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16 Interesting Tommy Flanagan Facts | Unknown Story Behind His Face Scars!

In the role of one of the world’s biggest and most dangerous character-playing performers, Tommy Flanagan has been in the spotlight for many years. Tommy is well-known for his characteristic – his facial scars. Real Facial Scars! If you’re curious about why he had those scars these scars, this article will explain this as well as more obscure Tommy Flanagan facts.

Flanagan made the tragic fall that he suffered in front of the camera into an opportunity most people would never even think of. The scars on his face provide him with the tough, bad guy appearance that is his favorite to play on screen. With over 30 roles in films and a variety of twenty or more television series, Flanagan has certainly found success in the acting field.

You may not be aware of Tommy’s character’s nickname on the popular series Sons of Anarchy as ‘Chibs’ is a reference to ‘knife’ in Scottish terms and refers to his own experience of getting the marks. The article reveals the complete background of the scars with other information about Tommy Flanagan.

A person who didn’t plan on making acting a source of earning an income, Tommy sure made himself into an incredibly well-known and famous person within Hollywood. From his career information to personal life details, read through interesting Tommy Flanagan facts.

Tommy Flanagan Facts| Face Scars and Related to Career, Personal Life, and More

So, without further delay, read through to discover the various stories and details about Tommy’s life the majority of people may not know, beginning with the scars on the face described in the next section.

Story Behind Tommy Flanagan’s Face Scars

Those who have watched 1995’s Braveheart will likely believe that Flanagan’s facial scars helped his character become more memorable and effective. He’s the living proof that you don’t require a perfect face to become a successful Hollywood actor.

Many of us (including Hollywood) admire Tommy Flanagan’s facial marks, which give him that tough and savage look But have you ever thought what the meaning behind the marks? While the story is horrifying, Tommy still transformed his life positively. This is exactly how the story unfolds:

Born in a rough area in Easterhouse, Glasgow, Flanagan was a DJ at an area nightclub during his early years. When he left the club, Flanagan was attacked by several armed men who attempted to take him hostage. It is no surprise that Flanagan put up a fight, but there were too many Flanagan to take on. The attackers attacked Flanagan in the face and slashed his face from ear to ear, leaving him covered in blood.

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Tommy Flanagan luckily survived the attack but was left with a mark that would become his most well-known appearance. The mark became called”the Glasgow Smile. The harrowing experience didn’t deter Flanagan from trying his hand and achieving the success he sought in an industry known to be renowned for attractive looks.

Although most of us aren’t able to comprehend how he reacted to the trauma, Tommy is a real-life instance of the famous quote that reads, “A scar is a sign of strength… the sign of a survivor and conqueror” and in all seriousness, every one of us must be aware of this when faced with challenges in our lives.

Tommy Flanagan Biography

Full NameTommy Flanagan
NationalityScottish, British
Age56 years old (in 2022)
Date of BirthJuly 3, 1965
BirthplaceEasterhouse, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Zodiac SignCancer

Tommy Flanagan’s Net Worth

Tommy Flanagan’s net worth: Tommy Flanagan is a Scottish actor with a net worth of 3 million dollars. Tommy Flanagan was born in Glasgow, Scotland in July 1965. When he was DJ in a nightclub the club was attacked and he suffered facial wounds from knives. He was employed for three seasons as a performer at Robert Carlyle’s Raindog Theatre.

Tommy Flanagan Career Facts

Tommy Flanagan Career Facts

After we’ve discussed the history behind those facial marks, we’ll check out some interesting information about the career of Tommy Flanagan.

1. Tommy Flanagan Never Intended to be an Actor.

Yes, you read it precisely. Tommy Flanagan never intended to embark on the showbiz route. Let’s go back in time, Do we?

Born and raised in a rough area, Flanagan served as an altar boy in an area church during his early years. Flanagan later went on to learn DJ-ing, and, as he grew older, he began working in a local nightclub. Everything was going well for Tommy until the tragic event of the knife assault occurred.

But, as the saying goes, “life has other plans,” and this tragic incident gave Hollywood one of its most powerful and most dangerous actors. Flanagan, who was never thinking of turning his acting career into a profession, saw his experience unfold in the grand scheme of things.

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2. Robert Carlyle Persuaded Tommy to Try Acting

Due to his famous Glasgow smile, Many of Flanagan’s acquaintances told Flanagan that his unique appearance could lead to him landing important roles in television and films. It was only after he was convinced by a colleague actor Robert Carlyle, to attempt Acting.

3. Flanagan First Started With a Theater Company

Following his work as a DJ in a dance club and having fully recovered from the attack, Flanagan began his career with the native Glasgow theatre company in the early 1990s, where the actor worked for almost three years. He listened to Carlyle’s advice, was a part of the Raindog Theatre Company, and began his stage debut with productions like ‘ One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and ‘ Macbeth.’

4. Flanagan’s Acting Debut

Before landing the infamous part as Chibs Telford in one of the most-watched programs on the FX networkSons of Anarchy, Flanagan had a long and successful acting career. But do you know what his very first TV role was?

Flanagan began his acting career in 1992 on the BBC’s anthology series Screen One, where he was uncredited in a single episode of the series. His most notable debut performances included an Episode of the timeless Scottish detective series Taggart where the actor received national recognition for his performance as Tam McLeod.

5. Flanagan’s Breakout Hollywood Movie was Braveheart (1995)

Although Flanagan was part of two Scottish television film projects, including Tis the Season to be Jolly and Jolly: A Life, His most acclaimed part was in Hollywood’s epic action thriller Braveheart.

He played the character in the movie as Morrison in the film directed by Mel Gibson. Since then, Flannagan has had many opportunities and has gone to play roles in a variety of Hollywood, British, and Scottish films. Some of them include parts of Gladiator, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Alien vs. Predator, and Sin City.

For a complete list of his films, you can check out the final portion of the post.

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Tommy Flanagan Personal Life Facts

Tommy Flanagan Personal Life Facts

After some career information, It’s time to move into some personal information that people aren’t aware of. Without further delay, let’s look over Tommy Flanagan’s fascinating personal details.

1. Flannagan Grew Up In An Impoverished Neighborhood

According to (Tommy himself) as “a place where a quarter of million people squeezed together, with tons of dirty, snotty, and malnourished children running on the concrete of poverty,” Flanagan was raised in a poor neighborhood and a suburb that was not developed in Glasgow, Easterhouse.

One of the least deprived areas of Western Europe, Easterhouse is frequently considered one of the worst areas to reside throughout this part of the United Kingdom. This is due to the reality that a couple of decades ago, Easterhouse was infamous for housing some of the worst criminals and Gang members.

2. Flannagan’s Biggest Fan is Someone Very Close and Dear to Him

Tommy Flanagan revealed in an interview that his mother, Elizabeth Flanagan, was his greatest fan. He also said in an interview that he was the biggest fan of his mother and was always looking to give back to his family.

With this in mind, Tommy purchased a home several years ago in one of Glasgow’s most posh areas by purchasing a home for his mother. To express his gratitude to his mother, Tommy said,

“Being capable of doing such a thing was among the greatest things that I have ever experienced to ever happen. SINCE STARTING ACTING, what I’ve accomplished isn’t that bad for a tiny foot-rag that came from Easterhouse. I’m thankful to God for all of it.”

3. Tommy’s Brother, Andrew, is a Film Actor as Well

While many might not know this since Tommy does not talk about his family when he speaks to Tommy’s younger brother, Andrew is also an actor. Andrew is a Scottish actor and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Out of five children born in the family of Elizabeth and David Flanagan, Tommy is their third one. Aside from Andrew, the other siblings, there’s no significant information about the other siblings.

Andrew has landed a variety of prestigious parts in films such as Being Humans (1994), The Near Room (1995), Movern Callar (2002) as well as Valhalla Rising (2009). Still, his first ‘rise to fame’ in Scotland was in the first decade of 2000 with his character of Connor Doyle in the popular television series with two seasons, Tinsel Town.

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4. Flanagan Has Married Thrice

Tommy Flanagan’s first marriage in the year 1998 was to Rachel Flanagan, a casting manager whom he claims to have connected with on film production. Their marriage did not last very long, as the couple split after three years of marriage in 2001.

In 2007 Tommy got married to an American girl named Jane Ford, who, according to sources online, was in the music industry at the time. This union, too, could not endure the test of time because Tommy ended the relationship after three years of marriage in 2010.

After his split from Jane, Tommy married his partner, Dina Livingston, and they have the 9-year-old daughter Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan.

5. Tommy Flanagan Had an Eye Surgery

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? However, the Scottish actor was treated to one of the few options for LASIK, referred to as a refractive lenses exchange procedure.

In an interview in The Lab Magazine, Tommy Flanagan disclosed that he was blind at one point and had undergone surgery to have the lens of his eyes replaced. Flanagan revealed more details about his vision loss and said it was due to hyperopia (or farsightedness).

When asked if he underwent a LASIK procedure to rid himself of glasses, Flanagan did not reveal any details about it but did suggest LASIK and various other surgeries for the eyes that permit patients to see without glasses.

6. Flanagan’s Dream Ranch

In the same interview for The Lab Magazine, Flanagan has also expressed his desire to run a self-sufficient ranch. Tommy told The Lab Magazine that constructing a huge and stunning house was one of his most cherished desires and was the top importance in his own life.

The interview took place at the same time Tommy And Dina welcomed their daughter into the world. The interview has been in the news for about six years, and there’s no news regarding this ranch coming from the Scottish superstar. While his dream is something he has in mind, it appears that his primary priority has shifted to his daughter, which is great and to make it clear.

#Some Other Random Facts About Tommy Flanagan

1. Flanagan is a prominent part of an official video for Rotting In Vain by Korn.

2. The Scottish actor has a birthday with his Gladiator Co-Actor, Connie Nielsen.

3. Due to the two permanent marks that remain on the cheeks of his character, Tommy Flanagan is famous for his Glasgow smile.

4. Tommy began acting after an incident with a knife.

5. Flanagan believed in a Scottish partition. He was a proponent of the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. However, the outcomes of the referendum showed that about 55% of voters voted against the legislation.

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List of Movies By Tommy Flanagan

List of Movies By Tommy Flanagan

Movie Title Role Played Year

  • Braveheart Morrison 1995
  • The Saint Scarface 1997
  • Face/Off Leo 1997
  • The Game Solicitor/Taxi driver 1997
  • Plunkett & Macleane Eddie 1999
  • Ratcatcher Da 1999
  • Gladiator Cicero 2000
  • Sunset Strip Duncan 2000
  • Hidden McCracken 2000
  • Strictly Sinatra Michelangelo 2001
  • Dead Dogs Lie Michael 2001
  • All About the Benjamins Williamson 2002
  • Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle Irish Henchman 2003
  • Trauma Tommy 2004
  • Alien vs. Predator Mark Verheiden 2004
  • Sin City Brian 2005
  • The Last Drop Pvt. Dennis Baker 2006
  • When a Stranger Calls The Stranger 2006
  • Smokin’ Aces Lazlo Soot 2006
  • Hero Wanted Derek 2008
  • Luster Les 2010
  • Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball Lazlo Soot 2010
  • Swifty & Veg Swifty 2010
  • Officer Down Father Reddy 2012
  • Winter Woods Weston 2015
  • Running Wild Jon Kilpatrick 2016
  • Sand Castle SGM McGregor 2016
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Tullk Ul-Zyn 2017
  • Papillon Masked Breton 2017
  • The Ballad of Lefty Brown Tom Harrah 2017
  • Legal Action Mr. Gates 2018
  • Killers Anonymous Markus 2019
  • The Rising Hawk Tugar 2019
  • The Wave Aeolus 2019

Wrapping Up

That brings us to the end of our story. We hope you’ve gathered all the information you needed to learn about Tommy Flanagan’s face marks and other not widely known facts.

If you enjoyed the article, please share it with your friends. Let us know who you think is your most loved character played in the film by Flanagan in the comments below. For more informative articles, visit us regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was the reason Tommy Flanagan gave a Glasgow smile?

Flanagan was DJ for a nearby nightclub during his early years. In the evening, as he was going out of the bar, Flanagan was attacked by people with guns who attempted to steal his money. After the battle, the attackers slashed his face from ear-to-ear leaving him with a scar called The Glasgow Smile.

What is the net worth of Tommy Flanagan?

Born and raised in a rough area, the Scottish actor that has appeared in various films is estimated to have earnings of around $3 million.

Is Tommy Flanagan have a brother?

Of five kids born in the marriage of Elizabeth and David Flanagan, Tommy is the third and is the younger brother of Andrew Flanagan, who is also an actor from Scotland. Scottish actor. He lives with his family in Glasgow, Scotland.

What is the reason why it is known as the Glasgow smile?

A Glasgow smile can be described as a name that refers to cutting the victim’s face from the edge of the mouth until the ears. Originating from Glasgow, the Scottish city of Glasgow makes the practice infamous its name.

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