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Sun Chips Nutrition Facts | Are Sun Chips Healthy?

Marketing processed foods has been made easier by imagery. In order to communicate their message clearly and without being restricted by regulations, manufacturers can use imagery and iconic symbols to get around them. Read more about Sun Chips nutrition facts here!

The sun is one of the most powerful symbols known to man. It has been associated since the beginning of time with life-giving power. The sun is, in many ways, the essence of nature. It shouldn’t surprise that this symbol is often used in advertising and packaging for processed foods.

Sun Chips is an excellent example of a brand that harnesses the power of the sun. Frito-Lay launched Sun Chips in 1991 to offer healthier snacks. Since then, Frito-Lay continues to promote Sun Chips’ healthier, more wholesome image. This commercial is from a few years ago. See how advertising works.

Sunchips’ visual imagery of sunshine, fields of healthy grain, and beautiful landscapes create compelling imagery that subconsciously supports the belief that Sun Chips is a healthier snack. Frito-Lay claims that Sun Chips are all natural and has added visual cues such as “All Natural” being printed on Sun Chips packages.

Sun Chips Nutrition Facts

  • No artificial flavors
  • There are no preservatives
  • No MSG
  • 0g trans fat
  • 18g whole grains per 1 Oz. Serving

Is the Sun Chips story so bright? The answer is no. Sun Chips are healthier than their salty snack counterparts, but that’s not a difficult mountain to climb. Sun Chips are high in calories and fat. A 1 ounce serving of Sun Chips can have 140 calories, 120mg of sodium, and 6 grams of fat. You’ll be surprised at how many chips are contained in one ounce of Sun Chips. This means that the average Sun Chips snacking session will likely have two to three times as many calories, fat, sodium, and calories.

Sun Chips’ One Ounce Serving Size Is Not representative of what people eat on a Snacking Occasion.

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It has a dubious nutritional profile and several ingredients that are inconsistent with Sun Chips’s claim of “All Natural”.

  • Whole corn: If your have been reading my “All Natural… Real?” series for a while, you will know that this is GM corn (genetically modified). It’s not all natural in my book.
  • Natural Flavor: Although this sounds innocent, Eric Schlosser argues that the distinction between artificial flavors and natural flavor can be arbitrary and absurd. It is more about how the flavor was made than what it actually contains ….. Natural flavors are closely guarded secrets by flavor houses and manufacturers. Sun Chips has not yet responded to my request for information on Sun Chips natural flavors. However, I can be certain that it is a list of complex chemical compound lists that would increase the ingredient panel’s length by at least two or three times.
  • Sun Chips Maltodextrin: Sun Chips maltodextrin was enzymatically derived using GM corn. It is a flavorful, slightly sweetened additive that is used in many processed foods. Maltodextrin to me is high fructose corn syrup to sugar. It is a highly processed man-made product that bears little resemblance with its raw ingredients forebears. Maltodextrin is easy to digest for most people. However, it can cause severe GI problems in some instances.

After a rainy day, you might wonder what good snacks are. I walked down the snack aisle to find out. Here’s what I have to say: Make an effort to reduce salty, processed snacks from your diet. Here are some suggestions for those who already consume a lot of these snacks:

  • It’s dangerous to eat from a bag. You can indulge if you want, but only eat a small portion.
  • You can replace one or two of your salty snacks per week with a portion of chopped vegetables. Until you are no longer craving salty snacks, substitute one of your snack meals with a serving of vegetables each week. You can also substitute a piece of fruit, such as an apple, for your snack.
  • You can also choose high quality nuts. You must remember that nuts are high in calories and can be quite expensive. Don’t eat the entire bag or jar.

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