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15 Amazing Snow White Facts You Didn’t know

What do the eyebrows of Walt Disneyland are to this timeless fairytale? Find out by reading this comprehensive collection of Snow White facts!

You may think you are familiar with the classic Disney film, but there are many hidden truths in the background. Here are our 15 favorites Snow White Facts! For more of this, take a look at our other facts.

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Snow White Facts

Snow White’s secret track!

They made a whole additional song in the original film, which was removed from the final cut. The song was titled “Music In your soup” and included Snow White and the 7 Dwarves eating soup and drinking!

That’s quite a few pictures!

In making the first Snow White movie, a group of 750 artists created more than 2 million sketches to aid in the planning of an animation that would be completed! There weren’t any computers in the era before computers, which would have taken quite a long time.

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Who is the most expensive among them the bunch…

The film was originally planned to cost $250,000. However, it cost $1.5 million! It’s a bargain for a film in the present; however, it was a huge sum back in the day. It was so costly that Walt Disney had to remortgage his home!

Snow White is the youngest Disney Princess.

…She’s just fourteen years old! This is certainly less than what Snow White’s you’ll encounter at Disney-themed parks. It’s likely because 14-year-olds ought to be in school. Spoilsports.

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Weezy, Blabby, Dumpy, Crabby, and Deefy

There were many suggestions for dwarfs! What is Deefy?

Not too happy right now.

Of all the dwarfs, Happy remains the only one that Snow White never refers to by name. Sadface.

The film’s release within the UK…

There was a time when the UK film board believed it was too frightening for children, and they had to be watched by an adult. Children back then might have been more prone to fear!

Snow White was the first film to…

You can release a soundtrack that could be bought! The music from the film was recorded on three vinyl discs, which are an old method for recording songs. Ask your grandad if had never heard of it. Hehe.

Animals on the set!

When making the film, Walt Disney kept live animals roaming around. This was to ensure that the animators could draw regular ideas from them and make the animation more real. It was also probably entertaining!

Before the Disney version, before the Disney.

Snow White was a German folk tale composed by Brothers Grimm. However, there are other versions of the tale being circulated for a long time, including some older Scandinavian versions featuring queens trying to consume Snow White!


Are you aware of how costly Snow White was?

Then, Walt made his money back. The film covered the well-known Disney Studios in California. Nice.

The Queen’s voice

It was voiced by the same voice actor who played the witch who was evil. She would remove her false teeth to make her voice sound perfect. Eww.

Six of the dwarfs were adorned with eyebrows modeled after Walt Disney’s eyes!

The only dwarf that wasn’t… it was… already knew that… Happy!

The Prince was supposed to have a larger role in the film

However, they had to cut him down due to his difficulty in the drawing! We believe they got the right balance at the final.

Snow White 2!

A sequel Snow White was planned, named Return of Snow White. However, Disney chose not to make it at the last minute, and he did not tell anyone the reason. Perhaps he strayed from dwarves? Perhaps he was warned about it by a witch? We’ll never be able to tell!

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