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Totino’s Pizza Nutrition Facts

If there’s a food item that you can be sure to find in your dorm room fridge, it’s probably likely to bear the Totino’s logo and name on it. From the famous Party Pizzas to the Pizza Rolls that have helped many of us survive an evening of schoolwork (or not studying, no judgment). Explore yummy Totino’s Pizza Nutrition Facts here!

The Totino brand has been an essential item in the majority of youngsters (and not-so-young) people’s freezers for many years. The humble beginnings of the pizza empire aren’t more well-known than they ought to be.

It all began with Rose and Jim Totino opening a pizzeria in Minneapolis in 1951. The pizzeria was an insignificant operation initially, but it quickly grew into the giant frozen pizza business which it remains today. Today, Totino’s sells about 300 million Party Pizzas every year. If your freezer is stocked with some of the 300 million frozen pizzas and you think you’re already familiar with the company’s name. But the reality of Totino’s is much more fascinating than you might believe.

Totino’s Pizza Nutrition Facts

The restaurant’s first version was a take-out only establishment at first.

Nowadays, people think of Totino’s as a place that you can discover in the aisle of frozen foods in the supermarket. Many don’t know that the giant of frozen foods began as a pizzeria, with an actual location. The initial operation was extremely tiny. In fact, it was so tiny that the initial version of the Totino’s pizza restaurant was accessible to customers only as take-out.

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The business did grow faster than the founders, Jim and Rose Totino, initially anticipated. They initially thought it was possible to sell a few pizzas per week, it would be enough to allow them to pay their rent. Totino’s Pizza nutrition facts such as these look yummy, right?

It took only three weeks to realize that they could operate the business completely. Jim quit his job , and creating pizza turned into a full-time daily business. Jim and Rose worked for as long as 18 hours per day, far from what they thought was possible. It wasn’t long before they convinced them to start a full-service restaurant that served hundreds of pizzas per week.

Rose Totino started out making pizzas for her family and friends.

Like many women of her age, Rose Totino wasn’t exactly determined to become a top-of-the-line businesswoman. Before her wedding, she worked in a candy factory earning 37 cents an hour, but she quit her job after getting married to Jim Totino. She and her husband had two daughters. After that, she became a typical wife and mother. She was the den mother to a group of Cub Scouts and was known for her involvement in the children’s school in the form in the PTA.

However, Rose did not show up to these PTA meetings without a bag. Rose soon gained a reputation for her pizzas that she adapted with a recipe that she got from her grandmother. The pizzas were served with her most-loved fresh ingredients that she had gathered in her youth: cheese, sausage, and fresh vegetables. The word spread and soon, she was making pizzas for various events and even catering assignments for acquaintances. The public loved Rose’s pizza and eventually convinced them to open their own restaurant.

The founder of Totino’s company and the family struggled with the need to consume food when she was an infant.

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When Rose Totino got married, she was initially Rose Cruciani. Although she would be wealthy later on, Rose didn’t start off with a great deal of luck. She was a young woman in the midst of the Great Depression, which affected her family’s livelihood like many other families. They were so poor that they struggled to get enough food to consume. The people ate what they could to eat during the Great Depression and according to the Investor’s Business Daily, Rose Totino was known to stay at the playground to search for orange peels that she could take the pulp out of.

This type of poverty was not common at the time. However, it wasn’t always simple for Rose and her family and others who shared her. This strain resulted in Rose being kicked out of school at the end of 10th grade. Instead of doing her studies, she had to work in order to ensure that her family could make ends meet. She cleaned houses for $2.50 every week. The work-shy lifestyle and tough times certainly impacted her and pushed her into becoming the committed businesswoman and entrepreneur she became.

The first Totino’s restaurant established with a $1,500 loan

The brand’s founders, Jim and Rose Totino, aren’t from a wealthy background therefore, when it was time to start their own pizzeria, they realized they’d require some financial assistance. They sought a $1,500 — yes, just $1500 loan to start their own business. However, before they were able to get their loan Rose needed to persuade her lending officer that their business idea would succeed. It was harder than you imagine since the loan officer didn’t know what pizza was.

You can talk all you want about this time, but remember that you can buy pizza at a minimum even in small towns in the nation. For that alone, it is a reason to be thankful for the modern facilities. We should feel this gratitude for Rose particularly, since she was reportedly required to cook the pizza to impress her loan agent. It’s clear that she did her job well since the couple was able to get the loan and start their business, which was the basis of the Totino’s that we know and cherish today.

The first frozen products of Totino’s were pasta dishes, not pizza.

Totino’s might be famous for its pizza rolls and frozen pizzas currently however that’s not the way it began. The first time the business began expanding into frozen goods, frozen pizza was not in the plans of the company because it was so hard to create and perfect. Evidently, some of the initial frozen pizzas weren’t very good. The crusts weren’t crisp enough and often were soft or soggy, and the toppings didn’t provide much flavor.

Maybe that’s the reason why Totino started by making frozen pasta meals instead. Jim along with Rose Totino, created Totino’s Fine Foods in 1962, putting $50,000 of the profits they earned from their restaurant into their new business venture. There were a number of issues with the concept’s implementation. The ingredients were costly, but it also took a long time to make the frozen meals.

By the end of 2012, this project was evidently a failure which led the pair to contemplate whether bankruptcy might be the best alternative. They didn’t decide to declare bankruptcy. However, they began to look for ways to create frozen pizza. Toto’s may not be looking to get back into the frozen pasta market however, the Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon Party Pizza certainly will make up for any previous pasta errors.

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The founders of Totino’s have sold the business to Pillsbury

In the late 1970s Totino’s was growing and more recognized across the country. The couple that had founded the company were making great money. However, the proprietor Rose Totino was worried about her husband’s health, which was declining at the time. It was also clear that they “had no sons who could manage the business,” despite the fact that Rose was a dynamo by her own initiative. However, the couple realized they had to move on. Then, in 1975, they sold their business for $22 million to Pillsbury in the amount of $22 million.

However, this wasn’t the end for Rose’s professional life: There was still to accomplish. Rose was the first Pillsbury female vice president of corporate and was able to climb the highest the organization’s top tier at a time where thousands of American women struggled to climb the corporate ladder. At Pillsbury, Rose collaborated with scientists to enhance the method by which frozen pizzas were created and distributed, notably developing Totino’s signature Crisp Crust method of distribution.

Totino’s launched an ingenious “Crisp Crust” technology

The concept of frozen pizza was only coming into the market when the its founders, Rose as well as Jim Totino, were getting into the frozen food industry. The first frozen pizza was invented in 1962 by Joseph Bucci, but several different companies began promoting their frozen pizzas simultaneously. It wasn’t long before Totino’s got into the market and began its mass-produced frozen pizzas in 1962. It soon was the most successful brand on the market, eventually becoming the largest frozen pizza manufacturer in the 1970s.

This was in large part because of the pizza’s unique “Crisp Crust” technology that was invented and patent-protected in the latter half of the 1970s. To avoid the spongy and unpleasant frozen pizza crusts of in the past, Toto’s come out using a pizza crust which could not resist becoming wet when frozen. Today, this same technique is employed to create the Totino’s Party Pizza crusts. Customers appreciated this long-awaited frozen pizza’s taste and texture when Totino’s was the first nationwide frozen pizza company in 1978.

The original Totino’s restaurant was closed in the year 2011.

The first Totino’s Pizzeria opened in 1951 it was a surprise to anyone that it would sustain the strength it did. The business quickly increased its production to meet the demand from the area that it was founded in Minneapolis. Soon after the restaurant’s debut, Rose and Jim Totino were looking to expand their empire into the frozen food industry however they did not close the restaurant when they achieved greater popularity.

In 1987 the restaurant changed hands in 1987 from Rose Totino to her grandson, Steve Elwell. Steve was the manager at the initial location until 2007, when he decided to sell the building and relocated the restaurant to an entirely different area within the downtown. It was the end of the popular pizzeria. People who had eaten at the original establishment were not happy with the crowds at the new place. The restaurant closed in 2011 and closed its doors to the dismay of the community raised with the restaurant’s popular pizza. However, the pizzeria was able to flourish for the next sixty years it’s legacy still in use today.

Rose Totino was the first woman to be inducted into the Frozen Food Hall of Fame

Women weren’t always regarded as business professionals or entrepreneurial abilities back in her day which means that her rise to the highest levels of Pillsbury an all the more remarkable. Although becoming the first female vice-president of the company is definitely an achievement in the professional world, she also achieved a different landmark — being the first woman to be admitted into the Frozen Food Hall of Fame. It’s an actual thing, and if anyone is worthy to be included in the hall is Rose Totino.

This isn’t the only award Rose Totino was granted with, however. In 2008 she was inducted posthumously into the Minnesota Inventors Hall of Fame. Her name was hailed as “the most coveted queen in frozen pizza.” It’s not exactly a title we’d like to hold. Because of Rose and Jim Totino’s kindness through the years, the high school is named after their namesake.

The Totinos didn’t invent pizza rolls.

They are definitely among the top sellers of Totino’s line. Perhaps even more famous than the frozen pizzas are pizza rolls. Although the Totinos are recognized for their vast frozen food chain, they weren’t the ones who came up with their famous pizza rolls. A man by the name of Jeno Paulucci has been responsible for the idea that has graced the microwaves of children and stoners alike.

The popular pizza-like snack over the years under the brand name “Jeno’s Pizza Rolls.” In 1985, he made the decision to sell the company to Pillsbury who had acquired Totino’s brand. The snack was then incorporated into the name of the pizza brand and remained the extremely popular product that it is today. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this man was not a big hit in the business besides this one innovation. He was actually referred to as “the King of frozen food” until his death in the old age group of 93 in the year 2011.

Totino’s has sold one million Party Pizzas per day , on average.

In nearly every supermarket anywhere in the United States, you’re going to see a bag of pizza dough or a pile of pizzas from Party Pizzas. The widespread availability of Totino speaks volumes about its popularity and success. Its Pizzas and other pizza-related snacks are continuing to be sought-after frozen foods with customers.

This is evident from the fact that today, Totino’s sells around one million Party Pizzas each daily on average. In addition Pizza rolls from Totino’s are the nation’s most popular hot snack. There are indications that the company will do even better than it has ever been before, and sales of frozen pizza increasing because of the coronavirus epidemic. It is common for people to have frozen food options in their freezers for times when they don’t want to make a fuss, and Totino’s know how to provide a delicious food option for those times when you aren’t able to cut the vegetables. Based on these trends and the current economic climate, it’s not likely that Totino’s popularity will fade in the near future.

It takes 78 pizza rolls to make a full pizza

Have you ever wondered how many pizzas are you eating when you’ve finished your portion from Totino’s Pizza Rolls? This really is dependent on how you intend to count it—comparing calories? In that scenario it will take around 18.8 pizzas with pepperoni to reach the number of calories that you’d consume out of just one Party Pizza. Let’s face it: If you eat the same amount of pizza, you’re probably not worried about calories.

The Thrillist conducted an experiment that could improve the comparison between the two. They were curious about what amount of pizza roll filling could take to cover a pizza 12 inches crust.

This would have required quite a while (and the patience of a saint for third-degree burns on fingers caused by the steaming hot filling) because when you squeeze the contents of the rolls from their protective casings There’s nothing left. This is why it took a whopping 78 pizza rolls to cover the pizza crust. The result doesn’t appear at all appealing it’s possible to use it to preserve your own pizza rolls in good condition.

You can make your own version of pizza rolls at your home

Let’s face it. We love Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Why wouldn’t you? These are little pockets of meaty, cheesy deliciousness that squeeze sauce out of their crevices. However we’re aware that they’re very healthy for you. This is fine from time moment, but if you are suffering from a severe pizza roll craving it’s possible that you’re looking for ways to indulge in your favorite snack in a more healthy way.

Perhaps that’s the reason why many recipe writers have attempted to come up with how to prepare pizza roll at-home. Since you’re in influence over your ingredients you use, you can guarantee that the pizza is the highest quality you can get. Although they may not carry the Totino’s seal of quality however, you can be sure that you’re drawing inspiration from the best of the best. These recipes could result in pizza rolls that are slightly different from the standard pizza, but one thing’s certain: the filling will be hot and steamy So be cautious when you take a bite.

Home cooks are constantly trying to improve the taste of the traditional snack

A die-hard fan of Totino or not, you shouldn’t make the claim you’re eating pizza as an elegant food item. They’re not the kind of food you’d bring to a celebration to impress guests unless you were younger than 16 years old (or have already consumed many bottles of wines). But if you’re anything like the majority who are like us, we want to see them on the buffet at a wedding of a friend from work.

This is why we must all be thankful for the inventive people who are coming up with ideas to improve the pizza roll. These suggestions involve taking the popular pizza roll as a starting point and then incorporating it to make mouthwatering food items that you’d be proud to showcase at any gathering. Pizza-roll nachos can be the stuff of dreams if you’re the type that dreams of the most amazing mashups of junk food, that are possible. We’d love to dig into pizza roll kabobs for our next cookout.

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