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30 Best Samsung Facts

When I require an item or gadget that is new, Samsung is always in my mind. From TVs to phones, Samsung is the name that comes to mind. Korean electronic giant is the leading in every aspect of electronics, particularly in the mobile phone industry. Explore more Samsung Facts here!

In the past few decades, they’ve been at the leading edge of technological development and advancement with their mind-blowing televisions and unbeatable smartphones.

We’ll examine 30 interesting facts on the tech giant Samsung.

  1. Samsung initially offered noodles as well as other items. However, it wasn’t until 1970 that Samsung released the first electronic product with a 12″ Black & White TV.
  2. Samsung is very keen on making as much of their products as approximately 90 percent of Samsung equipment is manufactured by Samsung factories.
  3. Six Flags and Samsung teamed together in 2016 to develop the first North American Virtual Reality Rollercoasters, which used Samsung V.R. equipment. After this, the two have begun a new partnership to develop a V.R. game for rollercoasters.
  4. Samsung is truly a global employer. In 79 countries, they employ more than 236,000 people.
  5. Samsung always remains at the forefront of technological advancements. They invented their digital television in the year 1998, and they introduced the Watch phone and the MP3 handset in 1999. 3D theater for the home in 2010 and the first world-class curved smartphone display in 2013.
  6. In 2016, Samsung sold 306 million units globally, which is more than 283.1 million units over the year 2010.
  7. Following the announcement of the Samsung S3, sales reached 500 units per minute.
  8. Samsung is exploring the realm of A.I. technology with their smartphones, which are competing with Cortana and Siri. Samsung’s S8 was the first smartphone to run the world-class Bixby system.
  9. Fifty-three thousand four hundred employees have taken more than 64 classes through Samsung’s H.R. Development Center since 1993.
  10. Samsung’s Shipbuilding division is located in the company’s center, which covers 400 million square. Feet (37.16 sq. km) and builds greater than 30 massive vessels each year.
  11. Samsung is a reference to the three stars in Korean Lee Byung-Chull Samsung founder chose to adopt the name to reflect his dream of a company that would last as long as the stars.
  12. The Samsung logo that we have come to know and recognize came into use in 1993. before that, there were two logos made in the year 1970 and 1980 respectively.
  13. Lee Kun Hee, the Chairman of Samsung, has his staff make 150,000 phones and fax devices before demolishing the machines in front of a crowd of 2000 to highlight the new world of high-quality products.
  14. The South Korean Air force has a lot to be grateful to Samsung for. The Electronics giant, Samsung has actually developed its first-ever fighter jet, the KF-16.
  15. In May of 2017, Samsung was granted permission to test the operation of a self-driving automobile within South Korea.
  16. The year 2012 was the most successful for Samsung. Samsung put in $10.8 billion into Research and Development, which was about 6percent of the company’s income, which amounts to about a quarter of its employees, of 60,000.
  17. Samsung was unable to win a patent fight against competitors Huawei in 2017 over it was discovered that 20 smartphones made use of technology Samsung did not grant permission for. Globally, Huawei is 3rd among smartphones manufacturers, with Samsung being first.
  18. In August of 2016, Samsung recalled 2.5 million Note 7’s due to battery issues.
  19. Samsung has secured the most patents of any corporation globally, with more than 7670 U.S. patents.
  20. Within Samsung’s Silicon Valley U.S. Headquarters, 34 electrical charging ports for cars were installed to encourage employees to relocate the electric vehicles to help commuters.
  21. Within New York, Samsung has a structure called 837. It’s known as a digital play area. It’s designed to showcase Samsung equipment, including a massive screen theater that is comprised of ninety-six 55″ screens to the V.R. Playroom and Tunnel for families with Galaxy View.
  22. In 2013 Samsung boasted over 460 percent greater workers 2013 than Apple and Samsung employing more than 370,000, compared to Apple, just 80,000.
  23. Samsung is committed to sustainability. In 2015, they started working together with the U.N. to ensure that 17 Sustainable Development Goals were met between 2016 and 2030. They include gender equality, ending hunger through sustainable agriculture, and fighting climate change.
  24. A man was killed in 2014 when he murdered his Thai partner in their home using the help of a Samsung Tablet after forbidding her to join Facebook.
  25. All Samsung products that were launched in 2013 are now able to receive the international standard for environmental certifications.
  26. Between 2009 to 2013, the firm is currently $4.8 billion in investment, cutting down on 85 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
  27. Samsung was founded in 1938, which was exactly 38 years earlier than Apple.
  28. Samsung’s business empire covers numerous areas, not only technology. The company’s construction industry was responsible for constructing the tallest structure in the world, known as the Burj Khalifa.
  29. In January of 2017, Lee Jae-Yong, Samsung’s Chief, was investigated in South Korea’s biggest corruption scandal, according to the BBC, regarding allegations of questionable contributions.
  30. In February of 2017, Samsung achieved a world-first following their QLED TV became the first T.V. to achieve 100 percent color volume, which means more accurate and clearly defined images.

From its humble beginnings in 1938 until the huge empire they’ve built to this day, Samsung has made a significant leap.

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