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Lucky Charms Nutrition Facts | Best Healthy Cereal!

Lucky Charms is an oat-based cereal that has firm marshmallow pieces. It may seem magically delicious, as the famous leprechaun in the commercials claims, but it’s also very nutritious. Check out more on Lucky Charms nutrition facts below!

General Mills introduced Lucky Charms in 1960. Since 1941, when the federal government required vitamin and mineral enrichment in flour, Lucky Charms has been a reliable source of vitamins.

This healthy breakfast cereal does not contain enough sugar. Read more Lucky charm nutrition facts below!

Lucky Charms Nutrition Facts!

Calories and fat

Lucky Charms are 110 calories per 3/4 cup. Adding milk to your breakfast will increase calories. However, you might need more calories to get your day started. Lucky Charms cereal also has 1 g fat, so it is unnecessary to include much fat in your diet. Aim to not eat more than 20-35 percent of your daily calories from fat.

Carbohydrates & Protein

Lucky Charms cereal contains 22g of carbohydrates per serving, which your body uses as energy. Your daily intake of carbohydrates should be 130g. However, your needs might vary if you lead a very active lifestyle. A serving will contain 2g of protein. You can increase your protein intake by adding milk to your cereal.

Vitamins and Minerals

A bowl of Lucky Charms contains 50% of the daily recommended intake of folic acid. Folic acid is essential for pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant. It helps prevent certain birth defects. You also get 25 per cent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin A, C, D, and calcium in one serving.


Lucky Charms is not high in sodium, but it does have enough to be notable. One serving has 190 mg. This can increase your risk of high blood pressure. Limit your sodium intake to between 1,500 and 2,300 mg daily. Lucky Charms’ sodium can also increase your high blood pressure and water retention risk.


Lucky Charms cereal contains 11g of sugar. This is 19.1-43.6% of the daily recommended limit. A high intake of sugar can lead to weight gain. Too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and other dental problems.

Wrapping Up:

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