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What is Snapchat Story Boost and How Snapchat Story Boost Option Works in Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat is among the most frequently used Social Media applications in the all over the world and everyone is aware of the many features it has to offer users. But there’s one unique Snapchat feature that a lot of you haven’t been aware of. Did you know about it? Its the new snapchat story boost option which the company is going to add with a new update.

Snapchats Experimenting with a New ‘Story Boost Option for Snapchat
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As you could see in this particular instance located in the back-end of the app written by Alessandro Palauzzi Story Increase will let Snapchatplus users to get more views’ of their stories while friends wouldn’t be told they’d made the option, avoiding the hassle of having to pay to get it.

How Snapchat Story Boost Option Works in Snapchat Plus

It will ensure that your Story gets the top spot and will be displayed in the many other Tales to all your contacts every day. I’m not sure if there’s anything more that Snap can do in this regard because your entire connections are able to see your published Tales already.

I’m sure if it’s been the case, if it was a public Story, Snap might additionally make it visible to more random users or show your Story through other ways of discovery?

It’s not 100% sure but it’s interesting to observe Snap exploring visibility increase options that look like ads that are paid, but for content that is natural.

After contacting Snap by socialmediatoday about the new feature that, again remains in development and may never ever be able to see the light of day they were informed that:

“Our team is constantly working in creating new experiences for Snapchatplus users. We’re not currently sharing information about this feature. .”

There’s not much to report yet, but it will be fascinating to observe if/how Snap appears to be implementing payment-based tools for Snapchat+ users and if other apps are also using it as a basis for their own subscription tools.


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