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#3 Signs Of A Great Software Development Agency 

There are tens of software agencies in every major city, and if you go globally, you have thousands of options. Sadly, though, many of these agencies provide subpar services and develop defective products, you end up with a subpar deployment, and you will see subpar returns on your investment. 

So, how to choose the right agency? What are the signs you should be on the lookout for? We’ll try to answer these important questions in this article, so keep reading and find out. 

#1 They Have a Stellar Portfolio

The portfolio is the greatest measure of a software development agency. Every agency can make absurd, unrealistic claims on their websites about how they are the best in the world. Some do so while being in the business for less than a year. Not every agency can back it up with a portfolio. 

So, when checking an agency, you shouldn’t just check their portfolio, but you should also check the disparity between their claims and their portfolios. This shows how honest and trustworthy the agency is. For example, even if an agency’s portfolio is good, but their claims go far beyond what they show in their portfolio, this is a good sign they are not completely honest and straightforward with their clients. 

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#2 They’ve Worked with Large Clients 

Big names and large clients usually do a lot of vetting before they work with a software agency, and when they do, they trust them with important, complex projects that take a lot of skill and effort to complete. If an agency has worked with large clients, they are not all talk. They do have the technical skills necessary to handle large projects, and in all likelihood, if an agency is good enough for a big-name company, it is probably good enough for your project. 

One thing to note here is that you should pay particular attention to the kind of projects an agency has handled. If the projects the agency has handled for large companies are similar to your software project, that’s even more reason to trust that agency. For example, a software house like Software Mind has handled important telecommunication projects for big-name clients, so if you have telecommunication projects in mind, you can be sure they’re more than qualified to handle them. 

#3 They Have Great Reviews 

It isn’t enough for a company to have a stellar record working with a few big names alone. Agencies often give special treatment to large clients, and the service you might get might not entirely reflect the service a 500-plus company with a market cap of a few hundred million dollars would get. That’s just the truth. 

That’s why you need to make sure you broaden what you’re looking at and try to find reviews of agencies in public forums, among entrepreneurs, etc. Although they might be anecdotal, these reviews should also inform your overall opinion about an agency. 

If an agency has a stellar review from one large company, but every small company who worked with them said their services were inadequate, it probably means that it’s not a great agency. Vice versa, if you see an agency that two entrepreneurs swear by but nobody else even mentions, that’s not enough information for you to trust that agency.

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Choosing the right agency is extremely difficult, and with so many options out there, it is only natural that many business owners are confused. In this article, we went into three ways you can judge the quality of an agency by. 

What’s very important to note here is that no one source of information will tell you everything you need to know about an agency. Whether it is reviews, the agency’s client record, or their portfolio. You need to consider all these aspects and properly weigh the information. This is the only way you’ll be able to choose the right agency. 


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