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40 Amazing Kentucky Facts!

Do you have any idea about Kentucky? No? Don’t worry, here we have summed up some amazing Kentucky Facts to add to your knowledge.

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken the first thought that comes to mind? The Colonel Sanders of delicious, crunchy chicken fame came from Kentucky.

However, that’s only one piece of Kentucky trivia in the many cool things to know about Kentucky! The world’s longest cavern system, to being the home to one of the most celebrated presidents in history, Kentucky is a diverse collection of history, culture, and the natural world.

We’ve compiled our most popular Kentucky facts to share with children to aid in school assignments about this Bluegrass State. The history of Kentucky and famous residents, fascinating culinary traditions, and a host of other interesting information about Kentucky are waiting for the curious reader. Get ready to stock up on the most intriguing information about Kentucky and discover more about Kentucky and what makes it unique.

Suppose you’ve enjoyed this list of fascinating facts about Kentucky. Why not refresh the other information you know regarding this part of the United States and explore the facts about Iowa.

Kentucky Geography Facts

Are you looking for interesting information regarding Kentucky geography? Find out more about the layout of the land in the top geoscience facts for kids. Kentucky facts for children.

1. Kentucky can be described as a state located in Kentucky, which is located in the Upland South, the Northern portion of the Southern United States. Also called”the Upper South, the Upland South name refers to its mountainous terrain. It is also known as the Upper South and acts as an identifier for political purposes from those in the Lower and the Deep South as defined by state boundaries.

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2. A significant portion of the region of Eastern Kentucky forms part of Appalachia, an area of cultural significance that is subject to various myths, beliefs, and stereotypes. The region is rich in resources but has long been considered poor.

3. Seven states border Kentucky. Indiana and Ohio are bordered towards the northwest, West Virginia to the northeast, Illinois to the northwest, Tennessee to its south, Virginia to its east with Missouri towards the west. Two states share borders with greater states as Kentucky does.

4. The Ohio River serves as Kentucky’s northern border, while its Mississippi River forms the state’s western border.

5. In 1811 and the years that followed, New Madrid earthquakes occurred in an enclave dubbed Kentucky Bend in the southwestern region of Kentucky. They were among the strongest earthquakes to hit North America in recorded history. The effects of these earthquakes were those of the Mississippi River running backward!

6. Kentucky is comprised of five major regions, which include The Cumberland Plateau, famous for the coal mining industry The Bluegrass region where Kentucky’s principal capital city and major cities are located, and the Pennyroyal Plateau; the Western Coal Fields and the Jackson Purchase.

7. Bluegrass region. The Bluegrass region is split into two regions: the Inner Bluegrass and the Outer Bluegrass regions.

8. A single impressive Kentucky geographic landmarks are one of the most amazing Kentucky geographical features is Mammoth Cave. It is one of the largest cave systems discovered. It is the Mammoth Cave National Park located in central Kentucky one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and International Biosphere Reserve.

9. Kentucky is home to three natural lakes as well as numerous artificial lakes. The state is also home to 90,000 miles of streams, making it one of the largest and most complex streams networks across the USA. Kentucky is home to many streams and has the river’s border being continuous on three sides, and higher navigable rivers than every other state of the US other than Alaska.

10. Kentucky hosts a variety of parks. It has 45 park state-owned 37,896 acres of state forest Two National Historical Parks and the Mammoth Cave National Park.

11. In 1997, the state started to populate Kentucky’s eastern counties with elk that were extinct for more than 150 years. In 2009, the number of elk was over 10,000! Wild turkeys were also saved from extinction and are flourishing in the state of Washington.

12. The Niagara of the South, the Cumberland Falls in southeastern Kentucky is the only waterfall in the Western Hemisphere where a lunar rainbow is visible on a regular basis. Moonbow, also known as a lunar rainbow moonbow, is caused by moonlight rather than sunlight!

13. The most awe-inspiring peak located in Kentucky can be found in Black Mountain, whose highest peak is 4,145 feet above sea level.

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Kentucky History Facts

Kentucky Facts

Here are the main facts about Kentucky history for children. Find out more about the past and historical Kentucky facts and more by reading these fascinating facts!

14. We don’t have a clue as to when the first humans first arrived in Kentucky since there is no archeological evidence of human settlement in the area prior to 10,000 BCE.

15. In the 1800s BCE the population began to transition into agriculture and away from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Mississippians along with Fort Ancient cultures appeared in the region as early as about 900 CE. A typical Fort Ancient and Mississippian town had around 2000 people.

16. 17th-century French explorers documented numerous Native American tribes living in the region. The mid-18th century was the time of the first settlements. However, there were no significant settlements left in Kentucky. There are now two Native American tribes recognized by the state of Kentucky The Ridgetop Shawnee and the Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky.

17. There are many theories on how the name Kentucky originates from. It could come directly from Kentucky, the Iroquois term ‘kentake’ meaning “meadowland”, or the Wyandotte word “ken-Utah-the” translating into “land of tomorrow”. There are a variety of different possible sources of origin from different Native American languages.

18. In the early days of pioneering, Kentucky was called Kentucky, Kaintuckee, and Kentucky.

19. Kentucky is the fifteenth state that joined the union on June 1, 1792.

20. Abraham Lincoln, the most famous president in US history was born into a single-room log cabin on a farm located in Hodgenville, Kentucky, in 1809. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States and led the nation during his presidency during the American Civil War.

21. Jefferson Davis, the first and only president of the Confederate States, was born in Fairview, Kentucky in 1808. The Confederate States were the states of Kentucky. The Confederate States were the southern states that split from the Union due to growing tensions, mostly due to the North-South division in the matter of slavery.

22. Prior to the Civil War, Jefferson Davis owned a massive cotton farm in Mississippi and was the owner of 113 slaves. Davis was a less efficient war commander than his opponent Abe Lincoln, and the Confederacy eventually lost the war.

23. Thomas Edison lived in Louisville, Kentucky. Edison is believed to have been there in his youth when he moved to Louisville to be a telegrapher for the Western Union. The Thomas Edison House Museum is an attraction for tourists.

24. One of the most bizarre information regarding Kentucky is the fact that one of the safest buildings in the world is located in the state! The legendary Fort Knox, also known as the United States Bullion Depository, holds more than half of the United States’ gold reserves and is situated just from south Louisville, Kentucky. Fort Knox is so safe that it is now a synonym for the highest level of security possible.

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Kentucky Culture And Sports Facts

Learn about the rich heritage of culture Kentucky and its renowned sporting heritage with these entertaining facts.

25. The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race known as the Kentucky Derby that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. It is the Kentucky Derby usually takes place on the first Saturday of May. The race was running for 144 consecutive years prior to the time that Covid was born and saw the 2020’s Derby put on hold!

26. Lexington, Kentucky is famously well-known as the capital of horses in the world.

27. One of the most well-known tunes around the globe”Happy Birthday”, was composed by two Kentucky sisters! Patty along with Mildred J. Hill, who was a teacher as well as a singer in Louisville, Kentucky, made up an original tune for Patty to sing at school. It was titled “Good Morning To All’ and this evolved into the world-renowned birthday song, ‘Happy Birthday”!

28. Patty, as well as Mildred, are buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville along with other famous Kentuckians, Mohammed Ali and KFC’s Colonel Sanders.

29. Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Billie Ray Cyrus, and George Clooney are some of the most well-known Kentuckians in the world today.

30. General Motors, Fruit of the Loom, and Chevrolet Corvettes are all from Bowling Green in Warren County, Kentucky. Bowling Green is also the location of Kentucky’s second-largest institution of higher learning, Western Kentucky University.

31. It’s not”the Bluegrass State for no reason! One of the interesting facts regarding Kentucky is the fact that it’s famous for its blue-tinted pastures. Bluegrass actually is green, however, its blue-purple buds make vast fields of grass appear like blue from afar. Kentucky is also known due to its music of bluegrass, which was first heard in the late ’40s. Bluegrass music refers to a form of folk-country music performed using acoustic instruments.

32. “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” is the state bluegrass number and My Old Kentucky Home is the official state song.

33. Milk is the official drink of the state as is blackberry, which also serves as the official state fruit.

34. Goldenrod is the flower of state while the Freshwater Pearl is the official state gemstone. Northern Cardinal is also the state bird. Northern Cardinal is the state bird.

35. Clogging is the official dance.

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Kentucky Food Facts

Kentucky Food Facts

Here are some deliciously fun and bizarre facts about Kentucky food.

36. KFC (or Kentucky Fried Chicken) was created by Colonel Harland Sanders, who was a member of the Great Depression in the ’30s. Sanders first began selling his own fried chicken at his Shell gas station that he operated close to the tiny Kentucky village in North Corbin. The first officially licensed KFC restaurant franchise began operations in Utah. KFC is now the second-largest restaurant chain in the world.

37. Kentucky Derby pie, a delicious, buttery, and rich dessert stuffed with walnuts and chocolate chips is a classic treat during Kentucky Derby day.

38. Kentucky is famous for its famous mint-julep cocktail that is served during the Derby.

39. Benedictine is a well-known Kentucky dip made of onions and cucumber juice and cream cheese, and the color green!

40. Hot Brown is an iconic hot sandwich hailing from Kentucky It is a tribute to Welsh rarebits. Welsh rarebit.

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