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Pop Tarts Nutrition Facts | Healthy Or Not?

It’s a busy day that requires the ability to think outside the box, particularly in the case of breakfast. Many people depend on easy food items such as Pop-Tarts to gain weight during the day. Read more pop tarts nutrition facts below!

However, experts in the field of health say that the adored toasted pastry isn’t the most healthy option for you or your children! 

Pop Tarts Nutrition Facts

Here’s why you should think about tossing that box filled with Pop-Tarts that you have in the pantry for good once and once and for all:

1. They provide only a tiny amount of nutritional value.

Pop-Tarts are awash in fat and sugar, and they aren’t able to supply our bodies with the nutrition it requires. They’re even classified as empty calories since they’re high-calorie food that has no nutritional significance.

2. They’re easy to overindulge in.

A serving of Pop-Tarts is one pastry from a toaster. However, this popular breakfast treat comes packaged with two different types of pastries in it. This makes it easier for consumers to eat more and consume two portions of sodium, calories and fat.

3. There’s an abundance of high fructose syrups in these

Pop-Tarts have their sweet and delicious flavour from the fourteen grams of sugar that is also derived from High fructose Corn Syrup. In the words of the Huffington Post, eating an excessive amount of high fructose corn syrup could result in fatty liver strokes, heart attacks and dementia, as well as cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

4. Two Pop-Tarts are enough to satisfy the daily sugar requirement

According to the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that the recommended daily intake of sugar for men should not exceed greater than 36 grams. For women, the limit should not exceed 24 grams and not greater than 23 grams for kids, based upon the age and height of your child. Since Pop-Tarts are a source of at minimum 14g of sugar eating two of them will push you over the recommended healthy amount of sugar.

5. It could be that they are making you gain weight.

With at least six grams of fat per serving Two Pop-Tarts include at least twelve grams of fat. The fat in combination together with the sugar contained makes Pop-Tarts an unintentional breakfast which actually causes you to gain weight! This may result in weight gain in the future.

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6. There’s plenty of sodium also!

Who would have known you knew Pop-Tarts are high in sodium? They’re packed with at least 190 milligrams of sodium in each serving. Be aware of the amount of sodium you’re eating when you consume Pop-Tarts as excessive sodium can lead to problems with your health, such as hypertension and heart disease.

7. They get their distinctive color from food colourings that are artificial

Pop-Tarts are renowned for their vivid colours, but it turns out that they are laced with artificial colours like Blue #1 as well as Yellow #6. They have also been associated with cancer and could cause problems with children’s behaviour.

8. They’re not made using real fruit.

The fruity Pop-Tarts flavours are advertised as baked using “real fruits,” however, the list of ingredients indicates that there’s only about 10% fruit in each cake. The remaining 90% is made up of unhealthy ingredients such as refined flour, soybean and palm oils, GMOs as well as artificial colourings and sugar.

9. They’re loaded with preservatives and they’re also loaded with preservatives!

Have you ever wondered what makes Pop-Tarts remain so long, yet taste so delicious? They’re full of artificial preservatives which can be harmful for your overall health. They can trigger asthma and cause your cardiovascular health decline. They can also cause cancer!

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