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Meatloaf Nutrition Facts

The frozen, pre-made meatloaf you buy at the store and the meatloaf you can find in restaurants are typically excessively high in sodium or saturated fat to be considered healthy. Here are some must read Meatloaf Nutrition Facts for you!

But a few simple changes to the ingredients can transform this delicious, high-protein comfort food to a better tasting, more healthy option if you prepare it at your home. Learn how to make it here.

Meatloaf Nutrition Facts

Here are some amazing Meatloaf Nutrition Facts to explore before you fill your tummy with the awesome meal!

Reduce the Fat

The slice that comes from Betty Crocker’s classic home-cooked meatloaf has 297 calories and twelve grams of fat. 4.5 grams which are saturated, which is unhealthy.

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The recipe calls for an 80 percent lean portion of beef. Reducing the amount of red-meat fat in your meatloaf is possible by using 90 % lean beef or substituting some or all of the ground pork or beef with turkey or ground chicken. According to the American Heart Association recognizes, both kinds of poultry as healthier than beef and pork that are deemed to be as high levels of “bad cholesterol.”

“Stretching” to the beef by substituting a portion of it with raw cooked rolled or steel-cut Oats is another method to reduce unhealthy fats and increase the meatloaf’s nutritional value. Many meatloaf recipes already include Oats as a component because they assist in keeping the loaf in its shape. However, oatmeal also has a myriad of health advantages.

They’re a good source of unsaturated fats that are good for you according to research from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Oats also contain beta-glucan fiber, which “may assist in preventing sudden increases in blood sugar and insulin levels after having an entrée, and can aid in maintaining digestion health.”

Utilizing fat-free dairy to glaze your meatloaf can cut down on some calories.

Slash the Salt

Foodservice and frozen versions of meatloaf are typically filled with sodium. one slice has approximately a quarter of daily sodium needed for adults from the Centers for Disease Control. It is possible to reduce the meatloaf’s sodium by removing the salt altogether and substituting it with a substitute for salt or adding your preferred herbs and spices to the taste. The Dijon mustard and basil garlic celery, sage parsley, paprika, thyme, and chives are typical and delicious options.

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Reduce the Sugar

Most meatloaf recipes call for glazes made from brown sugar and ketchup. Omitting the sugar and topping your meatloaf with the store-bought and homemade sugar-free ketchup can reduce the glycemic index in your meatloaf. 2 tablespoons of Heinz ketchup, for instance, is 8.4 grams sugar. (It also has the equivalent of 320 milligrams of sodium, so making your own can aid in reducing your meatloaf’s sodium levels, too.)

The classic meatloaf gets its sweetness from the flavor of yellow onion. Also, adding other grated or diced vegetables or fruits is a great method to add sweetness as well as minerals, fiber, vitamins, and moisture to your meatloaf. Try red or green pepper grated beets or grated carrots, or even a few raisins.

Reduce the Calories

You can order a huge piece of meatloaf from the restaurant, and you’ll end up consuming more than 500 calories before you take a bite of the sides served alongside it. Seasonings, diced vegetable eggs, breadcrumbs, and milk (or oatmeal) aren’t any calories. It’s all about the meat when it comes down to calories count.

Based on The University of Rochester Medical Center, One pound of 80 percent lean ground beef is 1,152 calories. That is enough to make a 4-ounce portion of meatloaf with around 350 calories, based on the additional ingredients in your meatloaf mixture.

For comparison, a 4-ounce portion of meatloaf made of 90% lean ground beef is 225 calories, as is a meatloaf serving size of 4 ounces prepared using ground turkey contains around 250 calories. Make sure to choose less lean meat and limit your portion size, and you’ll be able to take pleasure in a warm meatloaf while staying within the recommended energy intake for your day.

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