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Turpin Family Facts

When we hear the stories of domestic violence and abuse violence, our hearts are with the victims and all that they endured. Have a read at these Turpin Family Facts!

However, there’s no way we can comprehend how a Californian couple, David and Louise, could be able to starve, torture, confine, and abuse each of the 13 kids they had. As a society, we expect parents to safeguard their children from danger. But what happens when their parents cause harm?

In the case of the Turpin children, they were forced to endure many years of suffering in the care of their families. It’s hard to understand why a child’s guardian could become their worst enemy. However, in this Turpin family information, it’s possible to know the specifics of the child’s experiences.

Be cautious if you feel uncomfortable or disturbed by references to violence and abuse. So, let’s get started with the list of Turpin Family Facts below!

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Turpin Family Facts

Staff and hospital staff members cried up as they witnessed the condition of Turpin children. Turpin children.

One of the siblings’ disappearance led to the release of the rest of their Turpin children. They were taken immediately to the hospital to be evaluated and for physicals. The medical staff thought they were treating children but were shocked when they realized that some of them were adults.

According to reports sources, all 13 suffered from severe developmental problems. A few doctors and nurses wept when they thought of what the children went through. One staff member even admitted that, in all their careers, they’ve never witnessed anything as horrifying as the abuse the Turpin children endured.

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The doctors who assessed the children’s condition stated that malnutrition caused many problems for the children.

The doctors at the hospital stated that the severity of the health issues that the children are in was a result of the years of chronic malnutrition. They also said that the children had been undernourished from being newborns. Doctors claim that children’s problems do not just happen in six to twelve months. It was present for years.

Each child had the appearance of pale skin and muscle atrophy. This resulted in a severe condition of cognitive and physical development. The Turpin family members are completely healthy one day after being taken to the hospital for an examination. Naturally, they require a few months of care and examination; however, doctors believe that this is the first step toward living a lifetime of healing they deserve.

The Turpin family members are at one location while they go through recovery.

According to reports, after they were cleared by the hospital and were admitted to the same place for their physical, cognitive medical, and psychiatric assessments. The idea is to ensure that they are together in one place to have a sense of security as they go through the process. The government hopes that having all of the Turpin siblings together will help them be healed and live healthier and happier lives.

Because many of the children are adults, the hospital is working with adult protection services. They aren’t in a rush to force anyone out, but they realize it could take some time for children to adjust.

Police discovered their children from the Turpin family in a terrible state.

We all know the term abuse. However, the situation in Turpin’s case was on a new level. In addition to having just one meal per day and two showers scheduled every year, the children’s living conditions were not acceptable. When the police arrived at their home, the children were surrounded by their urine and feces. The parents managed to release their children before the police arrived however one child had been tied down to their bed. Police say it is David and Louise’s way of getting their kids to do something wrong.

They would use rope or cloth to tie their children’s hands without acknowledging their needs. Following the disappearance of their 17-year-old daughter, the Turpin parents started using chains and padlocks for additional security. The County District Attorney said the sentence could last for weeks or even months. This could be beatings and strangulation.

The children in the Turpin family were educated at home.

Turpin Family Facts

The Turpin family didn’t always reside in their current home situated in Perris, California. Their home was initially located in Murrieta, California, and then they relocated to Texas. They owned a farm south of Fort Worth which was at Rio Vista. After it was put in foreclosure, they relocated to Perris, which was the family house where the children were rescued.

All through those years, the kids didn’t get a taste of what it’s like to play outside and together with other kids. A homeschool teacher taught every child who was expected to go to school at home. Even evidence suggests that the children’s father was the headmaster at Sandcastle Day School, which was exclusively for their children.

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The Turpin family was like vampires, according to the neighbors.

Neighborhoods could recall seeing children pacing across the second floor of their homes in the evening. They claimed that the lights were on at this period, and they could see shadows of children pacing around the house for several hours. Some of their neighbors even believed they were a sect. One person even stated that they were like vampires. Very pale and only appears in the evening.

Reporters also learned that in the very rare occasions that the family is exposed, all of them sounded similar to replicas. They talked in a monotonous manner and sounded like an uncontrolled robotic voices with a set of controls. As one neighbor said, it is a pity that none of the children called for help when they were only down the road.

Parents and grandparents of the Turpin family are faced with various court cases.

It’s difficult to comprehend why David and Louise could do such terrible things to their children. Because of their actions, they’re facing multiple charges of child endangerment and torture. Each one will be charged with 10-counts of felonies charges for child endangerment and nine counts of torture. Before trial, they will face various charges of torture, false imprisonment, coercion, torture, and other sexually inappropriate acts committed by force on the child. In February of 2019, the two pleaded guilty to torture and false imprisonment and received a sentence of 25 years of life.

The Turpin family lived a life of pain because the mother of their children had a troubled childhood.

The sister of Louise, Teresa, said that she was a very good girl within the family. Louise isn’t a smoker or drink. Although the news of her abuse came as an upsetting experience for her, she confessed to authorities that her sister was also a victim of a troubled childhood. Based on Teresa Robinette, their Mom often “rented” them to a wealthy pedophile who would frequently abuse them. When they asked their mother not to take them to their mam, the Mom would say she had to feed and clothe them, and they would have to take them.

This traumatizing experience may result in her brain’s psychological and mental situation. She stated that she did not think her sister would accomplish this, but what they endured as children wasn’t a reason to be a victim to her children. It’s heartbreaking to see what the Turpin family went through due to this.

There’s a book that focuses on how Turpin, the Turpin mother of the family.

A sister to Louise, Elizabeth Flores, wrote an autobiography of their lives as children. It’s called “Sisters of Secrets.” The book outlines the rough days at school and an unhappy home with parents who were always fighting. Elizabeth could spill some coffee about her younger sister Louise.

Elizabeth confirmed the assertions of their sister Teresa who claimed that they were sexually abused when they were young children. The book paints a comprehensive image and provides a greater understanding of how a mother might be so cruel to her children. The book’s chapters contain claims that Louise was a witch as well as a gambling addict as well as a severe drinker, and with an unusual fascination with snakes.

According to her book, she was in her 40s when things got really bad. Louise was not just engaging in those other activities, but she began to appear vulgar on MySpace and attended sexual practice and orgies. But, it wasn’t thought that her sister might have issues with child endangerment.

The Father of the Turpin family had a very successful childhood.

One of the lesser-known things regarding family members of the Turpin family members is the fact that their Father, who was the primary caregiver for those Turpin youngsters, was known as a very smart man. The family members and friends of David Turpin were in shock when they heard the story. They claimed that they didn’t think to find out that David and his spouse would accomplish such a feat. He graduated from Virginia Tech University, where he received his master’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Before the year 2012, when he retired, He held a top post at General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin. Both are among the biggest defense companies in the world, and it’s an incredible feat to be employed by either of them and even a higher post. David’s coworkers and friends recognize him as a family man and a bit geeky.

To summarize, David was successful professionally and academically, so it’s difficult for people who know him to understand the reality. But, the investigation revealed that in 2011 David was declared bankrupt over the payment of $240,000 to an account with a firm that issued credit cards.

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The Turpin family started to expand after the couple got married in 1984.

David and Louise fell in love as teenagers. Louise was just 16 and in high school when 24-year-old David visited her school to sign her out. The couple fled to Texas in the days before their parents could make complaints. After Louise’s parents learned that she had been there, they demanded that she return for they and David could legally marry.

The Father, Louise, was a pastor, and according to the sources, the only thing the preacher’s Father was to ensure that she would get married in a church ceremony. Louise’s sisters claimed that they believed that their Mom was aware of the fact that David, with her younger sister, was in a relationship and that she let it happen. Their father, however, did not know, and they began dating him behind his back. They eventually returned to Princeton and tied the knot in 1984.

Investigators have concluded it was the case that the Turpin family was asleep all day but was awake during the night.

The investigation reports reveal that the family was living an extraordinary life. The kids claimed that they usually went to bed around 4:00 – 5:00 in the morning. In addition to the cold shower and bathroom amenities children get, they were also deprived of their rights. The kids were born in hospitals. They didn’t see any doctors ever after their birth or dental professionals. Even though their parents would buy toys, they did not permit them to play with the toys or take them out of the boxes.

When their mother, Louise, would make pumpkin pies, the children would watch but not get the chance to taste them. Even though the food was at the table, they would be hungry because their parents purposely took advantage of them. The reports did not explain why the couple was doing these things to their children. However, according to the sources, the beating and check were punishments for several offenses such as “talking too loudly” and “playing in the water.”

The relatives of the Turpin family find it difficult to believe.

The media visited the home of 81-year-old Betty Turpin, David’s Mom, for an interview with her. Betty Turpin said that they enjoyed a good relationship when her grandchildren came for a visit. They were so kind and considerate of one another that she didn’t notice any peculiarity.

Betty stated that her grandkids were courteous and sweet. She did not see any peculiarities in the behavior of her daughter and son-in-law. Her son informed her that he had many kids due to God’s plan. David said that he’s still a Pentecostal Christian even though he’s not affiliated with one church located in California. David’s Mom stated that she believed that the family he built with his son was an example of a Christian home. The Turpin family proves that our notions regarding certain aspects could be incorrect.

Police discovered hundreds of journals in the Turpin family’s home.

Despite the unjust and strict home rules, there was one thing children were allowed to do. They were able to write in journals. Police have found hundreds of them and said this is very solid evidence. It will also be an important factor in determining that home’s circumstances.

Investigators are trying to determine if religion had any connection to the brutality and abuse. Police were trying to get the official statements of the adults. The minor’s family members of the Turpin family were friendly and courteous; however, they could not give any statement.

The story that involved the Turpin family has raised awareness of neglect and abuse.

We could not comprehend how parents can lock up and starve their children. However, it is a reality for all households across the US. In light of the Turpin, situation experts are currently looking to discover the nature of this problem within society. Their research suggests that what was happening in the Turpin family could be happening to other families. Studies show that 71.8 percent of all child neglect and abuse cases stemmed attributable to the victim’s parent. Research shows that the main risk factor that could cause parents to do this include domestic violence and alcohol and drug abuse.

A child from the Turpin family has spoken to the public about their experiences with abuse.

Louise was 50, and David was 57 when they were being investigated for the torture and abuse of their children. When they were sentenced, the couple cried as their children were addressed in public first. The victims’ statements were all about their hardships and their fate at the hands of their parents.

But, they were soliciting the judge to reduce the sentence. They are proud of their parents, regardless of what transpired. Louise was also able to read her own. She was crying and apologized for the brutality she brought on her children. David’s attorney read his testimony since he was overwhelmed by emotion.

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The Turpin family home was sold auctioned for $310K.

On the 29th of December 2018, the Turpin family house was sold at an auction online and purchased for $310,360. The house was 2,386 square feet, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It was listed on the market for a foreclosure, and Riverside County appraised the property. There’s no information on who is the current owner of the Turpin family residence located at 160 Muir Woods Rd.

According to reports, the new owners retained the home’s initial condition image. Although they may seem important, the information on the internet about the house wasn’t full. It didn’t include criminals or the background of the previous owners.

Prosecutors consider this case against the Turpin family the most serious in his entire career.

The judge in the Turpin case said that the parents’ behavior was cruel, self-centered, cruel, and selfish. However, even the prosecutor’s office was able to offer their opinion. They claimed it was the most horrific child neglect and abuse situation they had encountered throughout their careers. Due to the trauma, the choice was to ensure that the children would not be able to testify in the courtroom. The authorities claim that the victims have already been through enough torture and abuse. The fact that they are receiving global attention for something they would only like to forget is not enough.

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