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Skinny Pop Nutrition Facts!

When I’m at airports or at gas stations, the only that I’m not able to resist buying is popcorn that’s ready to eat like Skinny Pop. After having eaten between 20 and 40 bags of it for myself, today I took the plunge to look at the nutritional. What do you think? Is Skinny Pop Healthy? Have a look at the Skinny Pop nutrition facts below!

The Skinny Pop has moderate to moderate health benefits. It’s fairly low in sodium and calories and has whole grain and some fibrous (3g in each portion). However, Skinny Pop also contains significant amounts of sunflower oil, making it less nutritious as air-popped popcorn without oil.

Below, I’ll be answering 12 additional questions related to health and wellness about Skinny Pop: Does it count as “processed”? Can it be beneficial for weight loss? Are microwave popcorn healthier than popcorn? And much more!

Skinny Pop Nutrition Facts – Is It Good For Health?

1. Does Skinny Pop count as processed food?

Skinny Pop is considered a processed food because it is made up of sunflower oil. In reality, over 50% of its calories from Skinny Pop come from refined oil. But, Skinny Pop also contains whole grains and is sugar-free, which means it’s healthier than processed foods in general.

In real life food choices aren’t just “good” as in “good” or bad”–there’s an entire spectrum of health, as well as a variety of things to take into consideration. The skinny Pop isn’t in the positive side in “clean food,” but it’s not in the negative sphere in the category of “junk foods,” either. It’s somewhere in between.

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The majority of nutritionists say that you take in foods like Skinny Pop in moderation. But, it’s best not to eat the entire portion in one go.

Since popcorn is moderate in the glycemic index and large quantities can increase blood sugar. In addition, large portions of popcorn may have a high amount of sodium, calories, and omega-6 fats from sunflower oil (which can cause inflammation if it is not well balanced by omega-3s).

But if you consume food such as Skinny Pop in a balanced healthy, nutritious diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetable beans, nuts, beans and seeds It shouldn’t pose a issue.

2. Is Skinny Pop Healthy For Weight Loss?

Skinny Pop is a good and integral part of a healthy weight loss diet since it is moderately energy-efficient and low on calories. But air-popped popcorn that is not infused with oil is even more effective for weight loss. Air-popped popcorn is the least calorie type of popcorn, by far.

Skinny Pop can’t “make you obese” and “make you lose fat” in and of itself, but. It’s all about your overall calorie balance, which includes your eating habits and lifestyle. If you’re focusing on portions and a general diet, you may consume Skinny Pop on a diet.

However, the tiniest-calorie popcorn can be air-popped using an air popper such as this one and a microwave-friendly bowl similar to this.

When you air-pop your personal popcorn with no oil added, its calorific density is reduced. It is possible to eat a massive bowl of air-popped popcorn and still not be consuming high in calories.

3. Does Skinny Pop make a good source of fiber?

It has 3 grams of fiber for each cup, Skinny Pop can be a quite a good sources of fiber. But it’s not as high in fiber as beans, which has around seven grams of fiber in each serving as well as Fiber One cereal, which has the equivalent of 14 grams of fiber for each serving. Therefore, I’d consider Skinny Pop as a moderate food source for fiber.

4. Is Skinny Pop Sugar Free?

Original flavor Skinny Pop is sugar free. Other flavor options are also available. Skinny Pop contain a small amount of sugar. The kettle corn varieties that are part of Skinny Pop have the most sugar at 7g or 8g per cup.

Another factor to take into consideration is the fact that popcorn is moderate in glycemic levels. This means that the carbohydrates in popcorn break into sugars within your body quite quickly.

If you’re worried about sugar, you might need to reduce the amount of carbs you consume from popcorn and other foods that are mediumcarbohydrates that are high in glycemic, as well. I’ve personally noticed that high-glycemic carbohydrates without sugar affected the same way my acne, similar to sugar. Learn more about it here.

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5. Does Skinny Pop low in fat?

Skinny Pop isn’t low in fat. The original flavor contains the equivalent of 10g fat per serving. That’s roughly 60% of calories come made up of fat. The majority of the fat comes made from sunflower oil, which means it’s predominantly polyunsaturated fat.

Skinny Pop is also a good source of 15 grams of carbohydrates in each serving, which means it’s not low in carbs either. When it comes to macronutrients, it’s low in protein, having just 2 grams of protein per serving.

6. Are you a Slim Pop Complete Grain?

Popcorn is an all-grain food, therefore Skinny Pop does contain whole grain. It is however, Skinny Pop also contains sunflower oil which is an ingredient that is processed. This means that Skinny Pop does not count as an “whole food” in general.

Be aware that popcorn is a grain that is puffed. It is among the most unhealthy types from whole grains. This is because puffed grains are consumed more quickly than intact grains. They increase blood sugar levels for a lot of people.

7. Are Skinny Pop Low Cholesterol?

You must be thinking is Skinny Pop good for high cholesterol, or is it bad? Well, Skinny Pop has 0mg of dietary cholesterol, which means it’s certainly lower in cholesterol. Furthermore, Skinny Pop is also low in saturated fat (1 grams per serving) that is a fat that increases LDL cholesterol levels.

There’s a fascinating fact to know regarding diet-related cholesterol: It’s exclusively found in animal components. If you see dietary cholesterol in a food item it is important to know that it’s not vegan.

8. Does Skinny Pop contain refined Carbs?

Skinny Pop does not contain refined carbs. It has refined oil as sunflower oil however, the carbs originate from popcorn which is a whole grain.

There’s more to the tale: popcorn is a puffed cereal. It’s among the healthiest varieties made of grains that have been cultivated, generally in terms of. The reason for this is that puffed grains are digested much faster than the in-tact grains. This allows them to increase our blood sugar levels more.

A lot of people are perfectly with puffed grains, such as popcorn however they shouldn’t be thought of as as nutritious as whole grains that are in good condition. Learn more about “Whole Grain Hierarchy.

9. Are the benefits of the Skinny Pop more nutritious than Microwave Popcorn?

Skinny Pop contains less calories than many types of microwave popcorn because of the kind of oil employed. Skinny Pop includes sunflower oil, whereas most microwave popcorn contains palm oil. Palm oil is rich in saturated fats, which can increase LDL cholesterol levels and the risk of heart attack.

Skinny Pop is also healthier than microwave popcorn in a number of different ways. In general, it is lower in salt and isn’t a source of butter. Butter is another source of saturated fats and is, in turn, not very healthy for your heart.

10. Is SkinnyPop Low-Sodium?

Skinny Pop is comparatively lower in sodium. In comparison with Boom Chicka Pop, Skinny Pop has about half the sodium (75g instead of 150g for a serving). When compared to microwave popcorn, or movie theater popcorn Skinny Pop also has less salt.

But, Skinny Pop is still quite salty. If you consume the entire amount of Skinny Pop, the sodium amount will be still amounted in the hundreds of milligrams (depending on the size of the bag). Be aware of your portion size and exercise.

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11. Does Skinny-Pop Kettle Corn Good for you?

Skinny Pop Kettle Corn isn’t as healthy as Original Skinny Pop. It’s sugar content is 7g for each portion, and this increases the calories in total, and also its glycemic load. Additionally, it contains 40 mg of sodium per portion compared to the original Skinny Pop.

The initially Skinny Pop is quite healthy, aside from its sunflower oil content, Skinny Pop Kettle Corn comes with a variety of negatives The sunflower oil is present, but now it’s combined with processed sugar, as well as salt also.

12. Does Skinny Pop contain vegan ingredients?

The majority of varieties that come from Skinny Pop are vegan, including the original flavor, as well as it’s White Cheddar flavor. The only flavors that aren’t vegan Skinny Pop are Aged White Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Real Butter (plus the White Cheddar Puffs).

It’s pretty amazing to know that White Cheddar Skinny Pop is vegan, however it’s clearly stated as dairy-free in the product’s label. This is also true for it’s Butter flavour of SkinnyPop’s microwave popcorn. It’s clearly marked as dairy-free, regardless of the “Butter” name.

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