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7 Hidden Java Facts

Java, the most popular programming language of all time, is still very popular for many reasons. Many programmers swear by Java’s stability. It is the preferred language of millions of software developers. Explore hidden Java Facts here!

Java was a tech giant because of its portability and ability to operate similarly on every hardware or operating system. Java, the most secure, robust, and simple programming language, was released to the public on May 23, 1995.

These are some Java facts that you may not have known:

1. In the beginning, Java was called Oak.

Oak was the original name of Java. Sun’s marketing department changed the name to Java when they discovered that Oak was an existing computer company. Legend has it that Gosling and his team of programmers visited the local cafe to discuss names and decided to name it Java. This seems to have some truth, as the magic number “0xCafeBabe” in the class files was named for the Café where the Java team used to go for coffee.

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2. It was an accident!

James Gosling worked at Sun Labs in 1992. Gosling was working with his team to build a set-top box. They started by cleaning up C++ and ended up with a new language. Java and Oak were born.

3. Java is a skill that can be learned for a salary

A Java developer’s median salary is USD 83975. It pays well to be a Java programmer. Around 9 million Java developers work worldwide.

4. Second most popular language

Although Java is often argued to be the most preferred programming language by developers, Java is second in popularity after C.

5. The Duke

Joe Palrang created the Java mascot “The Duke.” Palrang was also involved in the production of Shrek, the blockbuster Hollywood blockbuster. Oracle is proud to have Duke. At every JavaOne conference, a living, human-sized Duke is a highlight. Oracle releases a new Duke character each year.

6. Most popular user interface

Java is currently used by approximately 3 billion mobile phones. This includes 125 million TV sets, each Blu-Ray player, and around 3 billion other devices. It is consistently ranked as the most preferred programming language by software developers.

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7. Java’s final is not always the best

In Java, the final can have four meanings.

Final class: The class cannot be extended.

Final method: The method cannot be overruled

Final field: The field is a constant

Final variable: The value of the variable can’t be changed after it has been assigned

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