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10 Amazing Jellyfish Facts For Kids

Do you have a little one obsessed with jellyfish and other marine life? We know how you feel. Jellyfish are one of the most fascinating and intimidating creatures in the marine world. It’s not surprising that both children and adults find them fascinating.

These amazing facts about jellyfish are worth a look. You may be amazed at Amazing Jellyfish Facts For Kids you don’t know about these amazing creatures, especially number 8.

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Amazing Jellyfish Facts For Kids

1. Some jellyfish glow in the dark

Many jellyfish possess bioluminescent organs that emit blue or green light.

Touch activates the light emission, which is used to alarm predators. The light can also attract prey and warn other organisms about a particular area.

2. The oldest multi-organ animal is the jellyfish

Since at least 600,000,000 years ago, jellyfish have been roaming the oceans. Jellyfish existed before dinosaurs, bony fish, creepy crawlies, trees, flowers, ferns, and fungi.

Five mass extinctions have seen jellyfish survive, including the Great Dying (or Permian Triassic extinction event), which saw the extinction of up to 70% of life on Earth.

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3. Jellyfish do not have brains

They also lack blood, bones, or heart. However, they have an elementary nervous system that can detect light, vibrations and chemicals in the water. These abilities and the sense of gravity allow jellyfish to navigate in water.

4. Jellyfish can be found around the globe

Jellyfish can be found in all oceans on the planet, including the Arctic Ocean’s coldest waters and the warm tropical oceans.

They can be found in different water conditions and depths (from the ocean floor to its surface). You can even find them in freshwater lakes or ponds.

5. Some jellyfish can live forever

Have you ever dreamed of being immortal? You can live forever; the good news is. To be immortal, you will need to transform into a floating jelly blob.

It’s true; there is a life-defying jellyfish called the immortal jellyfish (or Turritopsis dohrnii). It’s found in the Mediterranean Sea and the waters of Japan, and it’s biologically immortal.

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6. Some jellyfish do not have tentacles.

What is the most famous thing about jellyfish? Although some jellyfish are known for their trailing tentacles (which many species do not have), it is not true that all jellyfish species have tentacles. Deepstaria is one genus of jellyfish well-known for its thin, sheet-like body and lack of tentacles.

7. The hair jelly is a huge jellyfish that lives in the ocean.

Cyanea capillata, also known as the giant jellyfish and the hair jelly, is the largest species of jellyfish known.

In 1870, the Massachusetts Bay shore was home to the largest known specimen. It had a bell measuring 7 feet 6 inches and tentacles 121.4 ft long. This animal is one of the longest known to exist and is considered one of the longest living animals.

8. Each year, jellyfish bite 150 million people

This means that jellyfish bit more than 1,000 people when it took you to read this far.

9. Stings from jellyfish can prove fatal

The Australian box jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri) is the most venomous animal in the ocean. The sting can cause paralysis, cardiac arrest and even death in minutes, making it difficult for victims to swim to shore.

10. Many predators are available to jellyfish

Jellies aren’t immune to predators despite their venomous defences. Jellies are preyed upon by sharks, swordfish and sea turtles such as tunas, sharks and swordfish.

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