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Lisa Marie presley Todesursache

The previous Tuesday (January 10), Lisa Marie Presley attended the Golden Globes and appeared to be in good health. However, this Thursday (January 12) paramedics needed to visit their home at Calabasas because of an emergency medical situation. 

The 54-year old had suffered a cardiac arrest, which the mother of Priscilla Presley has since confirmed. She had to be revived at the scene and transferred to the hospital. It’s unclear if she passed away in the hospital or while getting there.

It is not known publicly about the health concerns in recent times. This raises the question of what caused her the death. Presley had a full schedule to manage during the past couple of days. 

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Before her appearance on the Golden Globes, where she honored Austin Butler winning Best Actor in the Motion Picture Drama category for his performance as her father, she celebrated an anniversary for his birthday on the 8th of January in Graceland located in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Elvis Presley’s daughter died the day before (January 12 2023) following a cardiac heart attack at her California home. Heart ailments are a common aspect of the Presley family’s the past.

It is true it was Presley was unconscious and stopped her heart in its rhythm. According to TMZ the ex-husband of her, Danny Keough, who she was on good relationship with, was also in her presence and was the first person to attempt to revive her prior to paramedics arriving.

According to “CNN” reports, the 54-year-old was suffering from intense abdominal pain throughout the morning. Her ex-husband discovered her dead in her bedroom and couldn’t get her to regain consciousness She was then injected with adrenaline by a panicked emergency response personnel.

This, along with an exercise to stimulate the cardiac rhythm made sure that her heart would start getting back into rhythm. It’s unclear if Presley may be able to receive treatment in the hospital or die while en route towards the hospital.

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The cause of death isn’t yet identified. Heart attacks may present with stomach pain, or signs like heartburn. Heart attacks typically occur during the early morning hours. They tend to be more hefty and more hazardous during this time of the day.

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