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The Fact Obituaries

Knowing what an obituary is can help you understand it better if you’re writing one for someone you love or are planning to write your own, or coming upon one in the paper. It’s a brief summary of the person’s life’s events and landmarks. Read more fact Obituaries here!

Obituary Meaning

Obituaries are announcements that someone has died which is typically published in a newspaper or posted online. Obituaries typically include biographical details and a list of family survivors, achievements such as hobbies and achievements, as well as details concerning a funeral or memorial ceremony. Synonyms include funeral tribute, and death announcement.

Why Do They Call it Obituary?

The word”obituary” is derived from roots in Latin with the word obitus meaning to go or meet the time of death. The word”obit” comes from an old French term that means to fall or die. The suffix -ary usually means being associated with or belonging to.

What’s the Difference Between an Obituary and Death Notice?

The obituary and the death notice may have some similarities, but there are many distinctions. The obituary, which is typically more extensive than death announcement that includes biographical details, and isn’t required publish after someone dies. A death notice outlines facts without going into specific biographical details, is usually brief and may be used to notify beneficiaries or creditors of the existence of assets. Death notices are often placed in conjunction with obituaries, or the classifieds.

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What Is the Purpose of an Obituary?

The goal of an obituary is to pay tribute to a person who has died and to inform the community of their passing. It can also contain funeral, memorial, and/or information about the visitation for the general public. Obituaries could be printed on local newspaper pages, on the internet or in national newspapers when the person was well-known.

How Do You Write an Obituary?

If you’re planning to write an obituary to yourself you are writing an obituary in honor of your mother, father or a child, sibling, or another relatives, there are few things to consider. In the beginning, you might need to follow a specific outline of the steps to write an obituary. Make sure you include:

  • The death announcement was made
  • A brief summary of their achievements and important life events
  • A list of family members
  • The specifics of the memorial, visitation or funeral
  • If you’d like to add one

Examples of Types of Obituaries

A look at some of the obituaries that have been written can aid you in writing your own for your loved one. Examples:

  • Obituaries in newspapers tend to be concise and only contain the information.
  • Funeral templates used to create funeral plans could be a little longer, with more information about the deceased’s life.
  • The writing of an obituary is not a good idea when there are no funeral service, there’s no need for a funeral obituary that conveys this for the readers.

Short Obituary Example

(Deceased person’s name) passed away peacefully at the home of their loved ones on Monday night. (Deceased person’s initials) was a respected part of the community. She was active in volunteering for the local animal shelter. He was passionate about the profession of professor of psychology and published two books that were bestsellers. (Deceased person’s initials) has been survived by their partner (insert spouse’s initials) and two lovely kids (list the names of children). Funeral services will be held on Saturday, April 4th from 4.30 p.m. in the (insert funeral address).

Why Publish an Obituary?

Obituaries are published as method of announcing the death of a person’s life to the wider community. They also assist in distributing funeral, visitation, or memorial information to the public that they might find interesting. The writing of an obituary can also be used to create an open document of the deceased’s characteristics, interests, and achievements and relatives who survived them.

How to Arrange an Obituary

Obituaries can take place in various ways based on the location you’d like them to be published. You can create an an online obituary website by contacting or emailing the paper of choice, or calling the funeral director for assistance in helping with the planning.

How to Search for an Obituary

Obituaries can be searched for. For a search of an obituary, make use of a genealogy website and look up death notices in local newspapers, conduct Google searches with the full name of the deceased and then browse through local newspapers in your library. Finding an old obituary could require some time however with some efforts, you might find the information you’re seeking.

Obituary Versus Eulogy

A funeral notice is printed in the newspaper or online and contains the specifics of the life of the person, their accomplishments and family ties. It could also provide information regarding an upcoming funeral or memorial or visitation. A obituary informs other members of the community about a death and a eulogy is a speech that is delivered at a memorial or funeral. A eulogy is a chance to talk about the special moments of the deceased person and also to highlight significant connections in a longer and more public manner as opposed to an Obituary.

How Do Obituaries Work?

Obituaries are created as a way to commemorate the life of a loved ones when they’ve passed away. Knowing the aspects of obituaries will help you in creating one for a loved one or in writing ones for yourself.


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