vegetables.

Here are some easy and straightforward vegetables that you can make at home:

Raw vegetables served with dip. It is also possible to try carrots and celery with hummus, or along with peanut butter.

Air-fried veggies. They have the same crispy texture using real vegetables instead of powdered vegetable. Make sure to try these crispy pumpkin chips, or try lemon and herb cauliflower snacks.

Baked chips. If you don’t own the air fryer then you can bake your chips to get the same effect. Take a look at this baked sweet potato, beetroot as well as potato snacks.

Smoothies. Another way to boost your vegetable intake is to include some in smoothies, or make freezer pops with vegetables and fruits.

Roasted chickpeas. Crispy snacks are baked either in the oven or in the air fryer.

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