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Is It Worth Getting a Degree at 50?

Many people believe that it’s never too late to learn, and there are plenty of reasons why older adults should continue their education. Whether you’re looking to make a career change or simply want to stay sharp, studying after 50 can have many benefits.

Why do people go to school after the age of 50?

Each person has his own reasons for getting an education or learning a new profession at a mature age. Conventionally, all the reasons can be divided into four categories:

  1. To study for oneself. If a person already has a good career, is sufficiently wealthy, and his children are independent, then he suddenly has a lot of free time, which can be spent usefully. And then people go to get the education they have long dreamed of. This can be an education in art or science, unusual courses, or any other training, not to get a job, but to gain knowledge and enjoyment from studying.
  2. To learn a new profession. Some professions are gradually becoming obsolete, while others require physical stamina, which becomes less and less with age. Downsizing, the long search for a new job, and competition with young professionals force people to learn a new specialty. Sometimes employment centers help in this, where unemployed citizens are selected for a suitable profession and given a referral for appropriate training.
  3. Advancement on the career ladder. There are successful people who want to become even more successful and do not stop at what they have achieved. Sometimes to reach new heights, it is necessary to get an education. For example, a realtor will be much more in demand if he learns to be a lawyer.
  4. Mastering new technologies. The world of technology is developing by leaps and bounds, while people over 45 often do not know how to use the basic features of the Internet. The demand for training in computer science and programming is extremely high – according to statistics, about 80% of students of mature age choose professions related to computers.

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What do they want to get as a result?

People who go to study for a new profession usually hope in the future to find a job in the received specialty. But here, it is necessary to consider that the new profession should not be too far from the previous – the person who was engaged in philology all his life is unlikely to become a successful mathematician.

Often workers who have worked all their lives in one industry consider themselves professionals. However, because the world is constantly evolving, their knowledge and skills quickly become outdated compared to thirty-year-olds’ knowledge. Having realized this, adults seek to “catch up” with the young, and this requires learning modern technology.

Peculiarities of studying at a mature age

Teachers at universities treat adult students more respectfully than young people. If a person goes to study for a course, he is sure to find many of his peers around him. Contrary to popular belief, adults learn new skills much faster. They learn complex subjects more easily than young students, so it takes a few months for an adult to absorb a year’s worth of coursework. Mature people also read faster.

What could be the problem?

A specialist over 50 who has just learned a new profession will face competition from younger applicants. There is a higher chance that an inexperienced older worker will not be hired by an employer compared to a young competitor.

Also, it is more difficult to move up the career ladder at a mature age. Getting a new job, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to work in low positions.

What are the positives?

Surveys have shown that the recent ban on specifying age in job postings has positively affected employers’ attitudes toward older employees. Today, only half of the companies pay attention to the age of applicants, and in most cases, this criterion is not the key in the hiring process. And to increase your chances of getting hired, use a cheap resume writing service. Its experts will help you create a modern resume that meets all the requirements of employers.

Every year the chance of successful employment in a new profession increases. Some people note that the new profession has helped them not only to find an interesting occupation but also to increase their earnings in comparison with the salary at their previous job.

Adults are often more intelligent than teenagers and young adults due to their greater understanding of complex concepts and skills. Furthermore, older adults learn new things much faster than younger people, making them better equipped to take on new challenges and opportunities. Even if adults are having a hard time learning, there are a number of homework help websites for college students. These websites offer a variety of resources that can be used to improve grades and academic performance.

Additionally, because they have more life experience, older adults are better able to see potential problems and opportunities than younger people.

Therefore, older adults should not be afraid to learn new things, as they have the potential to gain a lot from it.

Learning in adulthood has a positive effect on brain health. Mastering new knowledge after the age of 50 serves as a good prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

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What’s the best choice?

If career, earnings, and professional prospects are not the main factors in choosing a direction of study, you can finally realize your long-held dreams and learn the interesting knowledge.

Professions that allow you to work remotely are developing at a tremendous pace. This is a web designer, curator of communities in social networks, copywriter, etc. Such activities can be combined with the usual work.

What you like

Today you can find courses for all tastes: photography and drawing, floristry and makeup, web design, and grooming. Many schools offer correspondence courses. Also, some universities offer distance education, but this method of education is only suitable for organized people.

What makes a profit

For those who plan to get a profession that will increase income, experts advise paying attention to the following specialties:

  • Psychologist;
  • Photographer;
  • Translator;
  • Make-up artist, master of manicure (for women);
  • Programmer;
  • Guide;
  • Tourist manager.

People who have worked with finances all their lives will suit such professions as accountant, economist, etc. Success can also be achieved in the field of commerce.

You should not be afraid to learn a new profession and master new knowledge. The most important qualities of an employee are responsibility, diligence, and love for the chosen business. They play a much greater role in employment than your date of birth.

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