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Shakeology Nutrition Facts – The Best Protein Shake!

Protein shakes and shakes to replace meals make up the majority of well-known weight loss products on the market. Read more Shakeology nutrition facts below!

Dieters make use of these shakes to cut down on calories, increase performance and decrease hunger attempts to meet fitness and wellness goals.

Although there are a variety of kinds of protein as well as meal replacement shakes to choose from Shakeology, an amalgamation of shakes to replace meals as well as a shake for proteinis a favorite for consumers.

Shakeology, advertised as an “daily dose of nutrition” has earned a loyal fan base in particular in the ranks of Beachbody (a exercise and weight-loss program for weight loss and fitness) lovers (1).

This article will explain everything you must be aware of regarding Shakeology in order to assist you determine whether it’s a good product for losing weight.

Shakeology Nutrition Facts!

  • Total score 2.58
  • Weight loss: 2.5
  • Healthy eating habits: 4.5
  • Sustainability: 3.5
  • Health of the whole body: 1.
  • Nutrition quality: 2
  • Evidence-based on evidence: 2

The bottom line is that Shakeology can be an important component of a diet for weight loss and could be a better alternative to other similar products available. It’s however only designed to be a supplement to the healthy eating habits of others, which means it’s not a weight loss product by itself.

What exactly is Shakeology and how is it used?

Shakeology is a shake for nutrition which was created by a group of health enthusiasts in 2009, which included Darin Olien, who is the co-founder and CEO of Beachbody.

Beachbody is a business which sells exercise videos, supplements, and nutrition plans.

Beachbody utilizes multi-level marketing in order to promote its items (including Shakeology), with more than 340,000 “coaches” peddling and promoting their products mostly through social media.

Shakeology is the core of Beachbody diet program. Beachbody members are in a position to drink it regularly.

Shakeology is advertised as Shakeology is advertised as a “superfood nutrition shake” that claims to help dieters shed pounds, cut down on cravings for junk food, increase levels of energy and help maintain good digestion.

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What’s in Shakeology?

A mix of an protein shake and a shake that replaces meals Shakeology is claimed as “simply the most delicious superfood protein supplement on the planet.”

Shakeology is available in a range of flavors including strawberry, chocolate and vanilla and vegan options are available to those who cannot or choose not to eat dairy products or animal products.

Most shakes have 17 grams of protein. The calories differ between 140 and 160 calories per serving of 36 grams.

The shakes are a mix of proteins, including pea and whey protein, as well as antioxidants, vitamins, herbs probiotics, digestive enzymes, and probiotics.

“Super-Fruit” and “Super-Green” blends contain vegetable and fruit powders such as chlorella, kale Goji berry, pomegranate, and goji.

Dieters are told mixing one scoop Shakeology with 8-12 inches (236 to 355 milliliters) of juice, water milk, or nut milk twice or more per each day.

While many dieters drink Shakeology as an energy drink to replace meals however, the company warns those who are dieting that substituting the meal of one person with Shakeology is acceptable, however, Shakeology should not be used for multiple meals on a daily basis.

The company recommends Shakeology users to take it as an additional component to the healthy meals or as an easy snack.


Shakeology is a cult healthy beverage that is consumed by people to replace meals or as a healthy snack. Shakeology is promoted and sold by those who follow the Beachbody program, which is a health and fitness firm.

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Shakeology could aid in losing weight?

A meal replacement shake with less calories is likely to lead to weight loss for the majority of people.

But the same is true when replacing a meal with smaller portions or one with less calories. The most important factor in losing weight is to make a calorie deficit either through consuming less calories or using more energy by engaging in activities.

If Shakeology is made with water, it has around 160 calories. This is roughly the same amount of calories contained in two eggs.

As a meal, this isn’t enough calories for the majority of people. This is why substituting lunch, breakfast or dinner with shakes of Shakeology shake is likely to lead to weight loss so long as the person who is dieting doesn’t take in too many other meals during the course of their day.

Numerous studies have proven that meal replacements with low calories (including shakes) are effective in quick weight loss (3Trusted source).

Certain studies suggest that the use of general methods to reduce calories can be more effective in losing weight over the long term as opposed to relying on meals replacement programs.

A study, for instance, of 132 overweight individuals observed that the weight loss was similar in groups that were provided with meal replacement shakes (Slimfast) or were taught methods to reduce calories using regular food.

But, the group who was instructed to cut down on calories by eating regular meals experienced significantly less weight gain than the group who ate meals during a 36-month follow-up (4Trusted source).

This suggests that even though eating a meal replacement shake can help in gaining weight quickly but implementing a balanced diet plan that includes whole food items is more effective at losing weight for good (5Trusted Source).


While using shakes that are nutritional like Shakeology to substitute snacks or meals can lead to weight loss in the short term making healthy, long-lasting diet changes that rely on real food items is ideal to ensure long-term weight loss.

Other advantages

In addition to the possibility of promoting the loss of weight, shakeology may offer other advantages as well.

Shakeology is a convenient option

Finding time to prepare healthy food can be a challenge for some , particularly people who have a busy schedule.

The majority of calories you consume must be from whole foods however, sometimes using a supplement such as Shakeology to grab an easy snack or meal is safe.

Shakeology can be extremely beneficial for those who have limited time in the morning and tend to eat a fatty breakfast on the go.

As an example making a shake with Shakeology, a scoop of Shakeology and frozen berries coconut milk, and almond butter is much more beneficial rather than a stop in a fast food establishment.

It’s healthier than the other nutritional beverages.

It’s reasonable to say that Shakeology is more nutritious than other protein shakes or drink replacements for meals that are available for sale.

A lot of products contain artificial colors, sugars, harmful oils , and preservatives. Although Shakeology has sugar but it’s in a lesser amount than other shakes.

For instance, a portion of vanilla-flavored Shakeology has 7 grams of sugar. In contrast, a serving (11 325 ml or 2.2 oz) of Slimfast’s vanilla original shake contains an average of 18g of sugar (6).

Shakeology is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.


Shakeology could be a good choice for those who have little time and can be more nutritious than other protein and meal replacement shakes.

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