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The 11 Most Fun Pit Bull Facts: They Might Be Just the Dog For You

Pit Bulls could be among the dog breeds that are most misunderstood. Did you know it is true that “Pit Bull” is a catchall word that covers a variety of breeds? It includes American Pit Bull Terrier, American bulldog, American Staffordshire terrier, and the English bull terrier. There are also mixed breed dogs that share similar characteristics, classified as the same.

It is believed that the Pit Bull is a popular breed, especially within the Central Valley. They are frequently crossed with other breeds and trained to protect or even fight dogs. Over time, they’ve been criticized for their behavior due to perceptions of their behavior that include naturally aggressive behavior, brutality, and an alpha personality.

Almost all breeds of dogs indeed exhibit these traits. Therefore, it’s about how Pit Bulls are raised. Like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, Pit Bulls are lap dogs, Therapy dogs (Helen Keller had one), or even bomb-sniffing dogs. They are docile, pet-friendly, and easily trained.

Let’s look at some entertaining Pit Bull facts that might make you reconsider your opinion about the breed that is often misunderstood:

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Pit Bull Facts

  1. Both Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and President Woodrow Wilson had Pit Bull terriers.
  2. Pit Bulls have been used as mascots and soldiers during wartime and mascots during wartime, including Stubby, who was a battle with the French in France for over 18 months in WWI. His bravery and service bravery, including the one that saved his regiment from attacks with mustard gas and earned an honorary rank, Sergeant. He was able to return home to a parade of heroes.
  3. Most famous Pit Bulls are the RCA dog known as Nipper, The Buster Brown shoe mascot, and Petey, the dog pet of The adorable Little Rascals.
  4. Pit Bulls have an athletic build and are extremely agile, allowing many to leap over fences easily.
  5. Pit Bulls can be musically inclined. A Pit Bull grindcore band called Caninus was led by two Pit Bull lead singers, who sang the lyrics.
  6. At one time in the history of mankind, Pit Bulls were considered reliable enough with children to be referred to as nursemaids or nanny dogs.
  7. Many of the puppies referred to in the breed of Pit Bulls begin life with wrinkled foreheads that they lose when they get older.
  8. A study conducted by National Geographic in 2008 on three popular dog breeds showed an increase in the force that bites. Pit Bulls came in last after the German Shepherd and Rottweilers. Take note: ( Pit Bulls have lock jaws) This is an old myth that has been propagated for many years.
  9. As per the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls pass their temperament test, conducted by a certified handler – 87 percent of the time. This puts them in the 4th in the 122 breeds evaluated, meaning they’re among the most loved and gentle dogs.
  10. Michael Vick owned 51 Pit Bulls at his arrest for dogfighting. Thirty of the dogs were re-trained and now reside at home with loving families, while four others have gone into therapy.
  11. has placed The American Pit Bull terrier as one of the top three most loved breeds of dogs in 28 U.S ….Pit Bulls tend to be the second most commonly killed breed.

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This is a sad fact to note that Pit Bulls are the most endangered breeds in the United States. It’s a shame and something we’d like to rectify by educating you about this adored breed of dog.

After reading some of the more accurate information regarding Pit Bulls and realizing that they make great pets, we hope that your view is now positive. We sure believe so!

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