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Perfect Bars Nutrition Facts

Protein bars often contain sugar, flour, protein isolate, and vegetable oil. On the other hand, Perfect Bars are full of whole foods and require refrigeration. Are these bars healthy? Here are Perfect Bars Nutrition Facts to understand this!

Perfect Bars are made with healthy ingredients such as nut butter and are free from processed sugar and flour. They still contain over 10g of sugar from honey and other natural sweeteners per Bar. Perfect bars also contain over 300 calories per Bar. This may make them difficult for those on a diet.

We’ll be looking at the nutrition of Perfect Bar. We will examine the sugar, protein, and sodium content of Perfect Bars and whether or not they are good for weight loss.

Perfect Bars Nutrition Facts

These are the main questions I will be answering about Perfect Bars. You can click to skip to any section or just continue reading:

1. What are the Perfect Bars Made From?

Let’s begin by taking a look at the Perfect Bars ingredients. Below is a table listing 3 of the most popular flavors. Each flavor has very similar ingredients.

Below is my analysis:

Perfect Bar FlavorIngredients

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Peanut Butter* and Honey*. Nonfat Dry Milk*. Dark Chocolate* +. (Chocolate*. Cane Sugar*. Cocoa Butter*. Sunflower Lecithin*. Dried Whole Food Powders. (Kale*. Flax Seed Oil*. Sunflower Oil*. Sesame Seed Oil*. Olive Oil*. Pumpkin Seed Oil*. (*Organic +Fair Trade Chocolate)

Almond butter, Honey* and Nonfat Dry Milk*. Almond Pieces, Dried Whole Egg Protein*. Rice Protein*. Sesame Seeds*. Dried Whole Food Powders (Kale* Flax Seed*. Sunflower Oil*. Sesame Seed Oil*. Pumpkin Seed Oil*. (*Organic)

Salted Caramel Cashew Butter, Peanut Butter* and Maple Syrup*. (*Organic)

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Perfect Bar Ingredients

These are my observations about the ingredients.

  • Peanut butter or another nut butter is the first ingredient in perfect bars. However, research has shown health benefits such as longevity or weight management. Nuts can be very filling and are a good source of unsaturated fat.
  • Perfect Bars contain no refined sugar or flour. Perfect Bars are sweetened with Honey and sometimes maple syrup, with no refined sugar. These bars are healthier than other bars because they are more whole-food based. However, there may be concerns about the sugar content.
  • Perfect Bars are made with vegetable and fruit powders. This “whole food powder” will add antioxidants and other nutrients. It’s unclear how many of these ingredients exist… but they may give you a nutritional boost.
  • Perfect bars contain vegetable oil. Vegetable oils are high in calories and often highly processed. Flax oil and olive oil are two of the more healthy oils in Perfect Bars. The sunflower oil is not my favorite. It is a high-omega-6-oil, which can cause inflammation if consumed in excess (most people already eat too much).
  • Perfect bars contain sea salt. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure and increase disease risk over the long term. Some Perfect Bars have a low sodium content (35mg/bar), while others have a moderate level (130mg/bar). 

Perfect Bars contain a mixture of good and bad ingredients. These bars are more “whole-food-based” than many other bars on the market today. However, I remain concerned about the sugar content and the sunflower oil.

2. Are Perfect Bars considered “processed food?”

Perfect bars are much less processed than other protein bars. They are sweetened with maple syrup and honey instead of refined sugar. They can also be made with nut butter or other whole-food ingredients. They still contain vegetable oil and salt, which makes them somewhat processed.

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3. What amount of sugar do Perfect Bars have?

Perfect bars have 16g to 18g of total sugar, with 11g to 13g of added sugar. The honey and maple syrup make up the majority of the sugar. Perfect bars have approximately 24g to 27g of total carbs per Bar. They are therefore not keto- or low-carb friendly.

Below is a table that shows the sugar content of a variety of Perfect Bars flavors.

Perfect Bar FlavorTotal SugarAdded Sugar

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter 18g 12g

Peanut butter 19g 13g

Pumpkin Pie 16g 11g

Almond butter 18g 12g

Salted Caramel 17g 11g

What is the sugar content of a Perfect Bar? (source)

What is the sugar content of Perfect Bars compared to other protein bars and energy bars?

  • Same or less total sugar than Clif Bars (between 17 and 21g per Bar).
  • Less or more sugar than Larabars ( 13-20g per bar).
  • Similar or greater total sugar to RXBARs (13-18g per Bar).
  • GoMacro Bars have more sugar (10-15g per Bar)
  • More sugar than Nutri-Grain Bars (between 12 and 13g per Bar).
  • More sugar than Nature Valley Bars (between 6 and 12g per serve)
  • More sugar than Kashi Bars (between 5 and 11g per serve)
  • More sugar than Quaker Chewy Bars (between 5 and 7g per Bar).
  • More sugar than Kind Bars (5g is found in many bars)

Disclaimer These numbers can vary depending on the products and countries they are used in. You should also consider the sugar source (refined vs. natural). You can confirm the sugar content of your choice by doing your research.

For me, the total sugar in Perfect Bars is way too much.

Perfect Bars don’t have a crazy high sugar content compared to other bars. It’s important to note that Perfect Bars are slightly larger than other bars (from 62g to 71g). This may account for their high sugar content per Bar.

Perfect bars are made from honey and maple syrup, naturally sweetening. Perfect bars aren’t the worst, even though they have too much sugar.

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4. Are Perfect Bars High In Protein?

Perfect Bars contain 12 to 17 grams of protein each Bar. This is a reasonable range for protein bars.

Perfect Bars contain the most calories from fat. Carbohydrates make up the rest. The milk, egg, and rice protein, as well as nut butter, add substantial protein.

Here’s a table that shows the protein content in different Perfect Bar flavors.

Perfect Bar FlavorProtein (Per Bar)

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter 15g

Peanut butter 17g

Pumpkin Pie 14g

Almond butter 13g

Salted Caramel 12g

Perfect Bar Protein Content. 

You can still find snacks and bars with more protein if you are trying to eat a high-protein diet. These are the two vegan options that I love with 20g of protein per Bar:

  • Clif Builder’s Bars
  • No Cow Bars Low-carb Vegan
  1. Are Perfect Bars High In Sodium?

Perfect Bars contain between 35mg to 130mg sodium per Bar in most flavors. Perfect Bars come in a variety of low-sodium flavors, including Pumpkin Pie (35mg) and Almond Butter (44,5mg per Bar strong>

Below is a table that shows the sodium content of various Perfect Bars flavors.

Perfect Bar FlavorSodium (Per Bar)

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter 105mg

Peanut butter 50mg

Pumpkin Pie 35mg

Almond butter 45mg

Salted Caramel 130mg

Perfect Bar Sodium Content. (source)

As you can see, the Perfect Bars with the highest sodium content have more than three times the amount of the lowest-sodium flavor. If you are concerned about sodium content, it is crucial to choose the right flavor.

Another good bar with low sodium is Larabars. The highest-sodium flavor has only 90mg of sodium per Bar. Many flavors are entirely salt-free.

5. Are Perfect Bars High In Fiber?

Per Bar of Perfect Bars, there are approximately 2 to 4 grams of fiber, depending on the flavor. Perfect Bars with higher fiber include Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, and Almond Butter (each ).).

Perfect Bar FlavorFiber (per Bar)

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter 4g

Peanut butter 3g

Pumpkin Pie 3g

Almond butter 4g

Salted Caramel 2g

Perfect bar fiber content. (source)

This level of fiber is quite common for protein bars and energy bars. Many Larabars, Nature Valley Bars, and RXBARs have the same flavor.

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6. Are Perfect bars good for weight loss?

Perfect bars can be a part of a healthy diet…But, they are quite high in calories due to the addition of Honey and nut butter. You should be cautious about overeating.

Although most Perfect Bars ingredients are healthy, they are still high-calorie healthy foods. Peanut butter, for example, is high in calories. This is due to fat having nine calories per gram compared with only four calories for protein or carbohydrates.

Bananas are bigger than Perfect Bars but have only ~1/3 of the calories.

Let’s experiment to see why Perfect Bars don’t work for weight loss. First, imagine a Perfect Bar in the head.

Ask yourself this question: Is the Perfect Bar larger or smaller than a banana. It’s smaller.

Which one is more caloric? The Perfect Bar or the banana? According to a study, the Perfect Bar is almost three times as calorie-dense as the banana.

Perfect Bars are high in calories, but they take up a lot of your stomach space. They are very calorically dense. Losing weight without counting calories is possible with caloric density.

It’s important to remember that Perfect Bars contain a lot of protein. This is good for keeping you full, so you don’t eat all day.

However, Perfect Bars should not be a major focus of a diet for weight loss. You can lose weight by eating Perfect Bars, but it’s easier to lose weight if you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks.

7. Is it possible to eat a perfect bar every day?

A Perfect Bar should be enjoyed every day by most people. However, it might not be the best option. Perfect Bars are made from whole, healthy foods. The risk of toxicity and deficiency is low as they don’t contain a high amount of any particular nutrient.

However, I hesitate to say that everyone should consume a Perfect Bar every day. I find the 1 to 13g of sugar per Bar a little excessive. They would be a treat for me, though.

How about eating multiple Perfect Bars each day? You should be concerned about how varied your diet is. You must get a variety of nutrients.

You can also use an app such as Cronometer to help you make better dietary decisions. Keep a journal to track your energy and other digestive issues (bloating, diarrhea or constipation).

8. Can I have a Perfect Bar for breakfast?

The Perfect Bars are a healthier option than other “breakfast” bars like NutriGrain and BelVita. These bars contain more whole foods than their competitors. Having a 100% whole-food breakfast may be healthier, such as oatmeal, fruit, or whole-grain toast with avocado.

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9. Are Vegan Perfect Bars Possible?

Perfect Bars do not contain vegan ingredients, such as Honey, nonfat dry milk, and dried whole eggs powder. GoMacro bars are vegan protein bars in a similar format. Click here for my nutrition review.

Larabars is another interesting vegan energy bar company that uses whole-food-based ingredients. Larabars have a lower protein content than Perfect Bars.

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