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10 Cool Mi Facts

We’ve seen the development of technology starting from Nokia to smartphones like Samsung and iPhone. Certain new brands have sprung up on the market and have had success in making a name for their own. Read some cool Mi facts here!

While it’s true that the success of Xiaomi is in large part due to its price, its brand plays an important role too. Here are ten facts about this brand that is revolutionary that you may be reading this article! (Did do you even know that there’s a thing called Xiaomi TV in Singapore?)

  1. Name
    Xiaomi signifies Millet and Rice, which alludes to the Buddhist notion. It is a sign that Xiaomi will start with tiny things before reaching the highest.

“Mi” is also an acronym for Mission Impossible (not the movie!) to symbolize the insurmountable obstacles that they’ve overcome. Do you think you knew this?

  1. China’s Apple
    Considered to be China’s Apple, most Xiaomi designs are reminiscent of Apple’s elegance in simplicity, minimalism, and elegance. Also, it evokes the same kind of enthusiasm in China as Apple has with its fans in the US. In addition, with Huawei fighting for survival right now, Xiaomi is likely climbing the ladder quicker than Huawei is.

Like Apple has its own Apple TV, The China label also comes with its exclusive Xiaomi TV. Instead of searching for “Apple TV Singapore” on Google, many people could find “Xiaomi TV Singapore” instead.

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  1. The Mascot
    The Xiaomi mascot is a rabbit known as Mitu that wears an Ushanka (Lei Feng hat). The Mi bunny’s cap features the red star. It is also wearing a red scarf that is tied around its neck. Aren’t they cute?
  1. Physical Store
    Xiaomi has no retail store, physical or otherwise, in all regions of the world except China and, more recently, Singapore. It’s selling its products on the internet everywhere. This allows them to cut down on the cost of their products to keep the affordable price. This is killing two birds in one fell swoop!
  2. Advertisements
    Xiaomi is also not using any traditional advertising channels. They don’t endorse any products of any kind (did you notice anyone using this phone on any film or TV show? ). This makes us wonder why their phones gain fame in such a short time!
  3. Guinness World record
    Xiaomi was able to sell 15000 Mi3 smartphones in just 2 minutes in India. Two seconds! Imagine how much load the server would need for “tahan.” Additionally, Xiaomi Mi3 was considered the world’s fastest phone at its launch.

In 2014, they broke the Guinness record for the most phones sold by selling 2.1 million smartphones one day.

  1. The Google Connection
    Former Googlers hold the majority of the top 9 posts in the leadership of Xiaomi. Is there any connection? We only know they’re talented, and Xiaomi’s success must be attributed to their capacity to rise from the bottom.
  2. Build-in Camera Technology
    According to reports, Xiaomi’s cameras come with built-in technology to make your appearance more appealing. Do you take selfies? Do not worry. Xiaomi got you covered! All of your Instagram content will appear as flawless as they have been for years.

Remember, it’s allegedly. Don’t buy one based on the information you’ve heard.

  1. International Headquarters in Singapore
    Xiaomi has chosen Singapore as its office globally because of the high positive feedback it receives from Singapore on its phones and its services. Why is this? Singapore is well-known as an advanced market, which provides Xiaomi a technology advantage.
  2. All in its Logo

Wrapping Up:
Are you interested in learning something new? Xiaomi’s logo contains a secret word hidden within it. It is found when you flip this logo Xiaomi upside-down. It is likely to resemble the Chinese symbol “Xin ” (not every single stroke, however), and the word is a reference to “heart” in English.

This is a truly innovative method to make meaning out of the name!

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