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Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Facts

A most adored foods on the planet and a staple in family meals, football games and date nights pizza is enjoyed by everyone. Read more Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Facts here!

A popular pizza place, Papa Murphy’s, offers this dish with an interesting new twist. Instead of serving hot pizzas in a take-away box, or offer dining-in tables Papa Murphy’s serves “Take and’ Bake” pie options. 

You pick the sauce and toppings as well as the crust, or select one from the menu. Employees make the pizza. You then bring the pizza home and bake it in your oven at home and let your kitchen be filled with the scent of sweet carbs.

Because Papa Murphy’s offers the consumer greater control over the pizza making process, you are able to create healthy, customized slices, rather than pouring on the sugar-rich sauce and a lot of cheese.

Papa Murphy’s Nutrition Facts – What experts say

“Papa Murphy’s” serves a wide selection of pizzas which includes vegetarian and gluten-free choices. To cut down on calories as well as fat, carbohydrates along with sodium, it’s recommended to opt for thin crust slices. The stuffed crust is constructed by putting two layers of dough together and is a great source of sugars and calories. Incorporate vegetables to provide additional nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals.”

–Barbie Cervoni, RD, CDE

Navigating the Menu

By using Papa Murphy’s Take’N’ bake options allow you to control the amount of calories, saturated fats as well as sodium and other nutritional factors by making choices you make when it comes to your pie.

Most Nutritious Options

Thin (crust)

Gluten free (crust)

(family slice) XLNY (family slice)

Garden Veggie (family slice)

Hawaiian (crustless cut)

Garden Veggie (crustless slice)

Marinara sauce (appetizer)

Scratch-Made 5 Cheese Bread (appetizer)

Caesar (salad)

Garden (salad)

Optional Options with the least amount of nutrients

Stuffed (crust)

Fresh pan (crust)

Bacon Cheeseburger (family slice)

Cowboy (family slices)

Murphy’s Combo (crustless cut)

Papa’s Favourite (crustless slice)

Traditional Cheesy bread (appetizer)

Thick and’ Cheese Home-baked Bread (appetizer)

Mediterranean (salad)

“Chicken Bacon Artichoke” (salad)

If you’re searching for the most nutritious pizza in Papa Murphy’s Pizza, the non-crust garden vegetable is the healthy, nutritious option for those who order a particular kind of pizza from the menu.

You can also make your own pizza for yourself by allowing you to control your calories and pick toppings according to your preference preferences. To get the most healthful pizza, consider filling thin crust pizzas with your favourite vegetables with marinara sauce. Don’t add cheese to take home a nutritious and low-calorie meal.

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Crust Types

Papa Murphy’s offers a number of Take and Bake pizza choices that include vegetarian meat lovers, vegans and exotic flavors, such as Thai and Tuscan. They also offer a range of crusts ranging from thin to filled.

Crispy crust pizzas and thin crust pizzas from Papa Murphy’s are generally a healthier option if you’re trying to reduce calories. You can reduce your overall calories by using healthy toppings like chicken, vegetables and pineapple.

If you want to order a healthy pizza to take home and bake, search for terms such as “thin” as well as “crustless” as well as “original,” if you need a crust that is thicker. Avoid stuffed or pan crusts with more butter or cheese. It is also possible to order the family-style pie instead of a huge pizza to cut down on calories if you’re serving many persons.

Most Nutritious Option

One Papa Murphy’s Large and Thin Slice of Veggie Slice offers one hundred calories with 8 g of fat (10 percent DV) as well as 40g of saturated fat, 4 grams of carbohydrates (7 percent daily value) 8g protein and 360 mg sodium (16 percent DV). There is no meat in the slice, so you’ll reduce cholesterol, and the thin crust restricts the carb intake.1

The least nutrient-dense option

The “family” pizza slices that are filled with toppings are lower in sodium and calories should you prefer this kind of pizza crust. You can get any pizza in slices that are family-friendly and have less calories and fat than the larger slices.

One Papa Murphy’s Five-Meat Stuffed Large Slice provides 440 calories 18g fat (24 percent DDV) and eight grams saturated fat and 50g of carbohydrates (18 percent of DV) as well as 13g protein and 1,170 mg sodium (51 percent DV).1

Family Slices

Pizzas can be ordered with family-sized slices as they have lower calories and calories than the larger ones. To be the most healthy option it is best to make your own pizza by using vegetables, and avoid cheese.

If you’d like to purchase special pies, you can search for words like “veggie,” “vegetarian,” and “XLNY.”

Most Nutritious Option

A single Papa Murphy XLNY Family Slice offers the following: 210 calories, 11g fat (14 percent in DV), 4.5g saturated fat 21g carbs (8 percent daily value) 11g protein and 830 mg sodium (36 percent DV).1

The XLNY has 50 calories less calories than the second most caloric selection in the family slice menu.

The least nutrient-dense option

A single Chicken Bacon Artichoke Family Slice contains 390 calories, 15g of fat (19 percent DV) as well as six grams saturated fat and 30g of carbohydrates (11 percent DV) and 15g protein and 930 mg sodium (40 percent DV).1

If you prefer meat in your pizza, then one of the family slices is healthier because it is under 300 calories.

Crustless Pizza

If you’re on a low-calorie, keto-friendly or gluten-free diet may prefer a pizza without crust. One slice of pizza is equal to 1/8th of the pizza. Additionally, there are Mediterranean chicken, Mediterranean and meat options in the crustless pizza menu.

Most Nutritious Option

A slice of Garden Veggie Crustless Pizza is 100 calories 7g of fat (9 percent DQ) and 4g of saturated fat, 4g carbs (1 percent DV) and 6g protein and 300 mg sodium (13 percent DV).1

If you like meat in your pizza If you prefer pizza with meat, the Hawaiian featuring pineapple and ham provides the same calorific value and has only one additional carbohydrate of 5g.

The least nutrient-dense option

A slice of Murphy’s Combo Crustless Pizza provides 170 calories, 13g of fat (17 percent DV) and six grams saturated fats, four grams of carbs (1 percent DV) 9g protein and 530 mg sodium (23 percent DV).1

Even though it’s the most unhealthy alternative, pizzas without crusts don’t differ significantly in calories or fat content. They’re all the same. All options are fairly low in carbs and calories.


Papa Murphy’s offers only five options for appetizers and four of them are bread. It is recommended to limit your consumption up to 2 slices of bread, or breadsticks otherwise, you could consume more than 1,760 calories before even grabbing the pizza.

Most Nutritious Option

Marinara sauce contains an 80-calorie meal, with 3g of fat (4 percent daily value) as well as 13g of carbohydrates (5 percent DV) 1g protein and 430 mg sodium (19 percent DV).1

The only option in the menu of appetizers that isn’t bread The marinara sauce can be used to dip breadsticks or, better yet, dip your pizza slices in to get a more smoky pizza without all the calories.

Low Nutritious Choice

The bread with the highest calorific value in the menu of appetizers A single serving or two slices from Classic Cheesy Bread provides 220 calories 7g fat (9 percent DV), 2.5g saturated fat 32g carbohydrates (12 percent calories) and 7g protein along with 570 sodium (25 percent DV).1

Limit your portions of the classic bread with a cheesy flavor A full-sized order can top out at more than 1,760 calories.


The nutritional information offered by Papa Murphy’s does not include salad dressings or croutons. To keep the carbohydrate content minimal, leave out the croutons , and choose vinegar and oil to enhance the flavor of the protein, salad and other vegetables.

Most Nutritious Option

Caesar dressing can be lots of fat and calories. It is recommended to ask for lighter dressings or opt for the salad option of a garden to include a variety of veggies to incorporate into your eating. A Caesar salad with dressing or croutons has 100 calories five grams of fat (6 percent daily value), 2.5g saturated fat and 7g of carbohydrates (3 3 percent of DV) 8g protein and 230 mg sodium (10 10 percent DV).1

If you mix Caesar salad dressing (one serving is half a packet) and croutons, you will consume an average of 230 calories as well as 18.5 grams of fat.

The least nutrient-dense option

Its Chicken Bacon Artichoke Salad has 300 calories, 17g fat (22 percent DV) seven grams saturated fats, eleveng carbs (4 percent daily value) and 34g protein and 1,570 mg sodium (68 percent DV).1

With such a large amount of fat and sodium (not even the dressing) the best option is to eat slices or pizza in place of the salad.

Diet-specific Options

Modifications are possible to accommodate those with different diet restrictions and preference to take orders with Papa Murphy’s.


Papa Murphy’s invented keto-friendly pizzas, with their crustless pizzas, which let you stick to the low carb, high fat diet and stay in ketosis. The restaurant labels its keto-friendly sauces and toppings with the “KF” label.

Some of the most popular crustless dishes on menus include the following:

Make your own


All Meat

Papa’s Favourite

Chicken Bacon Artichoke

Gourmet Vegetarian

You could also opt to skip pizza and take advantage from our salad selection. Menu items that are keto-friendly other than pizza are:

Chicken Caesar




Food Allergies and Safety

Common allergens found on Papa Murphy’s menus include the following:







The establishment is usually safe for individuals who suffer from allergies. It is recommended to take care when you’re dealing with wheat or gluten, because the crust isn’t gluten-free. There is the gluten-free crust however, you must know that Papa Murphy’s is not able to cook in a gluten-free setting for those with a gluten sensitivity.2

For those who have lactose intolerance, you can choose from the “Create Your Own” pizza menu and leave out the topping of cheese. It’s also possible to select the crust-free pizza menu in order to avoid butter that is in the crust in the event of.

One Word from Verywell

You can find healthy food items on the menu at Papa Murphy’s restaurant even if you’re a vegetarian or adhering to a keto diet. Be sure to keep these suggestions in mind: Order small portions if you’re ordering for yourself, or an entire pizza when ordering for a large group Choose grilled chicken instead than meat lover pizzas Also, avoid the ranch sauce and add cheese.

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