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Mod Pizza Nutrition Facts!!

MOD Pizza is just ten minutes from campus. They specialize in custom-made pizzas. If you’re looking for a casual, fast and unique place to eat dinner, MOD Pizza is the perfect choice. Read more Mod Pizza Nutrition Facts here!

You can eat there regardless of your dietary restrictions. Making my own pizza is so much fun. I can choose exactly what I want. Pizza is a favorite food of many people. These are some reasons to get off campus and try this amazing place.

Mod Pizza Nutrition Facts

1. You can make your own pizza

Unlike an Italian restaurant, MOD Pizza allows you to make your own pizza. MOD offers a variety of sauces and meat options. My favorite combination is red sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, garlic, and pesto drizzle.

2. It’s more than pizza

Are you not a fan of pizza? Are you trying to be healthier? MOD offers more than just pizza. They also offer salads. It’s possible to get all you want on a pizza but only in the form of a salad. Freshman 15 is sometimes a better option.

3. They make amazing milkshakes

Who would have thought to order a MOD milkshake? I wouldn’t think so. They are actually delicious. There are many flavors available, including chocolate and strawberry, as well as cookies and cream and chocolate.

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4. You don’t even need to make your own pizza

Sometimes building your own pizza can be difficult. They have tons of unique pizzas. You can choose from the Maddy, Dillion James or the Jasper. You can find a wide range of options on their website, so make sure you check them all before placing your order.

5. You can get a Salad Pizza

I can tell you that I love pizza with salad. You can put any lettuce or toppings on it. Some people just want to be healthier, but not entirely. It doesn’t necessarily mean that salad has to be healthy, just because it contains dough.

6. It’s worth it!

MOD can be sat down quickly, but you can also get your pizza in an easy-to-use to-go container. You can take it out right there. Perhaps it’s a night for girls or a party with lots of people.

7. They also have sides!

It’s not just pizza. There are also garlic and cinnamon sticks, just like dominos. Two carbs are better than one.

8. There are many types of drinks.

You can choose from a variety of unique beverages to pair with your pizza. You can choose from a range of lemonade and ice tea flavors to get you on a sugar high.

9. The price is reasonable

MOD Pizza is personal and costs only eight to ten dollars, which is not the case with traditional Italian restaurants. This pizza is affordable and popular among college students on weekends.

10. Their pizza is simply delicious

MOD Pizza is my favorite place to eat off campus. It’s quick and delicious, and it’s off-campus, so it’s a great place to eat. Pizza is a favorite food of many.

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Harrison Jones
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