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KuCoin Facts | KuCoin Exchange & KCS Token

KuCoin, a worldwide crypto exchange, was launched in 2017. It offers six million users a variety of trading options. These options include spot, margin, and futures trading and P2P trading. Read more KuCoin Facts below!

KuCoin claims it offers the highest level of security and nearly 400 cryptocurrencies. It is easy to use and has many features. It also has some of the lowest fees within the crypto industry.

What is KuCoin Token? (KCS) KuCoin Facts

Many popular exchange tokens are seeing an upward trend in price, including KuCoin’s native coin, KCS. The token’s price has increased by 700% since August 21, 2020. This attracts the attention of blockchain and crypto investors.

The exchange offers daily bonuses to KCS holders, with a circulating supply of 811,638 KCS. Initial Total Supply This token was 200,000,000. However, the implementation of the Burning strategy has reduced the number to around 170,000,000 at the time this article was written.

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Understanding KuCoin Exchange & KCS Token

KuCoin tends to list small-cap cryptocurrencies that are high growth potential. It also offers one of the best profit-sharing incentives: up to 90% of trading fees are returned to KCS holders.

At the time of writing, the total market value of KCS stands at $919,605,428. It ranks 96 on CoinMarketCap. There are currently 80,118,638 KCS available for purchase with a maximum supply of 170.113.638. KuCoin will continue to buy back and burn tokens until there are 100 million.

What makes KuCoin unique?

KuCoin users can make passive income by staking coins. They also reap the benefits from joining the KuCoin community. Hold six or more KCS have the chance to receive a daily bonus.

KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin, just like any other exchange, allows its users to buy, sell and store a variety of cryptocurrencies using their mobile apps or online platform. You can register an account using an email address or a phone number. However, verification will allow you access to advanced features and lower fees.

There are many uses and applications for the KCS token. It can be used to pay trading fees and participate in events and token sales on KuCoin Exchange. It can also pay for tons of other applications, including gaming, retail, NFTs, and travel. SwirlPay is just one of the many platforms that accept KCS for payment.

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KuCoin Trading Bot

KuCoin has Trading Bot that makes it easy to trade.

After creating an account, depositing, and entering trading parameters, the bot will take control. The Trading Bot utilizes information and analytics from the market and other tools to analyze prices and forecasts. The bot uses the information and user preferences to place buy or sell orders depending on the price movement. Voila! Trading Bot allows crypto traders to make money even when they’re asleep by recovering their invested money and making pure profit.

KuCoin Trading Bot also offers long-term trading strategies. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in a cryptocurrency at once, users can tell the Trading Bot to invest smaller amounts over time.

Is the CEO of KuCoin Global, Johnny Lyu. Note that crypto trading happens on a 24/7/365 basis, unlike other financial markets. The constant changes in crypto trading are too much for human traders to keep up with. KuCoin recognizes that the Trading Bot tool by KuCoin will eliminate the need to sleep and trade based on emotions. It’s a passive way to trade cryptocurrency and maximize one’s profit potential. With their crypto trading portfolio, traders will be able to live a more fulfilling life.

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KuCoin, a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, brings complex trading functionality right to your fingertips. KuCoin’s interface is easy enough to use for beginners and powerful enough to offer investors the chance to earn a steady income. KuCoin was named to the Forbes List of the best crypto exchanges in August 2020.

There are many coins that you can trade, buy, or sell. KuCoin is an excellent place to begin trading cryptocurrency. Investors who want to explore more options might also be interested in our guide on using Binance.


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