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Italian Dressing Nutrition Facts!

The classic Italian salad dressing consists from vinegar and oil from vegetables along with other flavorings and spices like mustard and honey. Read more Italian Dressing Nutrition Facts here!

Italian dressing is generally thought of as an option that is healthy when compared to creamy dressings due to its lower in fat and calories. However, because it’s high in sodium, and calories are quickly added up when you consume more than the portion size, it’s vital to be mindful of the amount you consume.

Italian Dressing Nutrition Facts

The nutrition labels on many salad dressings says that a serving is equal to 2 tablespoons. As per the USDA 2 tablespoon serving of Italian dressing is approximately:

Calories: 120

The total fat content is 13 grams

Saturated fat 2 g

Trans fat: 0 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 250 mg

Total carbs: 1 g

Dietary fiber: 0 .

Sugar: 1 g

Protein: 0 g

You’ll not get a lot of nutrients from salad dressings however, the majority of Italian salad dressings (with the exception of those that are fat-free) are made using vegetable oils, such as canola oil and olive oil. These kinds of oils are rich in unsaturated fats that many people do not eat enough of, as per researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

In actual fact substituting saturated fats for higher amounts of unsaturated fats was associated to a lower risk of heart disease, as per studies from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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There are other varieties available, such as reduced-fat salt-free, fat-free and salt-free Italian dressing. This typically means that they’re lower in calories.

Italian Dressing Macros

Total fat: One 2 tablespoon portion Italian dressing contains the equivalent of 13 grams total fat that’s two grams saturated fat as well as zero grams of trans fat.

Carbohydrates: A serving of 2 tablespoons of Italian dressing contains 1 gram of carbs that’s 0 grams of fiber and 1 grams of sugar.

Protein: A serving of 2 tablespoons of Italian dressing contains zero milligrams of protein.

Other Nutrients

Italian dressings are usually packed with sodium that is an element as well as an electrolyte according to researchers at the University of Michigan Health. It helps keep fluid balance.

However, the majority of Americans consume excessive amounts of sodium in their diets. In excess, sodium intake in the diet is linked to a higher risk of developing heart disease and hypertension, as per the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

If you’re eating Italian dressing is 250 milligrams of sodium you’re receiving eleven percent of the daily Value (DV) in a single serving. The USDA suggests that adults consume at least 2,300 milligrams sodium daily according to The 2020-2025 Food Guidelines to Americans.

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The Healthiest Italian Dressings

Organicville No-Salt-Added Italian Dressing ($2.69,

Doc’s Salt-Free All Natural Italian Dressing ($12.99,

Walden Farms Sugar-Free Italian Dressing ($12.57,

Dry Italian Dressing Mix Nutrition Facts

Make a healthy salad dressing that is low in calories by using your own ingredients as well as a dry Italian dressing mix. The packets contain all the spices and herbs you’d expect to find in a dressing bottle but sans the water.

As per the USDA Nutrition Information for a pack of Italian dressing mix Good Seasons is as follows:

Calories: 5

Total fat: 0g

Saturated fat: 0.01 g

Trans fat: 0 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 220 mg

Total carbs: 1 g

Dietary fiber: 0g

Sugar: 1 g

Protein: 0 g

A single package mixed with dry dressing provides eight servings. Each package of spices and herbs provides five calories as well as 220 mg sodium, which is 9.5% of DV. Dry seasoning isn’t an excellent source of fat or carbohydrates. It also does not contain protein.

A pack that contains Good Seasons Italian dressing mix is designed to be mixed together with three tablespoons of water and 1 cup vinegar, and 1 cup of olive oil for the most zesty Italian marinade or dressing, according to Kraft Foods. You can however make the dressing less rich in energy and calories by substituting 1/2 cup of oil with 1/4 cup of oil , and an additional 1 cup of water.

Other Ingredients and Allergens

Good Seasons Italian salad dressing and mix recipe is made of sugar, salt onions, garlic maltodextrin and sodium citrate, spice red bell peppers xanthan gum soy sauce, citric acid and natural flavors as per Kraft.

The label states that the product contains wheat and soy in it, both of which are allergens that could cause allergic reactions.

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