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Turkey Sandwich Nutrition Facts

According to national surveys on food, 47 percent of Americans consume minimum one or more sandwiches a every day, with the most common kind being made of cold cuts and deli meats. Not surprising considering their ease of use and our busy lives. Yet, what’s surprising is that the majority of the smoked turkey and slices of ham that are oven-roasted have been classified “processed meats”–a class of food that is linked to cancer and heart disease.

It’s a good idea to avoid processed meats such as sausage, bacon and hot dogs However, are deli-style foods something to consume more often? Are we concerned about the health risk they could pose? Here’s what you should be aware of Turkey Sandwich Nutrition Facts.

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Turkey Sandwich Nutrition Facts

Are deli meats processed?

Technically speaking, all meats are processed in a way, as it has to be cooked before eating. But the phrase “processed meats” specifically refers to meat such as pork, poultry or other animal protein that’s altered by salting, curing fermentation, or any other technique to enhance flavor, extend shelf life and prevent or slow harmful bacteria from forming.

The category of processed meats is vast and encompasses things such as sausage, bacon marinated meats and Smoked meats, cured and cured poultry cold cuts, hot dogs and deli meats however, it also includes ready-to-eat and cooked meats, as well as ones that require to be cooked prior to consumption.

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What health issues?


Processed meats are more sodium-rich in their amounts due to salting curing, salting, or preservation methods used to preserve them. It’s the sodium present in these processes that stop the growth of harmful bacteria The excess sodium causes high blood pressure , strokes, heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease.

Potential Cancer Risk

The International Agency for Cancer Research (IACR) issued a report in 2015 that found the possibility of a connection to processed food products and the risk of developing cancer. The risk isn’t significant relative to other risk factors such as smoking cigarettes, however the risk rises when you consume more. Researchers haven’t been able to pinpoint a single ingredient or processing ingredient as the most significant factor that contributes to the risk, however some speculate that it could be linked to compounds called Nitrates.

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Salts like sodium nitrite and sodium chloride are commonly used to process meats. In the event of consumption the nitrite component is broken down into nitrates within the body, which are compounds that are often associated with cancer. Although nitrates are not the cause of cancer, they can create carcinogenic compounds when processed, when they are in the body or during cooking in high temperatures. The truth is that meats make up only 5percent of our intake of nitrates. The majority of the nitrates we consume in our bodies come taken from vegetables, which makes it difficult to pin all blame for nitrates on processed meats.

Do you think your Turkey Sandwich is something to worry concerning?

In comparison to other health risks, the health risks of the sandwiches of ham or turkey are tiny. While I would not recommend skipping lunch since deli-style meats seem to be my only option, studies suggest that limiting consumption or looking for healthier options is a good way to go. Here are some tips to limit the potential risk.

Keep tabs on intake.

Processinged meats should not be an everyday component of your diet and if you do these foods, you should limit your the daily amount in the range of the amount of 50g (1 half to one-third of 1 1/4 oz) at the most.

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Purchase “uncured”

They use preservatives made from vegetables such as celery powder instead salts such as sodium nitrite to preserve or cure the meat. It can be marked “no added Nitrates.” But they’re not totally free of nitrates as vegetables are the primary source of. Many people are happier eating Nitrates that come from a natural source.

Watch sodium

Low- and lower-sodium lunch meats are easily accessible and typically don’t have any salty taste. Consider these options whenever you can however, be aware of the sodium content of other sandwich ingredients such as mustard and cheese.

Consider quick alternatives

By slicing thinly cooked chicken breasts to use in sandwiches is a way to avoid the sodium and additives associated in processed and prepared meats. Cook your chicken or other protein at the beginning of the week and use for sandwiches , instead of meats from deli.

Consider fish or plant-based alternatives.

Salmon and tuna are excellent salads to serve with sandwiches you can skip the meat entirely by choosing a vegetarian sandwich with cheese or hummus.

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