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10 Incredible Reptile Facts You Didn’t Know

What do snakes, lizards, and turtles all have in common? They’re all fantastic, to begin with! Find out how many of these fascinating reptile facts you’ve learned!

Reptiles are among the fascinating animals in the world. They live worldwide, except Antarctica and over their long existence on Earth, they’ve developed some incredible capabilities. Many people are intimidated by reptiles, and we are all likely to know someone who is afraid of snakes. However, as you’ll discover, there’s plenty more to reptiles that these stereotypes!

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Incredible Reptile Facts

Reptiles are cold-blooded

You’ve probably heard of this before. But what exactly does it mean? It’s a reference to the fact that their bodies do not produce any heat as mammals and birds are (that is, including us). To move about, reptiles require sunlight to warm them up. If their bodies are warm enough, they’ll have enough energy to move around and hunt, but should they become too cold, they simply slooze down. Certain kinds of iguanas completely melt and then are able to fall off trees when they become too cold!

It doesn’t mean that the warmer, the better every reptile species has their own ideal temperature. Certain salamanders prefer to be slightly on the cool side!

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Reptiles aren’t slimy.

Because reptiles are cold-blooded they don’t alter their temperature through sweating or panting as dogs do. This is why their skin doesn’t appear slimy like many people think. A lot of reptiles have shiny skins or reside in moist areas however it’s an untruth that they’re slimy! Now you have no excuse, not to stroke one!

Dinosaurs were reptiles

Reptiles comprise a huge group of animals and one of the most well-known species that belong to it is obviously dinosaurs! Reptiles of today are very different from dinosaurs; however one way you can determine this is by looking at their legs. Dinosaurs walked upright. However, when you look at modern reptiles such as a crocodile or Iguana, the legs stretch out to the sides. This means they’re both similar, however, they’re slightly different.

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Reptiles, dinosaurs, and birds

The task of placing animals into groups is a very difficult one, and there are a lot of surprises to categorizing reptiles. Scientists determine by studying which animals have evolved from what earlier animals, such as the family tree. The consensus is that birds are an ancestor of dinosaurs, which means that birds are… as well reptiles! That’s what we believe currently – however scientists are still in disagreement about what exactly reptiles, dinosaurs and even birds are!

Reptiles are able to live for decades!

Certain reptiles, such as tortoises, last for a very long period of time. The gigantic Aldabra tortoise that lives in Seychelles in the Indian Ocean can live up to 150 years! Other reptiles live an extended time. Are you aware that they’re cold-blooded? This means that they consume food more slowly which means they live longer.

Reptiles can live for an extended time without food.

Reptiles eating their food slowly brings us to our next fascinating information. Reptiles can live a lengthy time with no food! Snakes can go for an entire year without eating anything, and crocodiles could endure for longer, even being able to go for 2 years with no bite! They can conserve their energy by not walking and are awake enough to know whether food is walking through. You can be sure they’re hungry upon awakening!

Certain reptiles can change colours.

Some reptiles are able to alter the color of their skin pigments and can create stunning effects such as this Chameleon. Chameleons alter hues for communication with other chameleons to deter them from escaping or allow them to get married. Other reptiles , like geckos, also change color, however, mostly so that they can hide from predators.

Tortoises have huge bladders.

Here’s something you didn’t know you needed! Tortoises have enormous bladders and can store huge amounts of urine, just in the case. The massive Galapagos tortoise has the capacity to keep up to 20% of its bodyweight in wee!

There’s something you can share with snakes

It might surprise you to learn that snakes are made of some of the same material just like you! The hard scales on snakes are constructed from keratin, a strong substance that is quite widespread in animals. This is what your hair and fingernails are made of! It’s also the substance that makes up the rhino’s tusks and claw of a lion and horse’s hooves.

Reptiles need assistance!

As with every animal that live on Earth, reptiles are dependent on an intricate ecosystem for their existence. They required thousands of years of time to develop; however, in just 100 years, we humans have created a complete chaos of them. Human-made problems like pollution and climate change threaten numerous ecosystems across the globe, which is negative for animals living in them. This includes reptiles and reptiles of various species, but it applies to human beings.

If you’re interested in helping the environment, there are many ways to help. You can learn how science works make a difference for the planet but most importantly, ensure that your children keep their word about protecting Planet Earth!

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