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Metamucil Nutrition Facts

Metamucil is an ingredient commonly utilized to help treat constipation as well as to help maintain regularity. Read more Metamucil Nutrition Facts here!

It is also employed to manage weight because of its ability to reduce appetite and increase feelings of feeling full.

However, Metamucil has been linked to a variety of adverse side effects, causing many to question whether it’s safe and effective in weight loss.

This article examines Metamucil’s potential to help you shed weight, and also whether you should utilize it for this purpose.

Metamucil Nutrition Facts – What is Metamucil?

Metamucil is a supplement to fiber that is made from psyllium husk which is a substance derived from seeds of Plantago ovata, which is also known as the blond plantain (1Trusted Source).

It’s a kind or insoluble fiber, meaning the fiber absorbs water, and then forms the appearance of a gel as it moves through the digestion (2Trusted Source).

Metamucil is frequently employed to help support digestion and lower cholesterol levels. It can also reduce appetiteand enhance the control of blood sugar levels.

It also assists in maintaining regularity through the trapping of water in the intestines and facilitating the process of removing stool out of inside the inside of the body (1Trusted Source).

It is available in powder, capsuleand wafer forms and is available on the internet without prescription.

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Metamucil is a soluble fiber source composed of the psyllium. It is commonly used to improve digestion health, reduce cholesterol, curb appetite and boost the levels of blood sugar.

Does it help in weight loss?

Numerous studies have examined the weight loss potential of Metamucil and Psyllium.

A study of 51 individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes showed that supplementing with psyllium reduced constipation as well as blood sugar levels and body weight to a control group (3Trusted source).

Another study reported similar results and concluded that psyllium helped improve blood sugar control as well as lowered BMI (BMI) among 40 individuals suffering from Type 2 Diabetes (4Trusted Source).

Studies have also revealed that psyllium could help to reduce appetite and improve feelings of fullness. This could be particularly beneficial for weight loss.

Indeed, one study suggested that supplementing using soluble fiberand psyllium fibre, in particular — could make you feel more fuller and fuller for more time between your meals (5Trusted Source).

Similar to this, a smaller study showed that taking Metamucil prior to meals and breakfast for three days reduced hunger and the desire eat, and an increase in fullness between food intakes (6Trusted From).

But, despite these possible advantages, Metamucil or similar fiber supplements should not be used for weight loss purposes.

Instead, you should try increasing the amount of soluble fiber you consume through food items like fruits or vegetables and legumes. These food items can aid in increasing the amount of fiber you consume to aid in weight loss. They also are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to boost overall health.


Research suggests that taking Metamucil can aid in reducing hunger, improve feeling of fullness, and help with weight loss. But, Metamucil or related fiber products should not be utilized for weight loss.

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