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9 Scienctific Facts About Kaaba

Kaaba is one of the adored and sacred sites for Muslims because it is described as the home of Allah. Millions of Muslims, every year from various regions of the globe visit Masjid Al Haram to pray and pay homage to the one and only God, Allah. Here are 9 amazing facts about Kaaba.

Today, at The Islamic Information, we will inform our readers of the significance of the Kaaba;

1. Kaaba was built Several Times

This was rebuilt after the time of prophets Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS); however, it doesn’t appear as though it was subject to a significant reconstruction during the Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s time. The most significant construction was in the year 1996, when it was replaced with stone and strengthened the base more sturdy.

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2. Kaaba’s Two Doors and a Window

Kaaba was home to two doors: one to enter and the other to exit. The building also had an opening on the other side. There’s only one entrance, and the other is black and can be seen in storms.

3. It was previously Multicolored.

Kaaba wasn’t black-clothed, but the custom of Black clothes was initiated by Abbasids which. The family’s favourite color was Black. Prior to that, Kaaba was Green, red and white, too.

4. Keys of Kaaba

Kaaba’s keys to Kaaba were handed over to the Bani Sahiba family to the person whose name was Osman Ibn Talha, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH after he defeated Makkah.

5. Kaaba was once accessible to everyone.

It was once accessible to all because anyone was allowed to enter. However, later, it was closed, and today it’s only for the Saudi King, Prime Ministers and presidents from around the world.

6. You could even swim in Makkah.

The Kaaba is located in the centre of the city. Back when there was no drainage system, Kaaba would flood when it rained in Makkah and people were forced to swim around Kaaba to take part in Tawaf.

7. Black Stone (Hajre Aswad) is broken!

Many people are interested in why Black Stone is in silver casting. An Ismaili group made a rumor out of Bahrain that declared that the tawaf act is a form of superstition. The same group also killed hundreds of thousands of people who were there to take part in Hajj and put their bodies in the Zamzam well.

The same group also carried the Black Stone to the Kufa in Iraq and kept it for ransom until required to retune it during the Abbasid Caliphate. When they returned it, they found it in a number of pieces.

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8. While in Kaaba, you are able to pray in all directions

In Kaaba, You can then pray in whatever direction that you would like.

9. Door Opening

The door is only opened once a year.

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