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15 Unknown Kevin Gates Facts

Today, music lovers do not just want to listen to an album or track They also want to be connected to the artist via social media, learn certain details about him and enjoy a unique meeting with him particularly when his music is a reflection of their personal experiences. Kevin Gates is one of those musicians that people appreciate because his music reflects his own experiences, which fans are able to understand.

In this article, we will explore the who Kevin Gates is, his education, background, difficulties, how he began his career, how much he earned as well as some of his best songs, his real name, and certain physical traits like his height and other physical characteristics.

Kevin Gates Facts

  1. Kevin Gates is an American Rapper, Songwriter and Singer. He was Kelvin Jerome Gilyard on the 5th of February, 1986 in Louisiana, New Orleans.
  2. He was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Baton Rouge and was raised by his mother Martha Green Gates as well as his grandmother. Kevin Gates had a pretty rough childhood. He was detained at the age of 13 for enjoying a ride in a stolen car but was later released.
  3. He was a student at Baton Community College but it was for only a brief period before he resigned to pursue a career in the rap industry. But, he earned master’s degrees in psychology at an inmate program in the year 2011. Kevin Gates
  4. Kevin Gates began his music career in 2007 when the signing of an independent record label called “Dead Game Records.” After signing with the label, Kevin released his first mixtape; “Pick of da Litta” and “All or Nothing” with Bossie Baddaz and Webbie. In the mixtape that followed the singer narrated some of the challenges he faced in his life, which he described as extremely unlucky.
  5. Kevin Gates was arrested alongside his Boosie Baddaz but for various trials. He was in jail between 2008 and the year 2011. He was released on the basis of good conduct.
  6. He was immediately back to work right following his discharge from jail on when he released a mixtape entitled Make Em Believe which received an assortment of appreciation from fans and also praise by music industry professionals.
  7. The year 2013 brought him to the caught the attention was drawn to the record label of Wayne Young Money Entertainment. The following year the singer reached an agreement with management side of the label, but he did not sign any contract to the label.
  8. The in the year before, Kevin Gates released the mixtape The Luca Brasi Story which received enormous praise from critics. After the huge success of the mixtape the artist signed a contract for Atlantic Records and released the mixtape in the same year. The mixtape was Stranger Than Fiction which made it to number 17 on Billboard 200.
  9. Kevin Gates released his first studio album, Islah in 2016 which is a word that means more perfect in Arabic. The album achieved a remarkable sales, and was also ranked the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2018 the artist released his three-song EP Chained To the City.
  10. In the year 2019 Kevin Gates released his second EP, entitled Only the Generals Know. 15 fascinating facts you should know to be aware of about America’s most popular rapper, Kevin Gates! 2
  11. On June 28 in the year 2019, Gates dropped “Push It” and the video for it. The track was the leading single from his album, I’m Him.
  12. Apart from earning money from his music, Kevin Gates also make money through his Youtube channel KevinGatesTv. 3.9 million users. His earnings range from $13.5k to $215.8k each month, as well as $161.8k up to $2.6 million annually through his channel. In 2014, he introduced his energy drink called I don’t get tired #IDGT , in 2014. He’s worth $1 million.
  13. Kevin Gates’ height of 6 feet 3 inches or 190.5 centimeters. He is likely to weigh 94 kilograms or 207 pounds. He is dark brown with eyes, black hair. His body is adorned with tattoos.
  14. Kevin Gates married his longtime girlfriend, Dreka Haynes, in October of 2015. The couple have two children, Islah as well as Khaza. Gates suggested that he has children with other women in a 2013 interview Complex:

“I got some children. I’m close with them. I lie in bed with them, hug them, kiss them. It’s not logical to tell you how many children I haveI have].

“Not in a bad way, but it’s not like the public will ever get to see my children, and if they do see them, they aren’t going to know they’re mine.”

15. The rapper is a practicing Muslim and his wife. They took a trip to Mecca to perform Hajj in September 2016.

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