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20 Amazing The Incredibles facts you never thought of

The Incredibles is the most loved superfamily. Did you realize that Violet was hairless for most of the film’s making? And that the ‘no capes’ rule was put in place for a particular reason? We’ve put together this list of 20 fascinating The Incredibles facts from the movie. What do you not know?

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The Incredibles facts

1. It was the first Pixar film that featured humans.

Before the release of the film it was released, Pixar focused on non-human principal characters, such as fish, toys, bugs and so on. The reason is that the technology used to create animated characters with believable accuracy is more difficult than making cartoon-like monsters and insects. Hair is especially difficult to make, which is why Violet was not bald for most of the editing process. They added her hair towards the close of the process

2. The Director is Edna Mode

Edna was the movie’s most famous costume designer for superheroes, her most popular motto including ‘No capes!’. At first, actors who wanted to play her, however, the director of the film Brad Bird had been filling the voice in production but in the end, the film’s makers decided that his version was hilarious enough to not share. There are many theories on who inspired the grumpy fashionista, including Anna Wintour, the famous fearsome editor-in-chief of Vogue.

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3. This is the one Pixar film to not include the famous pizza truck.

The pizza truck in Pizza Planet in Toy Story is now seen in every Pixar film. It even appears as a wood carving in Brave. However, it’s not in The Incredibles; at least nobody has been able to find it. Perhaps you could when you look closely enough?

4. Spencer Fox had to run to make his money.

Spencer Fox plays Dash Parr The Incredibles’ quick hyperactive son, whose main ability is speed. Since the character is always on the move, Spencer was required to run before recording his lines to ensure they have an authentic breath sound. This is a true dedication to a character and also is a fantastic exercise routine!

5. Elastigirl existed before

Helen Parr is known as Mrs. Incredible for all of her merchandise and there’s a particular reason behind this. Elastigirl Helen’s superhero alter-ego actually shares the same name as an actual DC superhero (Elasti-Girl) that has similar abilities. Both superheroes can alter the form of their body to a supernatural degree as well, and DC was not happy with the resemblances. This is why she’s called Mrs. Incredible in promotional materials.

6. The story takes place in Metroville

The story is set in a city named Metroville, a tribute to comic book cities such as Metropolis and Smallville in The Superman universe. The film is set in 1962, which was a period of superheroes that was a golden age in addition to the look of the film an ode to 1960s’ architecture and design and that’s why many of the buildings feature curves and a futuristic style to the buildings.

7. Pixar did not want to make the film.

In the beginning, when Brad Bird first came to Pixar with his ideas the company was a little worried that it would be too expensive to ever earn any money. As a result, Brad Bird asked Pixar whether he could create it by using their less popular animators or, at the very most, those most likely to leave the company or adhere to the regulations. He believed that they’d be more open to trying new things and he was definitely right. The original film was intended to be a 2D animation, similar to Disney classics. You can see these concepts in the credits’ artwork

8. It was very successful.

The Incredibles has been a massive success, and not just doing very well on the screen, earning more than $600 million in the world and also selling the highest number of DVDs in 2005 (17 million, to be exact). It also received an Oscar for Best animated film and was the first animation film to receive an award like the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic presentation.

9. The film’s names each have a meaning of their own.

The names of the characters, as well as locations featured in the film, were selected for specific reasons. The Incredibles Surname “Parr” is meant to indicate that they’re the typical, normal family. Frozone is not just a superhero with ice abilities but he’s also extremely cool. The island of Syndrome is named Kronos which is a reference to Kronos, a Greek god who attempts to defeat Zeus but is ultimately defeated by him. Syndrome’s name could refer to ‘hero syndrome’, a disorder in which people create dangerous situations in order to look attractive.

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10. Clothes form an integral part of the film

In the movie’s final scene, the outfits that the characters are wearing show how much they’ve evolved. Mr. Incredible wears superhero clothing and business attire, showing how he manages to live his work and personal life. Helen is dressed in clothes that hint that she’s returning to her superhero lifestyle. Violet’s dark clothing is now bright, reflecting her newly self-confidence, and Dash wears running clothes to show that he’s capable of being himself

11. Brad Bird’s personal life was the inspiration for it into the film

The director dreamed of creating an animated film about superheroes but was unaware of how much his personal experiences could influence the characters. When he was making the film he was growing older and began to question what he would do to keep a balance between work and family life, exactly in the same way as Mr. Incredible has trouble defining his own identity. He also said that he viewed his father as a superhero who was required to perform a regular office job just like all the other people but was a lot more.

12. The rule of ‘No Capes’ was put in place for a specific reason

The film’s Edna delivers a well-known monologue on how capes, though iconic to superheroes, can be a danger that can cause death in a variety of ways. It’s entertaining and memorable however. It’s not intended to be an amusing joke. What’s the real reason for no capes? You’ve probably guessed it already that they’re extremely difficult to draw! Like hair, human movements and other difficult things featured in this film caps would require an enormous amount of effort and time to create, which is why Brad Bird decided to avoid these for the same reason.

13. The time lag between the first and second films is the longest in history.

The longest time for the longest Pixar as well as a Disney film is. The first film was released in 2004, and the second was released in 2018, which is the space of 14 years. Despite this however, the sequel begins exactly where the first left off. The film is set in the year 2000. Violet is now being voiced by a 47 year old! (Although she has exactly the same voice!)

14. Brad Bird had the idea for a long duration

Brad Bird first started to come up with the idea of the funny superhero film as early as 1993! This is right, it took seven years for him to make it a reality and then 11 years to finally release it. The wait was well an investment because Brad’s meticulous thinking and dedication resulted in a successful release. If you’re ever rushing your homework, perhaps consider whether you’ll need a bit more time…though most likely not 11 years.

15. You can also watch the fake Incredibles TV show.

On the DVD that was released for the film’s first installment, there was an extra that was a fictional TV show named The Adventures of Mr. Incredible. The purpose of the design is to appear aged and worn in order to appear as a real 60’s animated show that may be out there. You can still watch it on YouTube and even an episode of commentary in which Frozone protests at Mr. Amazing about the standard of the show’s production.

16. The film was also the very initial PG Pixar film

The Incredibles is full of Pixar firsts. Among the most notable is the first film that did not get a ‘U’ rating. Although it’s not particularly scary it is somewhat darker and more violent than the films prior to it. However, one could argue that the toys that appear in Toy Story are 100x as terrifying as Syndrome!

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17. Dash is changed in the second film

The first movie was created by Death’s voice actor Spencer Fox, who was 10 years old. At the time Incredibles 2 came out, fourteen years had passed since the first film and Dash’s voice no longer sounded like a young person! This is why Dash is replaced by an actor Huck Milner. This is also Huck’s first film!

18. The film forced another to alter its script.

There are certain similarities between the Incredible family and another group of superheroes, The Fantastic Four. Fox studios released the Fantastic Four film coming out in the same timeframe but quickly realized that they would be competing with audience members. According to reports, Fox, therefore, had to revise and reshoot the film to alter the story slightly, and it is believed to have cost them as much as $20 million.

19. We don’t get to see Frozone’s wife.

You may remember from the first film that Frozone also has a spouse named Honey (voiced by Kimberly Adair Clark) who often yells at him for some reason or other reason. Brad Bird thought it would be the most entertaining if we didn’t get to see her in real life, so Honey never makes an appearance on screen. Pixar wanted her to be in the film in the sequel and even created her character. However, it ended up being decided to keep her identity a secret. We don’t know what she looks like! Samuel L Jackson has said that he’s sad she’s not seen and would like to go to a Honey film!

20. Violet’s name could have a meaning of its own

Violet is the shy, timid child of the Incredibles is named after a reference to her character as a shrinking Violet’. However, her name may be a reference to something other. When we first meet her parents, they’re wearing their old costumes: the blue one for Bob while the red is for Helen. What happens when you mix red and blue? You get purple! In this instance, Violet!

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