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100 + Lovely Dog Facts For Kids!!

Dogs are said to be humans the best friends, But what do we know about our four-legged furry companions? From the only breed that doesn’t bark to the most important (adorable) reason why dogs like to curl up into shapes like a ball, 101 fascinating dog facts are sure to inspire you to love your dog even more.

Do you think you’re aware of all there is to learn about dogs? Don’t be fooled! Take a look at these fascinating dog facts that you might not have been told:

Scientific Facts About Dogs For Kids

1. Dogs smell 100 times more than human beings can.

Dogs have an amazing ability to smell.

Researchers think that the sense they have of smell can be between 10,000 to 100,000 times better than human senses.

They have a sense of smell that is excellent that police dogs are on their teams to find clues!

2. Chocolate is not a good choice for dogs.

It is not recommended to feed your pet chocolate, as it may cause them to become very sick.

It’s extremely harmful to the animals due to theobromine, a chemical.

Dogs can’t process the chemical at the same speed as humans, and that’s why they frequently have a bad stomach!

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3. Dogs ‘ noses are damp to take in scent chemicals.

3. Dogs ' noses are damp to take in scent chemicals.

Ever wondered about the reason a dog’s nose is so wet?

Mucus glands are located in their noses that produce mucus.

Then, it absorbs the scent chemicals, giving dogs an incredible sense of smell.

4. Chihuahuas are the tiniest dog breed that exists.

Chihuahuas are the tiniest breed of dog that exists in the world.

They usually range from 6 and 9 inches tall.

They’re not very weighty either! They typically weigh between 2 to 6 pounds!

5. The tallest dog on earth can be described as a Great Dane.

The Great Dane is the tallest dog in the world.

They can reach a height of 86 centimeters!

But it is true that the English mastiff happens to be the largest dog on the planet.

They could weigh as much as 200-230 pounds.

6. There are about 200 distinct dog breeds.

There are many breeds of dogs around the world.

In reality, there are about 200.

Walk around the neighborhood to see how many can find!

The most well-known breeds include of them: the Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Bulldog, Dachshund and Yorkshire Terrier.

7. Dogs are extremely clever!

Dogs are extremely intelligent. In fact, there are even opportunities for them. These jobs assist us in various ways.

Therapy dogs are employed in hospitals, nursing homes and even in schools. They can be used to keep company. A dog stroke always makes you feel better!

Dogs are also employed as police dogs. The sense they have of smell is superior to ours, and they can detect clues!

Service dogs can assist people in a variety of ways. Some guide dogs to aid blind people and guide them to where they must go.

Additionally, dogs are able to tell when their owners may need to get up in case of fainting or seizures.

8. They are very quick runners.

They are extremely fast runners!

One of the most agile breeds is the Greyhound.

They can travel for up to 45 miles in an hour!

9. Dogs have been used as pets for hundreds of years.

Researchers believe that dogs have been used as pet animals for hundreds of years.

They believe that they were domesticated around the age of 20,000 to 40,000 years back!

10. The scientific name given to canines is ‘Canis lupus familiarise.

The scientific term for the dog is ‘Canis Lupus Familiaris …but we think we’ll remain with the term dog!

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Amazing Dog Facts

Amazing Dog Facts
  1. Puppies are fond of games such as hiding and seeking! Find them and then call their names to try to locate you.
  2. Dogs can be taught over 1,000 different words.
  3. A big, happy “helicopter” tail wagging is one of the signs of a good dog.
  4. Rapid, rigid, and upright tail movement isn’t considered “wagging” and “friendly” but indicates a very enthusiastic and concentrated dog.
  5. Puppy puppies can reach half their body weight within the first four or five months!
  6. Puppy puppies then need one year or longer to gain another portion of body weight.
  7. Puppy puppies can rest for 18-20 hours each day during this rapidly growing body phase.
  8. Dogs can sometimes look like they smile -similar to people — but with an open mouth and a smile. This can indicate a calm or submissive attitude.
  9. Pets who are cranky get tired, as do little children. If you have a grumpy puppy, you can try napping time.
  10. The breed with the fastest speed, known as the Greyhound, can cover up to 44 miles an hour.
  11. Perky-eared dogs are better at hearing sounds than floppy-eared dogs.
  12. There are approximately 400 million dogs around the world.
  13. It is believed that the Labrador Retriever is the most loved breed, as per the American Kennel Club.
  14. Dogs dream.
  15. The average dog’s lifespan is between 10 and 14 years old.
  16. The general rule is that smaller breeds live longer than larger breeds.
  17. The world’s most ancient breed, The Saluki, was first discovered in Egypt in the 329th century B.C.
  18. According to a study published by Cornell University, dogs were domesticated between about 9,000 and 34,000 years ago.
  19. Thomas Jefferson helped enact a tax on dogs in Virginia in the 18th century, as he was irritated that dogs killed his sheep.
  20. Looking at dogs with a smile and looking into their eyes release a “feel good” hormone oxytocin for dogs and humans alike.
  21. Dogs are omnivores. They consume meat, grains, and even vegetables.
  22. The largest breed, called the Mastiff, is estimated to weigh around 200 pounds.
  23. Nearly half of U.S. presidents have owned dogs.
  24. President Calvin Coolidge owned at least 12 dogs.
  25. Like fingerprints on a human, the dog’s nose prints will be the same.
  26. At just six inches at height of six inches, at just six inches, the Chihuahua is the smallest breed.
  27. Irish Wolfhounds, the largest breed, ranging from 30 to 35 inches tall.
  28. A Russian dog known as Laika became the first pet to be in space, traveling across Earth in 1957.
  29. The dogs that bark the most: Miniature Schnauzers, Cairn Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Fox Terriers, and West Highland White Terriers.
  30. Puppies have 28 teeth, while adult dogs have 42.
  31. The ideal age to bring the puppy home is between 6-12 weeks.
  32. Dogs are most visible between dawn and dusk.
  33. Dogs aren’t colorblind. However, their eyes do not contain receptors to red. They can see in shades of black and white and in yellow and blue.
  34. New puppies have sensors for heat inside their noses that help locate their mothers even when their ears and eyes are closed.
  35. The sense of smell in dogs can be diminished by up to 40 percent when they’re overheated and is panting.
  36. Dogs’ taste buds are 1,700 in comparison to humans’ 9000.
  37. Bichons, Portuguese Water Dogs, Kerry Blue Terriers, Maltese, and Poodles are among the top choices for people with allergies, as They shed less than other breeds.
  38. Around 63.4 million homes in the U.S. have a dog.
  39. In general, the number of pups within a litter of puppies is approximately five.
  40. There are over 14,000 rescue and animal shelters and organizations across the U.S.

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Fun Facts About Dogs For Kids

  1. The U.S. acknowledges service dogs as “necessary medical equipment.”
  2. Therapy dogs provide comfort to families and individuals by visiting hospitals.
  3. Retirement homes or schools, are distinct from service dogs that aid those with disabilities.
  4. The Newfoundland has a waterproof coat as well as webbed feet.
  5. As the character in Disney’s Cruella De Vil knew, Dalmatian puppies are born pure white and grow spots as they age.
  6. The pads of their feet.
  7. Three eyelids are present in dogs, and one of them is to keep their eyes dry and secure.
  8. Chow Chows have pink tongues that turn blue-black after eight to ten weeks when they are born.
  9. Animals that are pack-mates don’t like being left alone.
  10. In the early days of China, the people kept warm by covering their dogs with their sleeves.
  11. The dogs that have been spayed or neutered last longer than dogs who are not neutered.
  12. The bloodhound Tigger is the most famous for having the longest ears, measuring more than 13 inches.
  13. Bingo refers to the breed given to the dog in the packaging that contains Cracker Jacks.
  14. In 1969, Lassie became the very first pet to be inducted into the Animal Hall of Fame.
  15. It is believed that the Alaskan Malamute can withstand temperatures as low as 70° below zero.
  16. Petting dogs can lower blood pressure.
  17. Stray dogs from Moscow have learned how to use the subway in search of food.
  18. The majority of dog owners share photos of their pets in Christmas photos.
  19. While it was once considered prohibited to keep dogs for pets within Iceland’s capital of Iceland, the laws are now eased.
  20. The President’s Beagles were called Him and her.
  21. One female dog that is unspayed together with her companion and their puppies can give birth to 67,000 pups in just six years.
  22. Basenji is the only dog that has no bark. Basenji is the one and only bark-free dog.
  23. Dogs are the direct descendants of wolves.
  24. Puppy puppies are deaf, blind, and toothless at birth.
  25. Dogs curl up in a ball to keep warm and ensure vital organs are protected.
  26. The sense of smell in dogs is 10,000 times more powerful than the humans.
  27. It is believed that the Norwegian Lundehund is a unique dog to have six toes on both feet.
  28. Dogs are often annoyed when their owners show affection for one another or something else.
  29. Dogs are trained to recognize cancer and other illnesses in humans.
  30. The whiskers of a dog serve to detect devices.
  31. Three of the twelve dogs aboard the Titanic survived. Three of the dogs on the Titanic survived.
  32. There are around 7,000 dogs a day at Amazon’s main office in Seattle.
  33. The U.S. has the highest number of dogs per capita in the world.
  34. Rin Tin Tin became the very first Hollywood dog actor in the world.
  35. The body temperature of dogs is between 101 and 102.5 degrees.
  36. Many dog food allergies result from long toenails.
  37. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts both have merit badges for dog-related activities.
  38. The Belgian Laekenois is the most recent breed of dog to recognize by the American Kennel Club in 2020.
  39. Paul McCartney of the Beatles recorded a high-pitched scream in “A Day in the Life” for his dog.
  40. Bella, Luna, Charlie, Lucy, and Cooper are the top five most loved names for dogs.
  41. Dog collars with spikes were worn to shield dogs’ throats from attacks by wolves in the past of Greece.
  42. The family dog of Walt Disney – named Sunnee, was the inspiration for “Lady and the Tramp.”
  43. Dog teams compete to see who can run the fastest time without error during Flyball races.
  44. A German Shepherd named Orient accompanied her blind owner Bill Irwin as he became the first blind person through-hike over the 2100-mile Appalachian Trail in 1990.
  45. Chihuahuas have soft spots on their skulls, as do human babies.
  46. Mastiffs wore armor and were sent to follow mounted knights during Roman times.
  47. The National Geographic’s Dr. Brady Barr measured a dog’s bite force average at 332 pounds of force per square inch.
  48. The word “dog” appears throughout the Bible more than 35 times.
  49. Obesity is the leading preventable health issue for dogs.
  50. Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers.
  51. President Roosevelt’s Bull Terrier Pete ripped the pants off of French ambassador Jules Jusserand.
  52. They are the Border Collie, Poodle, and Golden Retriever are considered the most intelligent dogs in the world.
  53. The smaller dogs grow quicker than breeds with larger sizes.
  54. The dogs have more than twice the amount of muscles to move their ears as humans, so if you’re searching for fun details about canines!
  55. A puppy’s pregnancy can last between 8 and 9 weeks.
  56. The largest litter ever recorded was 24 puppies born through Cesarean to the mother of a Neapolitan Mastiff called Tia.
  57. Chihuahua is a breed of dog. Chihuahua was named after the state of northwestern Mexico, where they were found.
  58. Canines can learn to recognize numbers and solve simple math-related issues.
  59. With love and patience, dogs can be taught to walk in reverse.
  60. Pit bulls have received an undeserved bad name. BADRAP was founded by the San Francisco Bay area on behalf of “pit bulls and their people” and was recognized nationally as the number. Top high-impact organization for animal protection.
  61. Revolutionary War soldiers sometimes brought their dogs along to combat. This was the case for George Washington and his dog, Sweet Lips.
  62. The American Water Spaniel was the first hunting breed to pull boats off.

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Interesting Dog Facts

dog facts

1. Dogs can sense time. It has been demonstrated that they can tell the difference between an hour and five. If they are trained to them, they will anticipate future events, for example, regular walking times.

2. Dogs are as clever as a toddler! Are you wondering why children of the age of two seem to share a particular bond with the dog in the family? It may be because they have around 250 terms and gestures in the same language.

3. A study conducted by UCSD states that your dog could be genuinely annoyed when they observe the affection you show towards another animal.

4. Dachshunds were initially bred to combat badgers.

5. Stray dogs from Russia have learned to navigate the complicated subway system and get off at certain stops to search for food.

6. Your dog can sense your emotions. In reality, the sense your dog has of smell is around 100,000 times superior to your own. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise that they can smell things like fear. When humans are scared, they sweat, and dogs know the changes.

7. Newfoundlands are great lifeguards who wear waterproof coats and webbed feet.

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8. Dalmatian puppies are white. They develop spots as they grow older.

9. Petting your dog is a great way to improve your mental and physical well-being. Research has shown that stroking pets for 15 minutes may lower blood pressure by 10%. Can reduce feelings of depression, stress, and loneliness.

10. Wet noses are common in dogs as it helps them absorb scent chemicals.

11. Bluey Bluey, one of the Australian cattle dogs, is featured on the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-living dog ever to live. Bluey lived until he was 29 years and five months old. He lived from 1910 until 1939.

12. The dogs can also be taught to detect cancer and other human diseases. Cancerous cells produce various metabolic waste products that are different from healthy cells within the body of a human. Dogs might even be able to detect cancerous cells by smelling a person’s breath.

13. Three dogs survived the historic sinking Titanic in 1912. Two Pomeranians and one Pekingese All were in the First Classroom.

14. It is said that Idyllwild, California, elected its first mayor in 2012, Mayor Max. However, Max isn’t your typical mayor. He’s an Idyllwild Golden Retriever! While Mayor Max passed away in 2013, the town voted mayor Max II into office, and the mayor has been in charge of Idyllwild since then. Bravo, Mayor Max!

15. Are you a pet who is anxious about separation? Try leaving some clothes for the dog in the clothes you’ve worn. It’s been proved that the scent you leave on your clothing can reduce your dog’s anxiety about separation.

16. If your dog is meticulously picking the ideal spot to poop, this is because they like to pee in line with the magnetic field of the Earth.

17. Every puppy is born deaf. As they age, they can hear four times better than human beings.

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18. Dogs don’t sweat; instead, they sweat to cool themselves.

19. The majority of stray animals who end in shelters are lost because they do not have any identification. In addition, this is also the busiest time for shelters for animals as the majority of pets become lost during the celebration because they’re terrified of fireworks and escaping.

20. Chocolate is extremely dangerous for dogs because it contains theobromine as an ingredient. Theobromine is a chemical that dogs cannot digest, and ingestion of chocolate can result in an extremely toxic buildup in the system, which can turn fatal.

21. Maltese dogs don’t shed, making them ideal dogs for those with allergies.

22. 45percent of dogs rest in their owners’ beds. I hope that they have a blanket to share…

23. The print of a dog’s nose is distinctive, similar to fingerprints on humans.

Wrapping Up:

Aren’t dogs the most cut? Yes, they sureky are!

Share these lovely dog facts with all the animal lovers and let them enjoy these facts!

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