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Urth Caffee Nutrition Facts

It’s true. Urth Caffe Cuisine is exceptionally healthy! We’re passionate about serving a healthy menu based on high-quality organic, locally grown, and sustainable ingredients. Many of these come directly from family farms in the area daily.

They serve fresh, delicious healthy, and vibrant choices that are a good fit for the range of healthy diets that range from a variety of plant-based vegetarian and gluten-free meals to the pure indulgence of the most luxurious imported French butter organic and hormone-free milk grass-fed cattle, and the finest old-fashioned, free-range eggs.

Indeed, a variety of menu items can be prepared with substitutes made from plant-based ingredients upon an inquiry. All organic, heirloom coffees and teas can be prepared using coconut, almond, soy Oat, soy, or organic milk (for an additional fee).

Gluten-free bread can be purchased to use with every sandwich we offer. Various dishes, such as Urth’s Huevos Rancheros and Pizza Huevos Rancheros, are prepared using vegan eggs, cheeses, and other plant-based ingredients to make the dish vegan.

Urth Caffe’s Mexican Huevos Rancheros left, and Pizza Huevos Rancheros, right, can be made using plant-based dairy products and eggs.


Many menu options were vegan-friendly, like Our Avocado Toast, Urth Acai Bowl, Pizza Primavera, Paradise Salad (pictured above story), Vegan Patty Melt Panini, Vegan Panini Portabella, and many more.

Urth Caffe smoothies and juices are made with the finest vegetables and fruits to provide delicious flavors and vital nutritional value that customers can count on. Our juices at Urth are freshly squeezed and never stored. Our juice is squeezed according to your specifications in spring with extraordinarily sweet and organic.

Heirloom oranges are grown in a Riverside County family-owned orchard. Urth’s Rumi Latte, Rising Sun Matcha Latte, and Green Rose Latte (left to right below)were developed to offer essential antioxidants and vitamins with delicious flavor.

Urth Caffe is proud of its connections with organic, local farms and farms that chef Davide Gioia has had to visit and work. With. One of our most enduring long-term relationships is with the Kenter Canyon Farms. Kenter Canyon provides Urth Caffe with the finest certified organically grown lettuces, organic mixed greens, and fresh herbs every day of the week.


Kenter Canyon partnered with Chef Davide to develop a custom fresh organic spring-leaf blend consumed only by the loyal Urth Caffe customers. The salad served at Urth Caffe can be so freshly picked that it could have been picked just the previous day.

Photo left: Kenter Canyon Farms co-owner Robert Dedlow and Urth’s Chef Davide Gioia visit a propagation house where perennial herbs are cared for to harvest in the autumn.

Hit the video to find out more information concerning Kenter Canyon Farms and Urth Caffe

Urth receives eggs that are unique directly from a local family farm each day. They’re the best eggs available in Southern California and are delivered to Urth Caffe without any warehouse storage facility or middlemen.

The farm is traditional with free-range, vegetarian-fed happy chickens who produce the most delicious eggs, with vivid, vibrant, and deep orange-colored yolks. Fresh eggs from our farm are used to make various excellent eggs dishes in the Urth Caffe and for our homemade bakery that offers artisanal sweets and pastries.

The owner Marty Zaritsky displays Urth chef Davide Gioia his eggs put out by the free-range vegetarian-fed, happy chickens. They are the most delicious bright, vibrant deep, orange-colored eggs with yolks.

Urth Caffe utilizes the finest organic, heirloom-grown fruits and other vegetables that are readily available throughout the year. We are focused on using heirloom grains and high in nutrients whole grains for our baking. We don’t employ chemical ingredients for our cooking, baking, or everything we serve on the menu at Urth Caffe.


We aim to offer a level of service equal to the best restaurants in Los Angeles. In comparing the purity and quality present in Urth food items, the generousness of portions, and the stunning appearance, we are confident that Urth food is a remarkable value for money.

Urth Caffe standards offer a fresh, healthy, sustainable method of drinking, eating, and living. Our founders have enjoyed Urth Caffe’s fresh, simple, lively, delicious food daily as part of their healthy lifestyle for over 25 years. We hope that the nutritious food of Urth Caffe can be an essential component of your family’s healthy California lifestyle as well!

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