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15 Fun & Interesting Leonardo Dicaprio Facts You Never Knew

Take a look at these interesting Leonardo DiCaprio facts!

Leonardo DiCaprio is a WORLD famous actor. After being selected to appear in an older film by world-renowned actor Robert DeNiro, he was famous for his role! If he’s not appearing in the films that are being made across the world, he’s within Hollywood, USA. We’re sure you didn’t realize one or these Leonardo DiCaprio facts!

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Interesting Leonardo Dicaprio Facts You Never Knew

His mother gave him the name Leonardo after looking at the Da Vinci artwork!

While she was expecting and looking through an art exhibition in Florence, Italy, she saw the unborn Leonardo kicked! The woman was admiring a work by the most famous artist globally, Leonardo DaVinci. So Leo became his name!

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Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t make it overnight!

Leonardo DiCaprio has always taken his acting seriously. He never gave up when he couldn’t land an acting role during his first audition!

The young Leonardo DiCaprio did get some acting gigs, however!

Leonardo DiCaprio did get some acting credits in commercials. He’s been featured in ads for various brands, including Bubble Gum and Matchbox Toy Cars! Are children actors paid to play with toys?

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Leonardo DiCaprio was the Ultimate Romeo!

The most well-known role was as Clare Danes in the film Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeares’ story of two star-crossed lovers. The year was the same; Leonardo was said to have been the cause of a massive increase in ticket sales at the Globe Theatre in London, which is famous for its production of Shakespeare plays. Even though he didn’t appear in any of them, It was amazing! We call it Star Power!

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Leonardo DiCaprio says he can’t sing!

The director of Romeo and Juliet offered Leonardo DiCaprio an appearance on his next movie, which is the musical Moulin Rouge, he declined. Leonardo DiCaprio can’t sing. We’re not convinced, though… Nothing Leonardo DiCaprio can’t do!

First Oscar-nominated film was the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape!

The contest didn’t go to the winner, but it was a sign of great things to come since he was just 19 at the time!

Unfortunately, up to 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio became famous for not being awarded Oscars.

He was nominated for 5 Oscars until then but never won one! Poor Leonardo! Being a highly regarded millionaire Hollywood actor came with some reward, but it was not enough!

Leonardo finally received his first Oscar for his film “Revenant.”

The film is a horror movie in which a bear mangles the character. He also climbed into the intestines of an animal that had died, plunged into an icy lake, and shot multiple times! Who believed that acting was effortless?

The first role for Leonardo DiCaprio in a film came the lead role of Leonardo DiCaprio in Critters 3!

Critters 3 is a horror film about tiny creatures that cause trouble. We’ve not had the time to go through it, but we’ll bet Leonardo DiCaprio was AWESOME!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother hails from Germany!

Images: Titanic | Paramount Pictures | Cameron, Landau | Cameron
His father has a father who is Bavarian with a half Italian. In reality, German is Leonardo DiCaprio’s second language. So it is likely that he will be able to address the essential question of most German DiCaprio’s admirers: “Wo ist das kino, Herr DiCaprio?”

The haircut of Leonardo DiCaprio was prohibited in Afghanistan!

Following the movie Titanic had such a huge smash, Leonardo DiCaprio’s haircut was rescinded by the strict ruling class of Afghanistan because it could corrupt the nation’s youth!

Leonardo DiCaprio once got an award for “Worst Actor.”

It was done for the movie The Beach. If you think about it the way it was done, it’s not a desirable thing to do; however, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t give up and then was awarded an Oscar, and what does this reveal to you?

7% of teens in the USA watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie Titantic two times within one week of being released!

Leonardo was so well-liked by teenagers that more than 7percent of them saw this film Titanic at least twice within the first week of being released. In reality, it was not only Leonardo DiCaprio; Kate Winslet also gave an outstanding role as Rose. Billy Zane was also quite excellent.

Leonardo DiCaprio is an anagram for…

If you move the letters of Leonardo DiCaprio’s last name, you could use the phrase “Ocean Drip or Idol?”. Since he appeared in the movie Titanic, we believe that he’s one of the Ocean Idol!

Leonardo DiCaprio swam in an icy lake while filming Revenant!

Leonardo DiCaprio is such a talented actor that he chose to swim in an icy lake during filming so that the scene could be flawless. The actor didn’t go to the point as he did when filming Titanic; however, the result was pretty close to guess.

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