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Must Read Nutty Buddy Nutrition Facts!

Nutty bars, a nostalgic treat made with peanut butter and chocolate, have been around for decades. They may not have been the healthiest snack, but they were certainly delicious. Check out nutty Buddy Nutrition facts below!

The crunchy wafer bars, layered with peanut buttercream and covered in fudge, were first produced by Little Debbie snack company in 1964. They are still a popular Little Debbie product and remain one of the top-selling Little Debbie varieties. But how much do these delicious little treats have been loved by Little Debbies?

Mashed believes it’s time for us to look deeper into the scandals and history of these delectable treats and answer the questions that we have all been asking. What is their origin? Are they Nutty Buddy or Nutty Bars? What are their effects on your health? Is that half-eaten container in my back cupboard still fresh? What is it about these items that make them so delicious?

Nutty bars were first introduced to our shelves in 1964. However, they were sold for the first time five years prior (per Little Debbie). Two years after King’s Bakery was purchased, a new plant in Collegedale, Tennessee, was constructed for them. To keep up with the demand for snack cakes and pie, a new line was created. This was the start of Little Debbie as we know it today.

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The bars were first created in 1959, before Little Debbie’s brand was officially introduced on shelves in 1960 as individual-packed treats. The packaging and distribution of the bars would not be possible until 1964. This was in addition to classics like Swiss Rolls and Zebra Cakes. Many other treats followed, but the Nutty Bar remains a favourite for Americans and others across the country.

Is it Nutty Buddy or Nutty Bars? We finally know the answer. Nutty Bars were originally called Nutty Buddy. The treat was renamed Nutty Buddy in mysterious circumstances around 2016. The company released a comic in November 2016. This made the comic even more confusing for the fans. Or Nutty Buddy bars. Reddit user shared this comic, saying, “This weird comic on their website doesn’t help either.”

Fans were also confused by the comic’s name. Another commenter on the change said that he ordered Nutty Bars last night and had his groceries delivered. They were called Nutty Bars on the App. They were delivered today as Nutty Buddy. It’s so bizarre !!!” It’s a mystery! Although it is unlikely, it was enough to really rile some snack-lovers. Nutty Buddy nutrition facts are quite interesting!

One fan went so far as to create a petition for the change of the name from Nutty Buddy to Nutty Bars. This brought up the nostalgia and corrected those who mistakenly refers to Nutty Buddy bars as Nutty Buddy. Although it seemed a bit dramatic, the petition gained 99 supporters.

It’s not surprising that these Nutty Buddy bars aren’t very healthy. While you shouldn’t avoid them every now and again, it’s important to remember that they should not be a daily habit.

What’s the problem with these treats? They are highly processed and contain many additives and lots of sugars and fats. Nutty Buddy bars are high in sugar, saturated fats and trans fats. They also contain the additives tertiary, butylhydroquinone, soy lecithin and glycerides. Sugar can cause insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes, and other health problems if you eat too much. Saturated fats and trans fats can increase cholesterol and cause long-term heart disease. To preserve the oils and color of the bars, TBHQ is added. However, the substance has been linked to visual disturbances and liver enlargement. Neurotoxic effects include convulsion and paralysis.

You can still enjoy them if you are a fan. Nutty Buddy bars can be enjoyed once in a while, but not enough to eat the entire box. A two-pack of Nutty Buddy bars contains 470 calories, 60% your daily intake of saturated fat, 64% your daily intake of added sugars (per Little Debbie Vendor).

They became extra crispy in 2007 after they were recalled in several states due to an ingredient possibly containing metal particles (per NBC News). The Nutty Bars were distributed to vending machines in Ohio and Illinois. According to Cleveland19 News, the particles were detected during internal quality control after distribution. After contacting McKee Foods, consumers were not able to complain about the product. However, they received a full refund.

Fox News reported in 2009 that the government had advised consumers not to eat peanut butter cookies, cakes, ice cream, or other food containing peanut butter because of a possible link to a deadly salmonella epidemic. More than 470 people were hospitalized in 43 states. Six deaths had occurred due to the outbreak of the bacterial disease. McKee said that he had not received any complaints regarding illnesses.

Little Debbie releases seasonal, themed versions of our favourite snacks every year to keep you from thinking it’s the same old, same old snack aisle. Nutty Buddy is also enjoying the festivities. There have been multiple versions of these bars, including Back to School, Red, White, and Blue, and a Pretty in Pink Be My Valentine. The white and pastel-coloured Spring Nutty Buddy is a fan favorite. Little Debbie has created a Spring Nutty Buddy Mix recipe called “bunny bait”.

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