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Real Orochimaru Facts!

Orochimaru is among the most fearsome characters from Naruto. The Naruto anime. Why? Because Orochimaru was enthralled to increase his power. Then He stooped his body so low that it was impossible to get lower than this. He was able to perform so many forbidden Jutsu that soiled the souls and bodies of other humans. This is why we, the fans, often ask Is Orochimaru truly human?

Orochimaru is human. Orochimaru was an orphan. Then he joined Hiruzen’s care and began to learn Jutsus alongside Jiraiya and Tsunade. He was a highly skilled Shinobi who could master every Jutsu the Hiruzen had taught him from a very young age. Following The 3rd Great Ninja War, He realized how fragile human life was. This is why he began his journey to immortality.

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In this article, we’ll go over in detail whether there is still a human in him or not, if he is good at boruto, if indeed he’s considered a sage, and a few other interesting questions regarding his character as well.

True Orochimaru Facts!|Is Orochimaru Human?

We are not sure about the parents of Orochimaru. However, it is stated in the show that he’s an orphan who later Hiruzen brings in his team. Therefore, yes, Orochimaru is human. His parents are likely to have passed away during the wars before him.

He was extremely skilled in Ninjutsu. But, he was never able to show emotion, compared to ordinary human beings such as Jiraiya. Also, he didn’t possess the fire of passion within him. His teacher, Hirzuen, did take note of this.

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This is the reason why, following that 3rd Great Ninja War, after he had resigned as Hokage Hokage and opposed Danzo’s plan to create Orochimaru the new Hokage Instead, he chose Minato for the position of the new Hokage. Even though Orochimaru was his personal pupil and loved him deeply. As a student, he loved him greatly.

He was aware that Orochimaru had darkness within his soul and lacked fire’s determination. Therefore, he decided to vote for the opposition. After his war with Japan, the Orochimaru veers to a new path in life.

Does Orochimaru make a good character in Boruto?

Sure, Orochimaru is a good character from his Boruto series. He owns his own research center where he conducts the research himself. Naruto permitted him to do so because Orochimaru had no ulterior motives and said he would help when the village needed assistance.

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Orochimaru has seen a change in the years since the start of the fourth Great Ninja War. The change began with Itachi’s Izanami Jutsu on Kabuto. In the time that Kabuto was trapped in his body, Orochimaru snatched part of his chakra and used it as information.

Then, he chose that he would follow Sasuke. Sasuke’s story is one of the main reasons that changed Orochimaru also. Because, unlike Kabuto and any other of the disciples from Orochimaru, Sasuke chose and created his path.

Is Orochimaru a Guy?

Orochimaru is, in essence, a man. While he has shifted his body to a female before, that doesn’t alter the fact that he was created as a man. At the moment, he is the male body. So, no matter how you see it, Orochimaru is a man.

Is Orochimaru a Sage?

The fact is that Orochimaru was not a Sage. Even though he was not the sage he was, he could draw energy from nature by different methods.

There are just a few people who have mastered the sage style. Unfortunately, Orochimaru was not one of the group. However, his pupil Kabuto has become the snake sage.


Orochimaru is among the most powerful ninjas in Naruto. Naruto universe. One reason is that he’s virtually unkillable. He has multiple methods to avoid death. The age of his body doesn’t alter the body of a person.

However, Orochimaru is an individual. Kishimoto did not reveal his last name or reveal anything regarding his background.

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