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Most fatal road accidents can be prevented – Smart tips to avoid injuries

As per recent reports in the US, there are nearabout 7 million car accidents every year. Car crashes can be fatal and they can lead to injuries like broken ribs, whiplash, and concussions due to simple choices, and hence it’s time to treat them as a public concern. Since most fatal car accidents are preventable, it is important to follow all the tips in order to stay away from road accidents.

More than 50% of car accidents occur at intersections and this is why there are a few things to remember while moving through an intersection. 

  • Firstly, don’t accelerate through the intersection since it lowers the ability to drive carefully by taking into account other vehicles.
  • Secondly, don’t ever try your luck with the case of yellow lights. You should pass through a yellow light in case there’s not enough time to stop. Don’t risk it. 
  • Thirdly, stay away from left-hand turns in case they are not protected. Hence, you should try to change your route if you don’t want unsafe left-hand turns in big intersections or parking lots. 

Safe tips to avoid road accidents

  • Choose a car with installed safety features

The first thing that you should keep in mind before buying a car is whether or not the car has safety features. In case you plan to buy a car, check the safety ratings of the car before finalizing it. You can get a lower insurance premium quote if you have a car with safety features.

  • Don’t distract yourself while driving

While driving your car, you should never distract yourself by texting on your smartphone or changing radio stations. Even if you keep your eyes off the road for 3-4 seconds, you can run over a child or an animal. Don’t multitask while driving or engage yourself in activities like combing your hair, or tying your tie.

  • Always wear the seatbelt

While driving a car, the seatbelt is probably the most vital thing to remember. It has been researched that the majority of road accidents occur due to not wearing seatbelts. The absence of a seatbelt can lead to critical injuries to the ribcage, lungs, and even to the heart. The impact of the steering wheel, in the event of an accident, can be huge. 

  • Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol

If you consumed alcohol at a party, make sure you hire a public cab and leave your car. Driving under the influence of alcohol is highly risky as it impairs your senses and reduces your reaction time. Moreover, driving under influence or DUI is punishable by law. You can even lose your license if the police detect alcohol in your blood. Stay away from consuming any intoxicants when you have to drive back home. 

Therefore, now that you are pretty sure about the fact that fatal accidents are all preventable with a little bit of dedication and a caring attitude, you should avoid committing the common road blunders. In case of an accident, don’t hesitate to hire the best Las Vegas fatal accident lawyers for professional help. 

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