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12 Amazing The Gargoyle Story Facts

Here are 12 terrifying gargoyle information that will cause you to scream! Take a look and learn more about these awesome carvings!

Gargoyles! They’re creepy, weird, and old! But there’s a lot more to these statues beyond this! We’ve collected 12 fascinating facts about Gargoyles for you! Learn how long they’ve existed, what the term gargoyle signifies, and why Gargoyle Story Facts can be hilarious!

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Gargoyle Story Facts

The word Gargoyle comes from French.

The word “Gargoyle” comes directly from the French term ‘Gargouille,’ which refers to the throat or gullet. It is likely because the purpose of a gargoyle is to function as a water spout! If you take a closer look at gargoyles, it is evident their mouths have holes made to allow water to drain from rooftops. And you may even witness gargoyles in action! They also sound like the word “gargle,” precisely how they function!

Gargoyles Have Been Around for thousands of years.

Gargoyles are often thought of as being associated with European churches. However, gargoyles of all types have been around for a long time. In ancient Greece, they were usually lions with water spouts, and in early China, they were often in the form of dragons.

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They’re mostly associated with Gothic Architecture.

If you imagine gargoyles, you likely imagine a gothic-style beast or dragon. Many of the most well-known gargoyles have been associated with Gothic cathedrals like York Minster, Notre Dame, and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Gargoyles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Gargoyles are generally dragon-like monsters. However, a gargoyle could be anything as long as it can spout water! The most famous gargoyles include lions, dragons, demons, griffins and chimeras and mermaids, wolves, dogs, goats, and even faces of actual human beings! Do you want to be depicted as gargoyles?

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Certain Gargoyles Are Funny

Gargoyles are scary; However, they can be hilarious! Some gargoyles stick their tongues out, making faces or even taking their noses off! Some look like throwing up!

In churches, they represent evil.

Gargoyles perform a few roles. Apart from keeping water out of churches, they also remind the congregation of the horrors of evil. A gargoyle’s appearance in the church was intended to make you fearful of hell and the devil and more committed to God! The belief was that gargoyles shielded churches from evil spirits!

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There’s an Alien Gargoyle In Scotland

That’s right! At Paisley Abbey on the west coast of Scotland, the Gargoyle needed to be replaced, so rather than carving a replica, the stonemason carved the Gargoyle to look exactly like the one from the movie Alien!

 Additionally, An NHS One In England

The covid19 pandemic hit, and the Christchurch Priory located in Dorset included a new carving depicting an NHS employee wearing masks for the face. This memorial to the NHS during the outbreak is also the most modern part of a church more than a thousand years old!

Gargoyles Have A Particular Function

As we said, the gargoyles are water spouts. The oddest thing you could observe that doesn’t include a spout is not one! These are often referred to as “grotesques” and are found everywhere in old buildings, often making hilarious faces!

They’re famous in Film And TV.

Gargoyles are popular for various reasons and often appear in films and television! The most well-known Gargoyles depictions are from the Disney film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In the film, they appear to come to life to aid the main character. There’s also a cartoon titled “Gargoyles,” about night creatures that look like stone carvings!

Gargoyles are the subject of legends.

There is an old French legend of gargoyles. According to the legend, the saint Romanus from Rouen in France was forced to take on the monster known as Gargouille, a creature with wings shaped like bats that we’re able to breathe flames. After defeating it, the saint Romanus removed its head and put it on the church’s wall to deter other creatures!

The Gargoyle with the oldest known history is in Turkey.

With the oldest history, Gargoyles is believed to be located in Turkey and portrays an octopus. It is believed to be around 13,000 years old! In the area where the Gargoyle’s location is, Kayseri has also been home to gargoyles with heads of stone Lions!

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