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30 Extremely Useless Facts!!

The facts about animals are numerous, historical facts and state facts, There is Disney factual information, and finally, there are the useless facts, the sort of information you’ll never need to be aware of.

However, that’s all part of the enjoyment. From the kind of music that helps keep mosquitoes away to the bizarre food that can transform into diamonds. You’ll enjoy knowing this useless information.

We’re challenging you to come up with an excuse to make use of these!

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Crazy Useless Facts!

1. The number 1 through 99 includes”999″ with the letters “a” in their word form.

If you’re not somewhere in the United Kingdom where it’s proper to write 101 as “one hundred and one,” there’s not a number from 1 to 999 that contains”a. “a” in its word form, according to long-time mathematics teacher Jonathan Garnett Smith. One one, two, three four five Six… 20 thirty forty fifty sixty… You can continue, and you’ll not find that first alphabet letter until after you’ve reached “one thousand.”

2. Many oranges are green.

We assume they are all red in hue due to their name, but the fruit is usually green at the ripe time due to lots of chlorophyll. The majority of South America and other tropical areas are all green. However, here in the U.S., where it’s colder, the oranges lose their chlorophyll and change to the color of their name. Because North American shoppers are used to oranges that are orange imported, the fruit is subjected to ethylene gas or sprayed by cold water to get rid of the chlorophyll.

3 The reverse sides of dice will always be seven.

If you examine the figure, you’ll find the two numbers are located on opposite faces of the square (1+6=7) in addition to one and five (2+5=7) along with three and 4 (3+4=7). The Guardian offers a deeper explanation if you’d like to know more about this incredible but insignificant fact.

4. You Are 13.8 percent more likely to pass away when you turn a birthday.

In a 2012 study released in the journal Annals of Epidemiology, humans are 13.8 percent more likely to die on their birthdays than any other day in the year. This is based on Swiss mortality data between 1969 and 2008. We’re going to say that research is (morbidly) fascinating!

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5. Music that is dance-oriented can help repel mosquitoes.

Electronic dancing (EDM) may be the thing to keep away mosquitoes that are a nuisance during the summer. According to a 2019 study released in Acta Topica, the Skrillex track “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” is a mix of “very high and very low frequencies” and “excessive loudness and constantly escalating pitch,” which deter the yellow mosquito from biting its the victims or mating.

The King of Hearts card is the sole King in the deck of cards that do not have a mustache.

Four kings are represented included in each deck. They all look identical. However, The”King of Hearts is the only royal that doesn’t sport a mustache. As per The Guardian, the so-called “suicide king” (who earned his name because it looks like he’s cutting himself with an ax) was not always completely bare-faced. He erroneously lost the facial hair during an alteration.

7″Dreamt” is the sole word within the English language that starts by “mt.”

“The English spoken language has a lot of unique idiosyncrasies, which is why the phrase “dreamt” is one of them. Based on Oxford Dictionaries, “dreamt” (and variations of it including “undreamt”) is the only word in the English language that begins with”mt. “mt.”

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8 Those metal studs in your jeans have an identity and have a reason to be there.

If you’re ever wearing jeans, look inside the pockets. Do you notice those tiny metal studs that are on the corners? They’re not there just to add some sparkle to your jeans. They serve some function. The rivets, as per Levi Strauss & Co. They are set on specific areas to give an extra layer of support to denim that tends to tear and tear.

9 A Greek-Canadian-born man invented”Hawaiian pizza “Hawaiian” pizza.

There will always be heated debates about whether or not pineapple should be included on pizza. There’s no debate about where Hawaiian pizza was originally made: Chatham, Ontario, Canada! The restaurant owner, Sam Panopoulos, was born in Greece but relocated to Canada at the age of twenty years old. In 1962, the businessman decided to serve pizza with pineapple.

Panopoulos, who died in the year 2017, once said to his colleagues at the BBC, “We just put it on, just for the fun of it, see how it was going to taste. We were young in the business, and we were doing a lot of experiments.” The name was reportedly derived from the canned pineapples that Panopoulos utilized when he invented the Hawaiian pizza.

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10. If you can open your eyes in a room that is pitch black and look around, the color you’ll be able to see is known as “eigengrau.”

Find the darkest place you can locate in a room with nothing but darkness for some time in complete darkness with your eyes closed. After that, you can open them and look around. You’d think you’re looking into pitch-blackness; you’ll find yourself looking at something like a dark gray hue. It also is known by its name: it’s known as “eigengrau.”

11. Cats don’t like sweets due to a genetic flaw.

Cats can leap incredibly high, squeeze through most tight spaces, and appear to live for nine years. However, there’s one thing they cannot be able to do: taste sweet food. According to an article from 2007 published in Scientific American, unlike other mammals, felines are unable to taste sweetness because they “lack 247 base pairs of the amino acids that make up the DNA of the Tas1r2 gene. As a result, it does not code for the proper protein … and it does not permit cats to taste sweets.”

12. It is possible to transform peanut butter into diamonds.

Although most of us are satisfied to put a spoonful of peanut butter on two bread slices, a scientist Dan Frost of the Bayerisches Geoinstitut in Germany did something more unique about peanut butter: He created diamonds. Frost examines the conditions found in the mantle on Earth and has found ways to replicate the conditions in his laboratory. Based on the BBC, the pressures in the mantle could remove carbon dioxide from oxygen and then leave carbon behind to create diamonds. Because the peanut butter itself is high in carbon Frost could transform this delicious nutty treat into a glittering diamond.

13. Hippos are known as”bloats. “bloat.”

If you come across a group of hippos, You can tell everyone who is around you to inform them that you’re looking at the term “bloat.” The BBC described the term’s background, which is derived in The Book of St Albans (also called The Book of Hawking, Hunting, and Blasing of Arms) composed by Juliana Berners, a 15th-century English Benedictine prioress. Berners came up with several words to describe animal groups, such as”a “swarm of bees” and the “gaggle of geese.”

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14. Pogonophobia can be described as the fear of having beards.

You’re likely to know many men who wear some form of facial hair. If you’re suffering from the fear of beards, also known as pogonophobia, you’d prefer to avoid beards. It turns out that this fear may be justifiable: A report published in European Radiology suggests that beards contain “significantly higher” amounts of bacteria than dogs.

15Alaska is one of the states with its name on one row of a keyboard.

In addition, with “A” and “S” being next to one another in the center row on the traditional QWERTY keyboard, and “K” and “L” to the left of the same row. Alaska is the state where you can type using only one row on the keyboard.

16. And “tesseradecades,” “aftercataracts,” and “sweaterdresses” are the longest words that you can type with just your hands.

If you’re only able to use the left-hand side of your keyboard, however, there are still many words you can type. Through using Q W, E, R, T A, S, D, F G Z as well as X B, V, and C–the letters that are on the left of the keyboard that you aren’t limited to typing the most outrageous words such as “tesseradecades,” “aftercataracts,” and “sweaterdresses,” you can also write “great,” “vast,” “water,” “starter,” “cascades,” “retracts,” “affects,” “trees,” “caves,” “crests,” “waver,” “reverberate,” “sat,” “far,” “raced,” “faster,” “created,” “craters,” “graves,” “wasted,” “arrested,” and (perhaps the most important of all) “abracadabra!”

17. The average adult uses more time at the toilet than doing exercise.

Research conducted in 2017 conducted by British non-profit UKActive, The study found that adults are spending on average about 3 hours 9 mins using the bathroom each week, while only spending approximately an hour and 30 mins physically active in the same period. It’s possible that this isn’t so important, but motivating information is the one we need to be reminded of before heading to the fitness center.

18. The nails of your fingers grow more quickly on the dominant hand.

If you’ve ever broken one of your nails at the base or lost one completely, you know it takes a long time to recover. The American Academy of Dermatology says that fingernails can take around six months for growth from the base to tip, while toenails could take a long time to grow. However, a few things tend to speed up the process of the growth of fingernails. The dominant hand and those with larger fingers and nails grow faster in the daylight hours and during the summer months.

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19. A “jiffy” is about one trillionth of a second.

You’ve likely said “back in a jiffy” at the very least several times in your lifetime. You may not be aware that you committed that you were unable to keep. According to, it is true that a “jiffy” is an actual measurement of time and a very small one to boot. In the late 18th or 19th century, the scientist Gilbert Newton Lewis defined a”jiffy” as the amount of time that it takes light to travel a centimeter in a vacuum. This is around 33.4 picoseconds. That’s one trillionth of one second. It’s a very short (and practically insignificant) quantity of time indeed!

20Dragonflies are six-legged, but they can’t walk.

Perhaps you’ve observed a dragonfly soaring on the plant in your yard or flying through the air over the water pond. We can assure you that you’ve never witnessed a dragonfly walking over a picnic table or walking along a tree. This is because, despite having six legs, like all insects, dragonflies’ legs aren’t strong enough to walk for long periods.

21Golf balls are typically made up of the number 336 “dimples.”

While on the course of golf, you’re likely taking more notice of which clubs you’re playing with as opposed to the particulars of every golf ball. However, if you take note of the particulars, you could find that your golf ball could contain anywhere from 300 to 500 “dimples,” though most are likely to contain 336. As per the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “golf balls are usually covered with dimples in a highly symmetrical way,” which “is important or the ball will wobble.”

22Montpelier, Vermont, is the only U.S. capital without a McDonald’s.

You can get one-Quarter Pounder in several cities or a few McNuggets on every block. However, it’s not quite as straightforward for people living in Montpelier, Vermont, to buy the Big Mac. This is because it’s the only U.S. state capital with McDonald’s. The state capital is the smallest of inhabitants (approximately 7,500) and a city with a population of 7,500; it does not have a Burger King, either. We’re sorry, Whopper fans! For a delicious meal at our fast-food chains, Montpelier residents can simply make the trip to the neighboring Barre city. Barre.

23. Apple seeds contain cyanide.

According to the saying, an apple every day can keep the doctor away – unless you consume more than you should which is. These tiny, black seeds in the apple contain amygdalin, which is a plant chemical that transforms into hydrogen cyanide when seeds are chewed or digested, as per Medical News Today. Since cyanide is toxic (even fatal in high doses), It is advised to get rid of the seeds. Also, do the same with peach, apricot, and cherry seeds. They also contain the compound.

24. Mulan is the character with the highest kill count among all Disney characters.

Mulan has a fierce personality, is courageous, and is extremely inspiring. But she’s also extremely dangerous. In actuality, she wasn’t just one of the very first Disney princesses who killed a character on-screen during the film Mulan, and she has the highest death rate for any Disney character as per UNILAD. Mulan killed more than 2000 people during the duration of the animated film, which included Shan Yu, the villainous Hun chief, Shan Yu, and 1,994 Huns through the triggering of an Avalanche.

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25. A cubic centimeter of human bone can support the capacity of five pickup trucks.

Human bodies are often fragile and vulnerable. If you’re hoping to be a super-hero, take note that human bone is stronger than steel as well as concrete. “Bone is extraordinarily strong–ounce for ounce, bone is stronger than steel, since a bar of steel of comparable size would weigh four or five times as much,” biomedical engineer Cindy Bir told Live Science in the year 2010. “A cubic inch of bone can in principle bear a load of 19,000 lbs. (8,626 kg) or more–roughly the weight of five standard pickup trucks–making it about four times as strong as concrete.”

Birds can accomplish some incredible things. For instance, frigate birds can rest while flying. This is because they can sleep with only one brain hemisphere simultaneously, according to a study from 2016 released in Nature Communications.

27. Jupiter’s size is double as huge as the rest of the planets together.

You may have already known you knew that Jupiter was the largest of planets of all. But did you realize just how large? It’s not just more than twice as big as the rest of the planets. If Earth was as big as the grape, Jupiter would be the size of a basketball by NASA.

28. Your body is home to around 100,000 blood vessels.

Blood vessels are tiny, measuring just five millimeters (for comparison, a single hair strand is 17 millimeters). Yet, because there are so many blood vessels in our bodies, The Franklin Institute explains that if you lay them out in one row, a child’s blood vessels will stretch over 60 miles, while adults’ blood vessels would be approximately 100,000 miles.

29. The tiny dot that is above the lowercase “i” and “j” is an etymological name.

Many other languages also have written accents in the alphabet; English is the only one to contain the “diacritic dot,” according to The tiny mark you create over the lowercase “i,” and a lowercase “j” is called a “tittle.” It’s probably a mix of the terms “tiny” and “little” since they are tiny dots.

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30. The ostrich and the chicken is the nearest living relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We used to believe dinosaurs as giant lizards that roamed the planet. Still, it’s now generally accepted that dinosaurs share more similarities with birds of today than they do with large reptiles. Studies conducted at Harvard University in 2008 confirmed that Tyrannosaurus Rex had the majority of their genetic blueprint with chickens and ostriches instead of alligators and crocodiles.

Wrapping Up:

This ends our article on useless facts! Though these facts are not as useless as they seem! Do pass on the inforation if yiu liked it!

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