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Sparkling Ice Nutrition Facts

It is obvious that you need to drink a lot of water, especially if you exercise a lot. But aqua can be boring. Read more about Sparkling Ice nutrition facts below!

Sparkling varieties are a good alternative to aqua to keep things interesting and hydrated. Although we hate to have to tell you this, doctors revealed that Sparkling Ice, a sparkling water brand, is causing serious problems for your entire body.

Sparkling Ice Nutrition Facts

Sparkling Ice has 0 calories per bottle. Sparkling Ice is also free of caffeine.

Is sparkling ice good for you? The short answer is no.

Friends, it’s time for us to forget about the “healthy” label and instead opt for water from our tap. Your SodaStream is no better. It is time to stop popping bubbles.

The Wall Street Journal breaks it down for us. They also share the problem with Sparkling Ice drinks, which contain Sucralose. Sucralose, an artificial sweetener, is 600 times sweeter then sugar.

Sucralose is difficult to process by your body, so most of it is expelled. Frank Lipman MD, a health expert shared the following: It can increase appetite and kill good bacteria in your stomach.

Artificial sweeteners in general aren’t healthy for you. They have been shown to cause serious health problems and harm to the gut bacteria. Healthline reports that artificial sweeteners have been linked to changes in the gut bacteria of animals.

Our advice: Our advice? Choose water for hydration throughout the day and add tropical fruits if you want a bit of flavor. These mocktail recipes might be a good idea.

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