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20 Incredible Toy Story Facts You Never knew

Take a look at these amazing Toy Story facts!

Do you want to know why all human characters have hair that is short? or why Woody was initially designed to be the ventriloquist’s puppet? We’ve got 20 incredible Toy Story facts for you to learn about the iconic Pixar film! Take a look!

1. Pixar set out to create Sid’s frightening toys in real.

The most memorable aspects of this film are Sid’s horrible homemade toys. Incredibly, Pixar initially wanted to market them in real life with Buzz and Woody as well as the horrifying baby-head spider. It didn’t work. I wonder why?

2. Tom Hanks could relate to Andy.

Tom Hanks said one of the reasons he loved the film was that while he was still a young child, he would be curious if his toys could come to life once he left the room. He jumped at the chance to say yes when requested to play the voice of the cowboy toy Woody in part due to this.

3. Billy Crystal nearly voiced Buzz.

Billy Crystal was originally offered the role of Buzz Lightyear but decided to turn his back. He later admitted that it was a massive mistake, and this is why Billy Crystal said yes immediately when asked to portray Mike for the film Monsters Inc. It’s hard to imagine someone else being Mike’s voice! Mike!

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4. There’s a reason why a majority of people have short hair.

The very first Toy Story film was made in the beginnings of computer animation, and animators didn’t have everything out. Hair was particularly difficult to create, so everyone had simple or short hairstyles in the movie since it was much easier to render. Then, as hair technology improved, the hairstyles changed!

5. Real toys inspire woody as well as Buzz.

As per John Lasseter, the film’s director, Woody, and Buzz were loosely inspired by toys from his childhood, including A Casper Doll with a pull string similar to Woody and later, it was a GI Joe doll, which was hugely popular and was the basis for Buzz Lightyear.

6. It’s the longest Toy Story movie

With just 81 minutes, Toy Story is not only the most compact Toy Story movie, but it’s also the longest Pixar film. It’s likely because it was an early Pixar film, animators were still working out how to make everything work and were still trying the technology.

7. It earned the most in the year.

Toy Story was released in 1995 and earned hundreds of millions of dollars. When it came out it was the third highest-grossing animated film to date (Behind The Lion King and Aladdin). It’s also believed to be one of the highest-grossing films ever (96th in exact order)

8. Andy is named for an actual person

Andy is believed to be named after Andries “Andy” Van Dam, a computer scientist professor who instructed many animators in the film. He was the pioneer of many animation methods in the beginning, and the makers of Toy Story have a lot to be grateful for!

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9. It took only a day to write “You’ve Got a friend in Me’

The hit song, which can be heard in subsequent films, only took Randy Newman a day to compose. This song was nominated for multiple awards but ultimately lost to Pocahontas. The most memorable version of the track is the one in which Wheezy the penguin sings the song at the end of the second film. He is with the backing singer Barbies.

10. The Pixar film is the first Pixar feature.

Indeed, Toy Story is the first full length feature Pixar has made. It’s one of the very first CGI movies ever! When Toy Story did well, Pixar went on to create other classic films such as A Bug’s Life, Wall-E and Finding Nemo, but Toy Story was likely so successful that Pixar continues to thrive today.

11. The film is excellent (according to according to Rotten Tomatoes)

Rotten Tomatoes, the website that keeps track of reviews for films and their scores on average, awards Toy Story a 100% fresh score, which means that nearly all reviews are favorable. Films rarely receive an overall score of 100 and other notable films comprise Black Panther, Paddington 2, and Toy Story 2

12. Woody was designed to be an improvised ventriloquist’s puppet

What do you think? Early drafts depicted Woody as a dummy for a ventriloquist who led his toys into a revolt. There’s a model that demonstrates exactly how Woody was intended to look. It seems that with his slack jaw and eyes that drooped, Woody was deemed to be too creepy…can’t imagine what the reason was!

13. Tom Hanks doesn’t always voice Woody.

Yes, that’s right! Tom was so popular in his roles in the voice of Woody not just in the films but also in games, toys, and commercials in which the brother Jim often portrayed Woody in different projects! If it seems like you’re listening to Tom, you might be hearing Jim! They sound almost the same.

14. Woody was not meant to be nice.

In the earlier versions of the story, Woody used to be rude, angry, sarcastic, and rude. It’s the same story that he played an actor’s dummy. The way he was portrayed in this film, Woody supposed to be a friend with Tinny Tinny, the character from the story Toy Story was based on, And at one point, it even throws Buzz out of the window! You can see from the final version, things were changed and, thankfully, Woody became the beloved cowboy that we recognize.

15. Andy’s dad was expensive.

Andy’s father isn’t even mentioned or seen in the movies There are many speculations about why this is. Is he dead? Are Andy’s parents divorced? Maybe he’s constantly working? The motive is quite simple. Andy’s dad doesn’t appear because it’s too costly to create a character from another! They decided he was not needed in the story and took Andy out to save the money!

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16. The animators had the chance to have fun

Pixar animators are well-known for their enjoyment when they create their films, and this was no different. To determine how the rigid plastic soldiers moved, animators strapped the board to feet and moved through the office playing soldiers. This is not your normal workday!

17. Mrs. Potato Head does not appear in this movie.

Mrs. Potato head is one the most well-known characters from the franchise Always, together with her husband, make sure that he’s not getting into trouble. She doesn’t appear till Toy Story 2, where they are the most loved couple!

18. It was based off an animated short

The film is based on an animated short from Pixar in 1988 named Tin Toy. It’s just five minutes long and centers around a toy named Tinny and an infant named Billy. It isn’t a lot like the final version of Toy Story, but it was the beginning for an idea which would later become the popular franchise. However, the film was successful and won an Oscar in the category of Best Animated Short Film that year!

19. Barbie was the first character from the very first film

Barbie is among the most well-known characters from Toy Story 2, but initially, the plan was to include her be part of one of the major characters in the original film. It was planned to be Woody’s love interest but she was eventually eliminated. It’s a good thing she shows up later on, and she’s among the best aspects of these films!

20. It could be an musical

Disney as well as Pixar are both well-known for their musicals. There was a first plan to create Toy Story a musical too. But the plot was not a good fit for an musical, so the project was dropped. It’s difficult to picture Woody and Buzz singing to one another It’s not?

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