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Top 7 Facts About Online Casinos

Online casinos have taken over the internet. It’s a new dawn for gambling, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about it. This guide will take a look at online casinos more closely while providing you with 7 interesting facts. You won’t want to miss a detail.

Not that long ago, online casinos had a very small niche following.

It wasn’t until the late 2010s that they truly started to take off. Now, online casinos are everywhere.

Whether you want to play online slots, blackjack, or baccarat, the choice is yours. That’s the magic of online casinos: they have all the classic games that people have come to know and love.

If you’ve never played in an online casino before, you might be scratching your head a little. To some, the concept can be confusing.

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To help you out, here are the top 7 facts about online casinos that will turn you into an expert.

1.    Bitcoin is now accepted in the online casino world

Recently, many casinos have started to accept Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) as a deposit method. Naturally, this has caught the attention of crypto fanatics and casino lovers alike. Take card casino games, for example; these have always been popular in person and online. Blackjack, baccarat, pai gow, and video poker have been longtime favorites in online casinos – and now, thanks to the rise of crypto, people can play them in a new and entertaining way: with Bitcoin.

In terms of the latter game, for instance, Bitcoin video poker has become a particularly exciting hobby for many; it has always been a thrilling game of luck, skill, and wits, as players aim to get the strongest hand by choosing to draw different cards or keep the ones they have. However, with the added excitement factor and hype of Bitcoin as a deposit and payout method, players have more reason to try and win.

By 2030, it’s expected that most major online casinos will accept Bitcoin. This is subject to how Bitcoin performs in the market, but it seems to be almost a guarantee that it will continue to be a big part of the gambling world.

2.    There are over 2,000 online casinos

According to Wales 24/7, there are over 2,000 active online casinos across the internet. That’s a lot of choices – and it highlights just how quickly the industry has grown.

Because there’s such a large volume of online casinos to choose from, it can lead to many beginners and newbie gamblers not knowing which ones to join. If you’re in the same boat, it’s recommended that you look out for an online casino that:

·         Offers a wide variety of games

·         Has excellent reviews

·         Is mobile-friendly

Usually, when an online casino ticks these boxes, it’s good!

3.    The first online casino was created all the way back in 1996

Yep, you read that right: the first online casino was launched over 25 years ago. Ever since then, the internet has never looked back.

If you take a look at the online casino graphics from the 1990s and early 2000s, they were very dated, 2D, and clunky. Since then, though, technology has advanced to a point where online casino graphics look incredible. Some graphics even look like they’ve come straight from a games console – that’s how good they are.

4.    You must be above the legal gambling age to play in an online casino

Just because online casinos are internet-based (rather than land-based), this doesn’t mean that all ages can play them. The same gambling laws still apply: you must be above the legal gambling age in your country or state to play – otherwise, you’ll have to wait a little longer until you’re old enough.

For instance, across most European countries, the legal gambling age is 18. In the US, the legal gambling age varies between 18 and 21 for most states.

When you join an online casino, you’ll be asked for proof of identity and age as a security measure.

5.    The biggest ever online casino win was $23.6 million

Over time, there have been some huge online casino wins.

However, nothing comes close to the $23.6 million that was paid out in 2021 by a popular online casino.

Don’t get your hopes too high, though, as winning this amount of money is very rare! But it does serve as proof that the impossible can happen.

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6.    Drake loves online casinos

Drake is a big online casino fanatic.

When he’s not touring or making music, he spends most of his time playing online roulette. The reason why Drake plays online is that he is simply too popular to step inside a land-based casino!

Sometimes, Drake carries his laptop with him to NBA games so that he can play online roulette from the courtside.

It’s rumored that Drake has won millions of dollars through playing online casinos, but this has yet to be confirmed.

7.    Poker accounts for 21% of online table games

Poker (and its many variations) accounts for 21% of all online table games. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to people, as there has always been a huge demand for poker online. People love it – so it makes sense that online casinos offer different variations of poker to their account holders. 

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Harrison Jones
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