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Twizzlers Nutrition Facts | Are They Healthful?

There is no doubt that candy isn’t the ideal snack to eat However, some candy are more delicious than other kinds. Twizzlers don’t differ much from other candy that isn’t chocolate-based. Read Twizzlers Nutrition Facts!

The serving of six Twizzlers. In the six, you’ll find the equivalent of 18g sugar, 95mg sodium 36 grams of carbs and .5 milligrams of fat. Six Twizzlers be gone in a flash, particularly because they’re not as sweet as other candy–so most people will consume at least two portions. 

Sugar is of great issue due to its potential to trigger inflammation within the body, which can lead to many other health issues. While it’s not easy to completely eliminate but it is important to limit the amount of sugar in the maximum extent possible. 

As well as causing inflammation, the high consumption of foods that contain sugar significantly contributes to the rise of weight gain. Dentists don’t like the taste of Twizzlers as they high in sugar and gummy texture, but their sticky character is what makes them more likely to stick to your teeth, and may even get stuck in between teeth.

Another enemy lurking in your body Red dye 40. This artificial color can be found in many candies or foods as well as beverages and food. Studies have found strong correlations Red dye #40 to hyperactivity, attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as allergic reactions and moodiness. It is also a well-known carcinogen.

The Twizzlers label also includes “artificial flavoring” on the ingredients list. There is no specific information about the ingredients. We know, however, that it’s “fake flavoring”. 

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This usually means that a chemical is made in a laboratory to create a particular flavor such as strawberry. The chemical is then mixed with other ingredients to make the delicious snack. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there aren’t strawberry pieces in Twizzlers. They are they are “pretend strawberries.”

Positively Twizzlers is produced in a facility that is free of peanuts as well as tree nuts. However, many of the products are produced in plants that treat these allergens with a high level of sensitivity and those with allergies are restricted in the candy (or food items) they can eat.

Twizzlers offer similar nutritional content as other candy in its category. If you are addicted to sweets the occasional Twizzler will likely not cause any major harm. But, they should be taken as treats rather than a snack for the day.

Possible short-term side effects



allergic reactions

The body is afflicted with inflammation

Possible long-term side effects





Things to be aware of

Red 40


artificial flavors

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