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Mike’s Hard Lemonade Nutrition Facts!!

It’s summer, and it is hot! Lemonade is an excellent way to cool down in the summer heat. I have been drinking quite a lot of lemonade lately. This adds an alcohol-based twist to the summertime favorite. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is this. This is a very popular product at this time of the year. However, I have never tried it before. This is my go-to drink at parties for children, but I don’t condone underage drinking. Read more Mike’s Hard Lemonade Nutrition Facts!

Just by looking at this drink, it feels relaxing. Lemonade has a way of giving off chill. My personal preference is to not care if lemonade contains alcohol. It’s just the sweetness and tartness that I love in summer. I will not say no to this beverage.

Mike’s Hard to me comes across as a party-oriented company. These sweet drinks sound normal, but they infuse them with alcohol. They want to make it more enjoyable. Although I am a stick in mud, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the work they do with their brand. Let’s face it, I just want something that tastes good at end of day.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Nutrition Facts!!

Mike’s Hard offers a wide range of flavors. However, I’d be willing to wager that the Hard Lemonade is their most loved. I am browsing their website right now and see many interesting items like Hard Black Cherry Lemonade and Hard Mango. I wonder if these are the AriZonas of the alcohol world. Mike’s Hard lacks a hard soda or iced tea. These are not new to me.

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What makes lemonade so “hard?” Is it vodka? It is like beer? What are they using? Their website has all the details. It is basically malt liquor flavored with lemonade. Uh oh. Uh oh. Four Loko.

This is something I need to be open-minded about. They might be able to layer it better than Four Loko. Perhaps I won’t even taste the alcohol. It does contain significantly less alcohol per volume than Four Loko. Four Loko had 14% alcohol, while this has only 5% alcohol per volume.

Let me make a comment on this bottle and its logo. If I’m being honest, the logo is quite iconic. I love the lowercase font and semi-neon yellow. The brand name is located in the middle of a lemon shape. They have two color options: yellow and black. The label is simple and concise, but it’s bold enough not to be boring. The label’s top is yellow, with a sunburst or bubbly finish. The bottom is black. It also reads “cold, difficult, refreshing.” This sounds great to me.

This company is fond of using the term “hard” a lot. This is printed on the label and on the mini-label at the neck. “When life gives your lemons, make them difficult.” What does this even mean? This saying describes a time in life that is hard or difficult. When life throws you lemons, do you find it harder to make the lemons worse?

I don’t want to make my life harder than it already is. Although I understand they are referring to how hard it is “with alcohol”, I still find it confusing. This seems a bit miss. Although I understand their point of view, it sounds kinda stupid to me. This is not for analysis, but for drinking.

Oh my! This is gluten-free, apparently. They ensure that the gluten is removed from the yeast during the brewing process. That’s neat.

There is also a job called “Chief Lemon Squeezer.” It would be a great job. Maybe I’m better suited to “Junior Lemon Squeezer.”

Do you have any other testimonials for this bottle? Nope. It only has the warning from government.

Do not drink and drive heavy machinery or drink while driving. Women who are pregnant should not drink. The United States has made it illegal to consume alcohol by minors younger than 21 years of age.

I think that I can now open this thing.

It is very lemonade-like visually. Although it is clear, the lemon juice or other ingredient used in this brew cloud it and give it an almost-white color. It all depends on how the light is. Sometimes, this white appears even more yellow. It looks more white from the picture I have.

Is it a pleasant odor? It’s time to open it up. I think I’ll just keep it in the bottle.

Hmm. It’s not lemonade-like. No. It actually smells more like alcohol. It has a slight lemony scent, but it isn’t sweet. It’s not like regular lemonade, so I don’t think I could mask it. The smell would eventually give it away. You could also say, “Well, Chas.” You could say “Well, duh Chas.” But sometimes the alcohol smells better when these things are used.

Well, let’s sip!

Hmm. Hmm. Uhh.

The lemon juice is a little bitter, so I take a sip. Lemonade can be either sweeter or tarter, which is surprising to me. This was going in the “more tart” direction. Lemonades that start off tart eventually end up with a sweet equalizer. It was more lemony than I expected. Yes, it’s quite distinctive. The lemon taste was evident from the first sip. But it tastes exactly like lemon juice. This is a great tasting experience. It’s a great example of the taste of lemons. They should show other companies how they do it.

The lemon juice’s tartness is the only thing that gives me sweetness in the end. A bit of gasoline alcohol-like flavor is also present. However, the gasoline flavor is not as distinct as other alcoholic beverages. The overall tartness of lemon helps to keep it down, I believe. The two flavors blend together to create an odd, almost medicinal-like flavor.

It almost tastes like an energy drink but doesn’t have the same medicine taste. After several more sips, I notice a more sweet taste in the second half of the flavor. However, the tartness is what I find most overwhelming. There is not much aftertaste. There is a slight tartness aftertaste that lasts for a while. There isn’t much else going on.

To be honest, I don’t like this. Although it’s a great example of lemon juice taste, it is not sweet enough to be considered a lemonade. It isn’t as strong as I would like, though the lemonade flavor does develop slightly in the last and final parts of the taste. It’s too small. It is also difficult to make it sweeter due to the alcohol flavor at the end. A better hard lemonade is one that has already been brewed and mixed with vodka or gin.

Yes, this one is not for me. Sorry Mike’s Hard. It’s a great idea. However, I would make my own hard lemonade if it was me. I want to drink a glass of non-hard lemonade right now because this drink is so refreshing. It is at least better than Four Loko!

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